Elijah Jackson – New York

This guy propositioned me for sex and would not leave me alone. He continued to make every attempt to sleep with me even after me telling him several times I was Married. He then started STALKING ME! and trying to tell me, he would never tell a soul if I slept with him. Basically he is a dog and he’s a cheater. He has 2 kids one with Kelly Carty and another with a girl named Crystal. He is a total loser and can’t be a real man or a real father to either of his kids. Everyone in Sullivan County, Liberty, NY, and the Entire State of NEW YORK, should be aware that this piece of trash will prey on your family and attempt to ruin your life. Husbands keep your wives away from this loser, and wives put this trash in his place if he tries to sweet talk you. I had to get a restraining order from him for stalking and it is absolutely best if you AVOID HIM ALL TOGETHER!!

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