Canada Mercedes Smith

Mercedes Smith — Ontario, Canada

his girl Mercedes Smith has serious issues. She lied and falsified a supposed affair she had with my husband. I saw the fake texts she sent including telling me she met his mom, who confirmed she’s never met her in her life. Another friend of hers I contacted to get to the bottom of things said that she lies about being with men all the time, including trying to destroy her ex boyfriends relationship. I saw another guy we knew in common on her IG and SURPRISE SURPRISE he said paid her to fuxk. After that she fuked his friend and he got drds. Shes a cam girl too. 19 and ger only goal is to fuk and cause havoc. Bitxhes like you get stabbed in the street. This girl has no class… even talking to her over message she changed the text name several.times to make her story look true. What kind of sadistic sad pathetic worm of a weak a55 woman will try to break up relationships when the man doesn’t even want you. Mercedes, clean up your life. Get therapy for the rape you went through and dont make monsters out of men who are taking care of their home. I didnt get played u dumb hoe, you did. And now everyone will know what kinda b1tch you are. 100$ FOR THE NIGHT INCLUDING TIP. ANAL, BARE BACK BLOW JOBS AND RAW DOG SEX ARE HER SPECIALITIES. SHE LIKES TAKING BLACK DICK SO ALL YOU PIMPS OUT THERE GET HER WHEN U CAN

Canada Sam Wigchert

Sam Wigchert — Sarnia, Canada

not only did she cheat on her ex, as soon as he broke up with her, SHE slept around with everyone. taking d1ck after d1ck, i’m sure she’s got something. even after her ex was in a horrible accident taking his life, she didn’t even go to the funeral instead she was put hoeing it up! she’s a stupid slore b1tch. sarnia you better watch out for her. she’s gonna cheat on you and then sleep with your best friend.

Canada Trinity Vaillancourt

Trinity Vaillancourt — Ottawa, Canada

Hoe that goes guy to guy and cheats on them all and try’s to act all innocent When caught and she’s probably gots some Sort of sex drd because she doesn’t ever stop with the guys she gots a new one every week so be careful y’all

Canada Stevenson

Stevenson – Winnipeg, Canada

This here is Nevada “Stevenson” or shall I say “storm” maybe who really knos what name this floozy is usin she claims she the best mom in the whole wide world but critizes every1 from behind her phone where she thinks she’s a warrior or goddess of sum kind how’s the drugs & booze treating u ? It’s only a matter of time before life catches up with u darlin ur floozy ways of spendin ur child tax away riding your new bf Brayden like u did to all ur exes how long until you pop out a new Babi for more child tax this chick drinks her poor liver away doesn’t take real care of her kid coming soon CFS will take that’s babi away like u take that Babi away from every1 who actually Luvs it

Australia Found out he was Married

Found out he was Married – Australia

This all stated 6 months ago when I met Chris M Y we meet from grindr he can around we had sex and smoke some weed afterward we went to go get some more he told me that he was bi and just started seeing this gurl a day or two before us so I though where in the same boat.. We meet a couple more time chilling out and smoking and have more sex me being a top each time him telling me he loved me calling me his boyfriend even his husband on occasions this went for a couple months… Till things weren’t adding up so I downloaded grindr again and found him in grindr selling his a** for 20 dollars for more weed when I asked about this he said someone’s using his prics which aren’t even him to d begin with anyway didn’t think much of it and went back to smoking chilling and f****** till yet again he was sis so I went back in grindr and someone has actually made a fake account of his bit telling everyone that he is had a gf and bi polar( which I belive) and has hep c… Reading this I went right the f*** off told him I don’t want to f*** him any more all that I got tested I am 100% clean so decided to chill with Chris again and even put sex back in the table… One day in his car the was a spare phone in the passenger side and has been there the last couple times so I took it with out him knowing with all intentions of putting it back.. That night went through the phone and found his full name Chris Maurice Yammouni his address and his girlfriend’s name so I decide to look he name on Facebook and to my horror he is married and had been for the last year and a half if I would of known I would not of even let him come over… When confronted he flip the script threaten me my house etc so I’ve played nice with him told him he shouldn’t t be prostituteing him self on grindr it’s not fair on her… I still Chilled with Chris with no sex but he was still selling himself on grindr and coming over mine everyday and smoking my cones… So I’m not going to be used I said to him if u wanna smoke my weed u gotta suck my well you know cause I’m not giving u my cones so ur body is numb so u can go get f***** for 20 dollars jusy for a stick… But now I’m. Luck f*** this guy what the f*** am I doing so now I’m doing this now to tell the wife or jusy leave home the f*** alone case I know his on grindr stealing from ppl and doing ppl over to support his abbot what should I do

Allison Lee Collins Missouri

Allison Lee Collins – Missouri

Made my heart husband puked cause she smelled so bad, Allison Lee Collins is nasty who likes to sleep with married men

Cheaters Louisiana

Kimarie Bourgeois – Louisiana

This woman is the lowest of low. I’ve known her for many years and considered her a friend. I did what I could for her when she needed help or someone to listen. I found out in Nov. 2015 that after I helped her move from her home in 2010 that she came to MY home and had sex with my husband. I also found out she was offering sex to him for money, and he took her up on that offer in May 2015. She swears she’s not a s*** and not a bad person, I think she has proved otherwise. All the people around her are under the impression that she’s a sweet church going girl now, she’s nothing but a hypocrit and a w****. Stay away from her, she will ruin your life.

Canada Iviann Gomes Torres

Iviann Gomes Torres – Canada

Cheater Offers Affair To Break Up Relationships Uses Own Children And Manipulates Iviann Gomes Torres 787 2089270

California Kevin Omalley of Citrus Heights

Kevin Omalley of Citrus Heights – California

I’ve been dating this guy since sepetmber..exclusively. I have had some health issues and he has been there..filling my head with I love you..I’ll always be there..we will move in together. All the things a woman wants to hear. Right around Christmas they had a work party I knew he was going too..before he left he texted me to tell me he loves me..and I tried to text him at response..then found out on facebook he was tagged in a girls post tgat they went to a movie together. I screenshotted it and sent it to him..he begged me not to leave him..he said they were friends..I hadn’t let him meet my daughter’s yet for a good reason..but my daughter’s have contacted him bevause of my medical issues..and he told them he loved me and would always be there and not hurt me..

Catherine Acosta New York

Catherine Acosta – New York

Stalker thief user sleeps with guys what are condoms…. hooker !!!!Guys stay away !! She is from queens !! Bad person !! She cheats and uses guys !! Very bad person