Jennifer Zickuhr SSM Health

Loser now works as a mental heath social worker at SSM Health. The irony is hilarious. Are you going to use your own resources when you try to kill yourself? Old hag looking stank. Lost your job on Maui and went back to Hicksville Wisconsin where white trash like you belongs. Couldn’t make it as a school teacher at Pukalani because you’re a loser who abuses kids.

Cheaters Ohio

Kayliegh Douglas of Camden – Ohio

Kayliegh Douglas of Camden, Ohio befriended my husband on Facebook and started a sexual relationship with him. She is a nurse, and she is trying to get approved as an RN in Fairfield. She lives with her mom and three daughters, and didn’t care that my husband was legally married. She has dozens of makeup-encrusted selfies on her Facebook page and appears to be not only an attention w**** but a run of the mill w**** as well. Watch this b**** – she’ll start talking to your man and the next thing you know she’s sleeping with him behind your back. Wonder what she does with her male patients? Does she try to steal them from their wives too?

California Lying

Lying, manipulative Crosley Gracie – California

Crosley Gracie is a disgusting man who cares about nothing but himself. He’s a verbally abusive, manipulator who will lie every chancehe gets

Cheaters Wael Abraham

Wael Abraham – South Carolina

Serial cheater and liar. Will cheat on you with anyone, even underage teen girls. This 27 year old man seeks out teenage girls to “party” with! He furnishes teen girls with alcohol and drugs at his home and has sexual escapades with them. Watch out for your daughters. Women please do not get involved with this scumbag!

Cheaters Oklahoma

Crazy b**** cheater Cindy Eichhorn Hunter Edmond OK – Oklahoma

This b**** is a nutcase. History of lifetime cheating. I don’t know why I thought she would be different with me. Found out she was seeing another guy at the same time. I broke it off with her to try to get back with my wife and she ruined my life. Sent pics and text we had exchanged. My wife is done with me because she is a complete nutcase. She is a genuine w****. Lives to just get away with cheating. Watch out. She will ruin your life.

Avi Lasri of Douglas Elliman New York

Avi Lasri of Douglas Elliman – New York

Avi Lasri is an Israeli arch-pervert and m*********** who uses his own a** to sell and rent properties throughout New York City because he has absolutely no talent to close deals without it. So he offers blowjobs and his anus for penetration to wealthy gay landowners and renters and buyers all throughout Manhattan and the Bronx if you buy and rent through him. This is the type of success that has catapaulted Mr Lasri into the Captains Circle at Douglas Elliman brokers in New York where he is “just one of the girls” when it comes to wooing rich men into their world of sex, drugs and real estate. Don’t trust this scumbag however because he is totally racist and will not help blacks, arabs, asians, or latinos in renting properties, as he only works with white and jewish men, and he prefers not to work with woman of any race because he just don’t like vaginas. He has been investigated over and over by Housing & Urban Development and other organizations for racist conduct and behavior towards minorities so please also report him if he shows his true Nazi colors. Avoid this human condom like vaginal discharge if you can – you have been warned.

Carols Barajas Illinois

Carols Barajas – Chicago, Illinois

Met with him once over dinner, have no desire to see him again after his story about cheating wife who live close by and two small children they have but unable to take care of it because both travel and apparently this clown spent too much time chasing girls when children staying with babysitter.

Alexi cruz otra Zorra dulce medina Michigan

Alexi cruz otra Zorra dulce medina – Michigan

Erra biena persona.asta ya que no respeta eya misma con uno que esta el respeta a su esposa janet. Que mal eso.

California Scott McComas

Scott McComas – California

This guy is the biggest loser ever. He has never held a job for the last 6 years that I was with him. Caught him cheating on me with my best friend and also with one of my co-workers. If you ever see him I would suggest turning the other way and getting the hell out of there. He is a smooth talker and will do to his new victims what he did to me.

Brittney S. Smith LPC

Brittney S. Smith, LPC – Tennessee

She is a counselor who “helps” those struggling with or dealing with the horrible aftermath of infidelity. Yet she doesn’t give it a second thought as she has affairs with married men. Time for her reign of destruction to stop.