Ashleigh Leanne Cheaters

Ashleigh Leanne – Kitchener, Canada

This girl is a fuking hoe! She sucks d1ck to pay her rent and to add more whatever it’s called to her already oversized lips and tits when in all reality she should be fixing that nose of hers. She subjects her daughter to strange men and criminals and thinks it’s ok. She meets guys in sketchy hotels for 30$ blowjobs ? she has absolutely bo friends other than the people she’s never met online and anyone she has befriended she’s eventually stolen from – she is on OW because sucking d1ck isn’t really paying the bills and she’s too lazy to get a job. All she is doing with her life is teaching her daughter it’s okay to be a lazy and cheap floozy Good job mum!

Canada Jessica Pearl

Jessica Pearl — Canada

This sloot will fuk anything with a c0ck. This dirty girl will suck any dirty d1ck she can find for her herion fix.. Low lifeis as shady as they come.

Canada Sandy Gomes

Sandy Gomes – Toronto, Canada

Sandy Gomes is an online predator. This broke a55, tinder vet, butane meets cat feces smelling mouth, attention-seeking, prideful leo devil goes around the Toronto scene tryna be hood fuking dudes off social media for clout and validation. Where is that energy you have online in real person?? We who know in rl know your not the same online as you are in person. Sandy’s insecure and a sad, brokehearted girl irl, but masks it with a fabricated ego that social media and apps that help u buy likes and followers helped her create. She’s always talking sh1t about customers, like little to no respect for people or herself even. She even sh1ts on herself by calling demeaning names. Do you wnat to be with such a friend or SO? Its no wonder her low self-esteem feeds her bully/predatory tactics online. She thinks she has this special taste in music but she’s just a truffle butter a55 eating stank whore who’s so full of herself that she took pride in fuking up an innocent victim’s relationship by fuking her man just ’cause… and posted it to her twitter laughing about it. She was a decent girl back in the HS days but social media has corrupted her and turned her flat a55 into a cum pumping machine for dirty thirsty gamers, anime dudes, creepers and wannabe rappers online. Like the worst group of men to provide attention to online, count on Sandy shes already up in there kissing their a55es . She’s lonely and has very little friends in real life besides her cat that probs don’t give af about her. Her so-called friends arent even good friends because they don’t check her on her sh1t and talk sh1t about her thotty ways behind her back. I wonder how Sandy is not aware shes the crusty, rusty town bicycle that thirsty dudes and downright creeps crave to ride. Most of the people she calls “friends” she met on an online forums for culture vultures masked as hip-hop heads and has not even seen these ppl in rl. She needs to stop going around Toronto with her chlamydia infested vag… tryna be a BAD B1TCH to get rapers, ballers or anyone in Drakes OVO or in the FBG or blueface’s squad to notice her with he r” look at me! am i CUTE” attention seeking stank-a55 . Spend less time tryna be a thot online and wash ur stank box, clean ur room and clothes filled with cat hair and spit, clean in-between ur fake nails cuz last i seen em they looked like u forgot to wash the truffle butter off em. She will pass on her untreated crabs, drds infected cold sores around to thirsty, socially awkward, lonely men who get blinded by her catfishing ways. My thirsty ex was prey to this predator and now he has to deal with cold sores. This b1tch got nothing going for her, besides her clout chasing and homewrecking. She thinks quoting washed out rappers from the hood on forums, going to concerts in hopes of being a groupie or at least noticed by anyone on the stage makes her urban . Little does she know, her flat stank behind is the word on the street to avoid unless ur desperate and have 300, and a condom that won’t break and infect you. someone please tell her to wash her clothes because this cat lady really be having furball hairs stuck to her bedding and clothing and she be smelling like cat fart and spit when I see her at the bar sometimes.

Canada Shawnee DeBtum

Shawnee DeBtum — Sarnia, Canada

This girl will throw her twat at any guy that tips her. She works at a tanning studio and would probably blow you in the tanning bed. She has slept with half of Sarnia and loves to make tips any way she can. Watch out

Canada Cheaters

Cassandra Weatherall And Morgan Oldershaw – Kitchener, Canada

WRITTEN BY E.H. – EVERYONE IN WATERLOO REGION AND GTA, I want you to meet these people who should be here. One of these girls commented on a post I submitted and made up false claims about my friend who I’m defending. Since I know from my true friend that these two were involved in all the things she told me, I think it’s time you know the truth from me and our friend N.P who is helping me write this. My friend who I’m defending has no clue that I did this. She told me not to do this but I felt that it was a long time coming. I would like you all to meet the two people behind my friend’s suffering, Cassandra Weatherall & Morgan Oldershaw. The victim told me the whole story and I think the world is entitled to know about what ACTUALLY happened. My friend met the first girl, Morgan off facebook due to her then bf having contact with my friend. My friend and Morgan started to talk because my friend and her had begun to bond over their hardships and her then bf asking my friend if she wanted to buy weed. My friend even made it clear that she was being genuine and not fake. I know my friend far better than a lot of other people she knows. Anyhow, Morgan offered to give my friend clothes but the two weren’t the same size at the time so she couldn’t take anything from her. Later on, my friend got all her clothes back from the person that stole them. Afterwards, my friend was visiting her apartment when her roommate, which I’ll get to later, told my friend to move in tonight and didn’t say a word to Morgan until the next morning. My friend told me about some of the arguments they have and how this girl did absolutely NOTHING to help my friend in a majority of situations.

My friend was nothing but nice and supportive to Morgan, especially when this b1tch was whining about not having anyone come to her glee shows. My friend took the ticket that Morgan offered her and she went to her glee show to support her. THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS DO. I WONDER IF YOU’VE TOLD PEOPLE THAT. Anyways, things with her and Morgan were actually fine until towards February of 2015. My friend told me how it really went down, one night when Morgan and her then bf/baby dad, Bubbles, out with some of their friends when they got into a car crash. My friend intended to go to the hospital to see Morgan but took a nap for 20 mins which turned into the whole night. She didn’t mean to oversleep but at the time she was suffering from Anemia. Ever since that mistake, Morgan was nothing but a b1tch to her until my friend got fed up of Morgan stealing her belongings and having others aid in stealing her money (I’ll get to that in a minute) and she decided to move out. MY FRIEND GAVE THIS GIRL $50 FOR CLEANING SUPPLIES AND FOOD WHICH MORGAN NEVER PAID HER BACK. B1TCH, THAT’S STEALING. THIS B1TCH HAD THE BALLS TO TELL MY FRIEND THAT SHE COULDN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE UNTIL SHE PAID HER #300 FOR A MONTH’S RENT. SHE WAS MOVING OUT BECAUSE YOU WE’RE STEALING FROM HER. THAT IS EXTORTION, FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND KIDNAPPING. YOUR CATS PISSED ON HER IN HER SLEEP. THEY WERE IN THE LIVING ROOM EVERY NIGHT. THERE WERE CAT HAIRS ON HER CLOTHES WHEN I INSPECTED HER SH1T. You stole her phone from her as she left the apartment and came to my house with only her suitcase. Some of the clothing that Morgan is wearing in some of her pictures, is stolen from my friends green suitcase. My friend had to replace everything. I had to call the police to help my friend get her stuff back. After she came to my house, I inspected her suitcase and smelled ALL of her clothing and we had to throw out $200 of clothing due to animal urine. ANIMAL URINE. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HUMAN AND ANIMAL URINE. WHAT WAS ON MY FRIEND’S CLOTHES WERE ANIMAL URINE AND CAT HAIR. I PAID TO GET HER NEW CLOTHES BECAUSE OF THIS THIEVING, MANIPULATIVE, LYING B1TCH. My friend gave this girl $600 total in rent money to sleep on a couch. You and 5 other people cyberbullied her on twitter accusing her of being in the sex industry and sending her threats of death and harm when she NEVER do such a thing whatsoever. I also have proof of you calling my friend a ‘brownie’ and you saying she looks like an ‘immigrant and not Canadian’. B1tch, I’m the one who’s the latin immigrant turned citizen. YOU PARTICIPATED IN A PUBLIC SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST MY FRIEND ON TWITTER AND RECRUITED OTHER PEOPLE TO SAY FALSE THINGS ABOUT HER. YOU PURPOSEFULLY STARTED BEEF WITH HER ALL BECAUSE SHE STOOD UP TO YOU AND YOUR WELFARE BUM A55 FRIEND. My friend isn’t a sloot or a slore, she has less kills than you and your hoe friends put together. The saddest thing about this is, this girl feels no remorse and honestly, please fix your eyebrows, they look like deformed legos. This b1tch was smoking cigs during her pregnancy too. SHE HATES PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, SHE PROVED IT BY EVERYTHING SHE DID TO MY FRIEND AND OVERHEARING HER CALLING AUTISTIC PEOPLE RETARDS. On to the welfare bum as my friend likes to call her, the second person involved is Cassandra Weatherall. She was the roommate at the apartment. My friend told me a lot about her. I wouldn’t be fooled by this girl since she’s a grown woman in her early 30’s acting like she’s 18 years old. Her facebook page even shows it. THIS B1TCH DOESN’T WORK. SHE SITS ON HER A55 AND COLLECTS WELFARE BECAUSE SHE CHOOSES NOT TO WORK. THERE’S PEOPLE WHO DESPERATELY NEED YOUR WELFARE MONEY. GET OFF THE SYSTEM YOU LAZY B1TCH. My friend told me about her dating this deadbeat drug dealer and how my friend gave him false info just to get some money. She wasn’t gonna rat out a real friend. Is that why you’re angry? Because my friend protected someone else with fake info? It’s funny how you mentioned that your child’s father has the same disability as my friend yet you’re out here picking at her. How pathetic and disgusting, you’re a fuking parent. Grow the fuk up you degenerate waste b1tch. Your child is more important than partying and bong hits. My friend was telling me about how you would sit in the house and smoke weed ALL day. My friend went looking for work whenever she could. I have proof of that too. I also know that you only sent money to your child only one time. Weren’t your parents taking care of her because you were too selfish and unfit to be her mom? I know that’s exactly what you told my friend, you didn’t have the kid and left her with your parents to fix your life. DATING DEADBEAT DRUG DEALERS, SMOKING WEED ALL DAY LONG AND PARTYING IS NOT BETTERING YOUR LIFE. I also know and managed to get copies of the security footage from the Victoria/Westmount area ScotiaBank with you and your equally waste of a cousin, Jenna MacIntyre with my friends bank card you stole from her wallet and made multiple transactions with blank cheques, totalling $500. My friend was already struggling for money, but to steal her bank card and deposit blank cheques to scam the bank is a federal crime. My friend reported it to the police and the bank. It turns out Morgan was also there so ALL THREE OF YOU. You’re such a gross person for doing that to a person with a disability knowing your child’s father has one. You’re sick in the head for making up so many lies about my friend that I had to have your crusty a55 featured on here. I have the facts straights because I have the lie detector tests to prove it. Not only are you a degenerate but you’re also a worthless criminal. Also, you were threatening her safety with sayings like “If you get your high school diploma, I’m gonna beat the sh1t out of you”. My friend doesn’t have mental issues as she’s been treated for her PTSD and Anxiety which YOU AND MORGAN CAUSED HER. I don’t wanna hear any bullsh1t about my friend and her mental health because I know her history the best out of anyone. I’ve been friends with my friend since I first came to Canada. In fact, my friend, C. Is the reason why I’m a Canadian. Cassandra, please shut your miserable fat a55 up and go eat another Twinkie. My friend is telling the truth unlike you, dirty hoe. YOU WERE CRYING LIKE A B1TCH WHEN YOUR BF WAS YELLING AT YOU FOR BEING A LAZY COUCH POTATO. SHE SAW IT ALL. SHE WAS LAUGHING ON THE INSIDE BECAUSE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. She gave your fats clothes out of the kindness of her heart and you were stealing from her a55 too. You were mad because she stood up to your b1tch a55 as well and almost had to fist fight you and your trash a55 cousin but luckily she found her way out. YOU WERE MAD BECAUSE SHE WAS LEAVING AND CALLED YOU OUT ON YOUR BEHAVIOUR TOO. YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A PATHETIC LIAR. I don’t care what anyone says, my friend and I have the proof of all of this shit that went down and I have the lie detector tests that I paid my friend to take and she PASSED the test. You two b1tches are lying on my friends name and I’m clearing it right here, right now. You deserved this and I better not find out that my friend was harassed because of my actions. She doesn’t even know I did this and If my friend is sent any messages from either of you hoes, I’m coming straight to Kitchener and you will NOT LIKE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE, STOP TALKING ABOUT HER, STOP SPREADING LIES ABOUT HER. I AM DONE WITH IT, N.P. IS DONE WITH IT AND SO IS HALF OF T.O. I won’t say her name because I’m protecting her identity.

Brittini Dediluke Cheaters

Brittini Dediluke — Canada

For years this piece of meat has been oring herself to any man she can find to leach off of. She’s cheated on every guy she’s been with and been passed around Alibi’s like the collection plate at church. Everyone gets to try and most leave a little something. She’s been on the bottle most her life and takes her anger out on everyone in her life, even her kids. She’s broken up several marriages even sleeping with one father while his kids and girlfriend were in the house ( check the video out ). If she’s not drunk she’s borrowing money to get high,  pepesi , mdma just to name a few. Be careful guys she’s gotta have something by now. I heard she gave her last bf crabs. Seriously though watch the f&$k out for this one. Messed up in the head, uses whatever excuse to get pitied on and takes full advantage of everyone she can. Careful girls she does play both ways!

New Hampshire

partners beware,Megan Rogers,Peterborough NH

Friend told me to look her up on tinder. Having had almost run ins with mad partners. I research. This lady is Married,and has kids. Told my friend and he left her alone too.
Not worth the trouble.

Cheaters Utah

Jessica Bateman – Utah

After I told her the man she was seeing is my husband it just keeps coming

California My name is John and I like to have sex with guys

My name is John and I like to have sex with guys – California

Massive cheater who will sleep with anyone!!!!!

Cheaters Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore – South Carolina

My husband Thomas Allen Moore is a cheater, liar, deadbeat, thief, and user. I met this man through a family member in prison. We connected on a business level in the start of our relationship. We had the same goals in business. He was in prison for a long time, so I thought he learned his lesson and wanted to get out to change his life. He got out, we started our businesses together, got married, and had a baby. Our first marriage and first baby. During and after my pregnancy this man cheated on me, stole money from my child and I, left while staying gone for days and months at a time, told lies, played games, kept secrets, hurt my child and I over and over again. I payed this man’s parole/probation fees, helped him start his own business, brought him a work truck/tools etc, and my family and I gave this man everything. He thank us by causing destruction into our lives. This man is from Miami Florida, Sumter SC, and lived in Columbia SC with me. His (Christian) aunt Ann encouraged him to cheat on me the first time and leave my child and I. His whole family are evil people, liars, jealous hearted, and a bunch of drunks. I’ve been a loyal, loving, faithful, honest, and very helpful to this man. He played with myself, my baby, and my family. He have a beautiful wife and baby… What a fool. BEWARE of this nasty dirty stank dog.