Katie Fierros, Scottsdale – Arizona

Katie is a floozy slore who poses as Veronica Ventura all over the internet selling her plastic surgery body to whoever pays. She disguises her pages saying she’s an “Elite Model” when in reality she is nothing but a trashy floozy. She has a website in which she sells her pathetic nude snapchat as well as a “phone number texting package” HAHAHAH She even listed she would “Follow back” on social media for a good ol 6 bucks. I guess when you have a kid and look like a trashy slore you have to think of all possible ways to make some easy cash. She has a kid that she supports with her hooking. Poor kid sooner or later they will find out what the mom does for her “Elite” lifestyle. Lets just hope they don’t run into all the naked pictures, videos all over twitter. As well as that disgusting amateur porn video on Pornhub where she looks like a fat pig. No wonder all the surgery. Here’s hoping.

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