Brynn Gaddis, Dallas – Texas

(sloot) is one to STAY AWAY FROM… On St Patrick’s Day, she was out with her roommate cruising the bars on 7th Street in Fort Worth, texting her boyfriend of 5 years every hour or so saying what a great time she was having. The texts stopped cold late afternoon, and her bf started to get worried. She wouldn’t reply and getting concerned, he called her roommate, who was unusually vague as to her whereabouts. BF comes to find out and Gaddis tells him she met some dude at a bar and was back at his place in less than an hour fakking his brains out. Total disrespecting sloot – she has a MAJOR alcohol problem…when bf called her Mom to tell her why they were breaking up, Mom said this wasn’t the first time she exhibited this kind of behavior. Turns, out, Gaddis has been doing this behind the bf’s back many, many times. She tries to come off as a sophisticated, up-and coming chick – but bf came to find out she takes an awful lot of penicillin…she can’t stay away from boozing heavy every single night…she’s lost her car several times, and once woke up with her head against a dumpster with no shoes, her purse and keys missing, STAY AWAY from this train wreck of a bar sloot – she looks sweet, but she’s had more people doing a cvm and go with her that you’re taking your own life at risk just looking at her!!!

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