Sandy Gomes, toronto – Canada

Sandy Gomes is an online predator. This broke a55, tinder vet, butane meets cat feces smelling mouth, attention-seeking, prideful leo devil goes around the Toronto scene tryna be hood fuking dudes off social media for clout and validation. Where is that energy you have online in real person?? We who know in rl know your not the same online as you are in person. Sandy’s insecure and a sad, brokehearted girl irl, but masks it with a fabricated ego that social media and apps that help u buy likes and followers helped her create. She’s always talking sh1t about customers, like little to no respect for people or herself even. She even sh1ts on herself by calling demeaning names. Do you wnat to be with such a friend or SO? Its no wonder her low self-esteem feeds her bully/predatory tactics online. She thinks she has this special taste in music but she’s just a truffle butter a55 eating stank whore who’s so full of herself that she took pride in fuking up an innocent victim’s relationship by fuking her man just ’cause… and posted it to her twitter laughing about it. She was a decent girl back in the HS days but social media has corrupted her and turned her flat a55 into a cum pumping machine for dirty thirsty gamers, anime dudes, creepers and wannabe rappers online. Like the worst group of men to provide attention to online, count on Sandy shes already up in there kissing their a55es . She’s lonely and has very little friends in real life besides her cat that probs don’t give af about her. Her so-called friends arent even good friends because they don’t check her on her sh1t and talk sh1t about her thotty ways behind her back. I wonder how Sandy is not aware shes the crusty, rusty town bicycle that thirsty dudes and downright creeps crave to ride. Most of the people she calls “friends” she met on an online forums for culture vultures masked as hip-hop heads and has not even seen these ppl in rl. She needs to stop going around Toronto with her chlamydia infested vag… tryna be a BAD B1TCH to get rapers, ballers or anyone in Drakes OVO or in the FBG or blueface’s squad to notice her with he r” look at me! am i CUTE” attention seeking stank-a55 . Spend less time tryna be a thot online and wash ur stank box, clean ur room and clothes filled with cat hair and spit, clean in-between ur fake nails cuz last i seen em they looked like u forgot to wash the truffle butter off em. She will pass on her untreated crabs, drds infected cold sores around to thirsty, socially awkward, lonely men who get blinded by her catfishing ways. My thirsty ex was prey to this predator and now he has to deal with cold sores. This b1tch got nothing going for her, besides her clout chasing and homewrecking. She thinks quoting washed out rappers from the hood on forums, going to concerts in hopes of being a groupie or at least noticed by anyone on the stage makes her urban . Little does she know, her flat stank behind is the word on the street to avoid unless ur desperate and have 300, and a condom that won’t break and infect you. someone please tell her to wash her clothes because this cat lady really be having furball hairs stuck to her bedding and clothing and she be smelling like cat fart and spit when I see her at the bar sometimes. {redacted}

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