Mary Mensah, winnipeg – Canada

Let me tell you about this girl. I have never met someone with her personality. She is the most stuck up inconsiderate person I have ever met. She loves to make fun of people and. Call others out, but the moment you return it she plays the race card. I’ve heard her time and time again in Uni call people racist For simply singing the N word in a song. She acts all high and mighty and like she is a religious saint Mary but yet she is caught flashing her bare boobs for camera at S L OO T! WHISPERER. Her fake braids do not work . CHECK YOUR WEAVE GIRL. I’ve never seen her wear anything besides the same Tommy Hilfiger bra that was bought on clearance . She was caught getting down and dirty on the asphalt in a Osborne village back lane. She will find any excuse to talk down to anyone and call anyone out because she’s so insecure that she wants other people to feel just as bad about themselves. She is a boney six foot tall ape looking bish. Catch her at Walmart McDonald’s flipping McDoubles and eating fries. She goes by Satan !!! I wonder what your pastor father would have to say about your extra curricular activities. Does he know about your henny nights? That’s the tea.. Xoxo, Gossip Girl

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