Courtney Jane, Baltimore – Maryland

The woman pictured here has to be one of those treacherous and nastiest women the city of Baltimore has ever seen. Courtney Leishear, better known as Courtney Jane to her friends tries to act like she’s a good-hearted woman with a fact she’s one of the most evil minded two-faced backstabbing women you could ever meet. I know for a fact that she had sex with her best friend Heather Baughan’s boyfriend behind her back. She also was pregnant with his baby and had a secret abortion. She is a complete gold digger and only wants a man for his money. She has a violent temper and about eight months ago beat up some man because he wouldn’t give her no money. She tested positive for DRD about a year ago and may have infected a lot of men. This heifer needs to be stopped. Stay away from this treacherous woman.

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