Here Ata Abdallah is America’s Dirty ass cheater, although I had my part I am exposing him for the world to read because I am determined he suffer the way I am. he is a cheater, begs for money, hates his family and regrets marrying his wife so young. he will enter your home as a smooth ass and rip your soul from under you. He lives on a miserable dirty shit hole of a mountain, runs around in a robe and play god. plays a false god. he is no muslim but rather a worker for the devil. he is not a man, not a father and not a husband. he is a low life user who works for nothing. lives off his wife. he has no career, no home, lives in a dirty used run down trailer for free. a real role model for society as he portray’s himself to be the MAYOR of his muslim society. yes he claims he is mayor of his mountain Islamberg located in hancock ny. a cheating lying thief is the mayor of that filthy mountain, full of other dirt bags like himself.

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