Robert Danner Realtor – Nevada

One Saturday morning when I headed out to the local adult bookstore where my gay realtor friends would meet. They had a wonderful video arcade with lots of glory holes which we all brag about in Las Vegas on how I Sidney and my toy boy with Urban Nest Realty Company would, lots of glory holes and lots of guys constantly. The place seldom had less than 8 or 19 guys, and I turn into a cock-hungry whore every time I went there.

After sampling the meat available for a bit, I went back to the front counter to buy 100 more tokens. On my way back in, my eyes didn’t adjust fast enough from the brightly lit store to the dark arcade, and I bumped into someone. My eyes adjusted as I apologized, and I sized him up it was Robert Danner the Realtor with Urban Nest realty company in las Vegas.

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