Diana Galvan, Houston – Texas

Diana is one of the most ratchet females in Houston . She only hangs out with stripper thieves like Lexus Resendez who lived with a 70 year old man for the last five years then fled to California when she got caught drug dealing and stealing . Diana was always at the old mans house too and stole multiple items from him with Lexus including his dog and dead wife’s wedding ring. These girls have zero conscience and no morals or values. She has been caught shop lifting over 3 times and went to jail for it – all on public record. She is complete trash and dresses like the biggest skank. Watch your things . She is a thief like her trashy friend Lexus who is nasty stripper scum (started stripping at 16 with a fake ID) trying to con men with her fat ass and denies wearing stolen sh1t when that’s all she owns. Scam the next guy for some lipo- your boat looking a is not cute . Looks like the titanic sinking real quick

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