Julia Gilas, San Diego – California

This b1tch Julia Gilas has everyone thinking she’s married but she’s not. She’s a floozy and runs an floozying service. Julia Gilas isn’t her real name. She acts like she got fit by working out but it’s all plastic surgery. She not even legal here in the US. This whole chicks act is a joke. She’s 35 but hasn’t had any kids but pretends she’s married😂 I pretty sure she’s a dude that had a sex change. She has a lot of masculine qualities . If you notice there’s no wedding pictures or pictures with any guy . He’s also seen at hotels . She has plenty of time to post all kinds of pictures throughout the day. She’s also bought all of her followers on all of her accounts because she has money to do that . I really hope that she gets caught for sex trafficking and goes back to the Ukraine where she came from . Social media is so filled with all of these fake b1tches. If you notice she doesn’t take any pictures with anybody at any fit Expo’s because people will find out that she Photoshop her pictures. She’s not even that hot but because she has all those fake followers it makes her look like she’s something special. By the way Julius Gilas you need to save money to get more plastic surgery on your face with that horrible accent . Your English sucks for being here in California. Go get a legit job and stop being a fake butter face b1tch with all your fake followers you bought.

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