Kathleen Sumpton – Canada

Kathleen Sumpton is a homewrecking writer / stripper who lives in London Ontario of Canada. She willingly ruins marriages with committed men. Very manipulative writer / stripper who has no regard for anyone but herself. She has ruined two of my friends long lasting marriages and continues to persue men who are committed. She is a tall blonde with her entire body full of tattoos, pistols on her stomach and an owl on her arm. She is an absolutely terrible human being, as manipulative as they come! She messaged my friend trying to claim she was in a relationship with my friends husband for months and he was supposedly going to leave her to start a new family and abandon his own kids and wife. She lives on Lovett St. In London Ontario, her number is {REDACED} and she works at Solid Gold Stripclub downtown London. She is 27, doesn’t drive and literally ruins multiple marriages. {REDACTED}

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