Payton Mackenzie, winnipeg – Canada

Where to start with this low life piece of sh1t. Maybe we should start about a decade ago when she made up a fake lie about being raped by her ex bf all because he didn’t want to be with her Moley 12 year old boy body anymore. The poor guy suffered time in jail until the cops found out it was just some drug addict losers pathetic attempt to ruin a nice guys life for not wanting to be with her pathetic ass. Then she went on to dating Chase Stewart and popping allll the Xanax her sad flat a55 and tits could get her on some webcam porn site. Where you can tell she’s just high as a kite in a dungy basement in her dirty period stained underwear. Seriously google it alexandrasbbabe and her chaterbate and tons of other website videos will come about. I guess her little boy body and beer guy didn’t raise her enough cash so Chase left her also, and now she’s resorted to scamming Dog rescues. It’s all over Facebook and people would of probably forgot about it if she didn’t continuously post about it on Facebook. The idiot even posted her conversation with a cop saying how she had paid back the rescues for robbing them so no charges will be laid as of yet. Comical. She’s definitely one of those people I keep on my social media to have a solid laugh at, at what a pathetic loser she is. She claims she’s in nursing but post her whole life but NOT ONCE posted her in a classroom, girl can’t even write a proper Facebook status with out sounding like she’s oxy’ed out so how the hell she going to do homework. Claims she works for all these rescues meanwhile these rescues have warnings about her on their pages. Claims she’s some sort of model yet she looks like a homeless meth head. Speaking of homeless I’m pretty sure she is. Seeing her and her wacko mother literally get evicted from every place they live in. Which is public knowledge on the Winnipeg court registry if you just do a quick name search 😉 Payton stop lying about your life when everything can literally be found out by a quick google search. Get a job and stop scamming the innocent puppies you post you care sooooo much about. Get a job, go to school instead of lying about it and oh ya touch up on your editing skill. Your “competition body” which you have never done in your life and never well needs some work and not the kind whatever photoshop your trying to use. Editing your a55 to be bigger you should check out how your wall is SEVERELY curved with your a55. You’re a joke just like your sad life.

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