Deanna Michelle Brown Sanford, Florida

This big drinker and drug abuser is always looking for another man to become her do-boy and financer. That is her chosen profession, not to work a legitimate job, but to pick up men to take care of her party life, provide a place to crash and pay her phone bill, run her errands among other things. Men think because she is so quick to put out that they have the upper hand, but you are a fool. She knows exactly how to use you. She can pour on the crocodile tears at a drop of the hat, become distraught likes its the end of the world and put on all other kinds of acts. She is fake through and through. This is exactly why she is a revolving door with men and people who do try to help her, she burns them all out because she refuses to do right by anyone. She is fine with taking on a married man and then confronting his wife like she is the new queen bee and in charge of him and his life. She is quite delusional to the core. She delivers nothing but misery is a short span of time.

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