Alexis Sherrod – California

This 30 year old woman is crazily obsessed over her most recent ex. She was in an almost 5 year long relationship at which her boyfriend was NEVER faithful to her. He cheated on her with multiple girls, such as Maria, Taylor, his ex Morgan, Yiselle and chicks off Tinder. He was living with another girl while still going home to her apartment that she shared with multiple people. After he moved out and got another girl pregnant, this girl still was trying to get with him. She was seen with him in Ocean Beach. After his ex had a baby, Alexis was calling and texting her ex, Jacob, over and over. Her and her friends created “spoof” accounts to harass his girlfriend and mother of his child. Alexis claims she has a boyfriend, but she is STILL texting Jacob and saying she loves him. Can someone tell her imaginary boyfriend that she’s a dirtbag just like her ex. Move on, your eggs are starting to boil!

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