Brielle Van De Laar, winnipeg – Canada

this is Brielle Van De Laar, she posted my friend on here because she’s mad that my friend stood up for herself to a friend they had in common. Brielle is a skank magnet. Related to Christopher Main. A really sh1tty person. Guess it just runs in their family. She’s pyschotic. Like she literally kept messaging my friend to hear her side of the story when my friend never said she’d tell this fas looking Sloot that she would tell her. It went as far as brielle harassing my friend on Instagram! Calling her down. Being pathetic. Saying she neglects her pets. Etc. Brielle is nothing but a used up fas looking down syndrome retard. And dont get me started on the man whom she’s with. He’s gotta be dumb to be with this hoebag. Carrying around DRDS. Oh yea. Her ugly self is trying to be a self made model 😂😂😂 fuking ugly skunk.

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