Sara Flynn Monds – Oklahoma

Sara spent many years as an escort. Still has her profile up, if you Google “#spoilme Peoria” you’ll find it. Her new husband Brandyn Monds caught her 3 times before their wedding sending pics and videos out to her ex’s. Guess it was easier to hide it and pretend it didnt happen than to admit to all the people you work with what really happened. Shes got that DRD and doesnt tell you, when you confront her she acts like it’s not a big deal and you are blowing it out of proportion. Shes a massive alcoholic with 2 DUIs in AZ. Shes so bad even her own kids have chosen to not live with her and instead live with her ex step dad. Someone should have warned her new husband! She even took a job as a nanny and would send pics and videos instead of watching the kids she was supposed to be looking after.

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