Bailey Mattingly, San Diego – California

Ever since Bailey Mattingly rejoined the Bunny Ranch and then quit for the 4th time she has gained so much weight and resorted to porn. Must be from all of the alcohol that she had hidden in her room and drank alone like an alcoholic. Paisley Porter? What a name. I don’t even know how you can double your body weight in less than 6 months but Bailey/Misty/Paisley has managed to do that. She has to post pics from her old modeling days when she weight a lot less to try and gain followers for her new porn career. You can tell by the pic that she doesn’t even enjoy porn. She looks like she is so embarrassed and is cringing that her family will see it. She ruined her modeling career and her reputation at the Bunny Ranch by being a dirty hustling b**** so now she has become Paisley Porker……….too harsh?

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