Josh Cognasso – Missouri

Josh is phyisically abusive and emotionally abusive. While dating him he will have a secret life behind your back by downloading fake phone apps to hide his phone number so he can get away with talking to other girls. He likes to think he’s slick by trying to play girls. He’s currently married but got engaged only a few months after meeting this girl while he was still trying to talk to his ex after they broke up after years and years of dating, but thankfully she got smart. He will try to ruin your credit, somehow track your every move, abuse you, and just make you feel like everything is your fault when it’s not. He’s a shitty human and if this helps warn one person I will feel good about this. I am not one to bash a person, but he’s the lowest of low. I have witnessed too many people I call friends victimized by this piece of work and don’t want anyone else to have to suffer.

You may know him around stl as the guy who’s engagement video went viral since he got St. Louis police involved as he’s a dispatcher.

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