Chantal Royer – California

Chantal Royer is tge nastiest whore out there. I fuked her in Jan 2019 and got 4 drds. I havw reportef her to the health board in case of drd. Also so no man goes through what i did. I watched this slore get passed around by 4 guys bc she wanted a 10 piece of crack. She is absokutely disgusting. This slore beeaks up families and ruins lives. A friend of mibe almost lost her baby a few weeks ago bc her husband cheated with her and gave Chantals drds to the mom. The whore knew he was having a baby and didnt disclose. Thjs crack head skank slore srives around loojjng for d1ck and dope and has a place in dudes watch out there. Girls remember this face bc it will destroy u and everything u love should u or your man go near it. If gos forbid my DRD test is positive and she knew she had it but put her wretched diseased pu55y near me anyway she will be charged with voluntary Manslaughter at the very least bc its a deadly drd. This is not just a hate post ITS TO HELP OTHERS AND POSSIBLY SAVE LIVES. Disgusting. Fat. Cellulite. Dead lay. Crack addict drd ….i cant say enough bad about her. My pho e is probably duseased now just by having her pic on screen. (Thank you internet for the pic). She is on so many sotes because of this. She is one person this world doesn’t. need. On top of all this she is a fuki g rat . look what happened to Gucci ….and many more. B1tch has fuked us all she is a plague.

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