Julia Ford – Canada

Okay so listen up , this girl will do anything for attention. She will do anything just to get in your pants. Don’t matter if you got a woman or not she will try and minipulate you and use you for anything in her power. She’s known as the harbour hopper , her pu55y is probably as smelly as a fish and will threaten suiside just to get at you. She’s known as the dhs hoe , she got with some girls man and FUKED HIM on her floor. This girl right here had the clap for almost 2 months and fuked 8 people with out a CONDOMMMM. Thought she was pregnant multiple times with her “sisters” ex man. She tried to get her friend to break up with her man because she wanted him. She’s a dog for attention she doesn’t want anytime else payed attention to. She’s a dead beat teenager with daddy issues that doesn’t know how to shower , doesn’t think with her brain acts fake to everyone just to she can get paid some attention to. She sucked d1ck for a bottle of liquor , does all types of drugs but doesn’t know how to handle herself. Her kill counts over her age , she got a loose a55 pu55y that probably flaps in the wind. She gets what she wants then said fuk ya. She feens for liquor molly & drugs. She’s a crack hoe that will do anything for liquor and drug money. Got someone to beat someone up because they didn’t want her …. gets her momma to deal w her issues because she’s too busy fuking with peoples mans .. but her monthers just as dirty as her skank hoe daughter . STAY AWAY from this girl because she’s gonna catch you up.

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