Annie Parkhurst Walker Poole – Minnesota

Betrayed everyone who’s ever helped us along the way. Family. Friends. Broke my heart. And most importantly she betrayed her children. She is a cheater. She has cheated before. It’s funny how cheaters actually believe their own excuses and rationalizations. Some people might deserve to get cheated on and not everyone’s story is the same. I didn’t deserve this and neither did our kids. She will cheat again! Relationships are just some temporary tool for her own selfish reasons but when she no longer gets her way….she won’t stick it out and until calmer seas. She will break your heart in the worst way. Two kinds of people basically….good and bad. You come to crossroads in your life and you prove who you are by the decisions you make. She makes bad decisions. True colors came out last night. We know which side your on now Annie. Her third failed marriage by the way. To be fair her first two ended when she was cheated on(according to her) which makes it so much worse because she knows how horrible it feels to be cheated on. But when your selfish and horny I guess….you know…..priorities. Watch out for this one. Officially a cheater and heart crusher. She’s very charming but don’t buy it. You’ve been warned.

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