Yesenia Lizette Sandoval, San Diego – California

In my opinion this girl is a piece of trash fuking around with a guy at work she knew had a gf. She had a boyfriend at the time to but of course she had no shame. I got many thirsty a55 text msg to show if receipts be needed! She even suggested the guy bring a friend for her sister which was his best friend who’s married and everyone knows there’s no victum card here I guess being a hoe and a fat sloot runs in the family maybe they get it from there mama.she oviosly has no respect for her self either bc even after he broke up with his gf because he got dumped and caught he still didn’t date her he was dating many girls who saw flaws in him and didn’t want him. Having no other choice and not wanting to be lonely literally these words came out of Spencer’s mouth and this fat thirsty sloot at his work still bothering him he settled. She doesn’t mine being side b1tch.she basurA. She a hoe. And I guess in the end they both trash I give it 5 years until he fuks around and cheats on her it’s a pattern .but since they both do drugs smoke weed and exctacy maybe it will last longer

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