Cheaters Nika Boralessa

Nika Boralessa – Minnesota

Cheats on her significant others. Lies and says that people hurt her although she has physically hurt people in her own family. Steals money from everyone, even her kids. She tried to defraud the US Government by cheating on her taxes, to her employer and trying to take advantage of others misfortunes.Lies to everyone about anything to make her seem like she is a victim. She uses her status in USBank IT to manipulate information.

Alassane Toure Maryland

Alassane Toure – Maryland

Lives in greenbelt, Md..web desinger. He comes off as a nice person but is a big pretender. Tall, black male, none Us citizen. Claims to love kids and doing community service but has several females on the side, will put your health at risk. He is a perpetual liar and manipulator, don’t believe a word.

Arizona Lucian V Moga

Lucian V Moga – Tucson, Arizona

Lucian V Moga, Tucson Arizona is a liar! His true DOB is 01/15/43. He lies about his age and when you confront him on his deceit, he makes terroristic threats to sabotage your career. Beware of Lucian V Moga, he is a dangerous man. A Hitler personality when rejected.

Cheaters Ohio

Dawn Scarpitti aka – Ohio

Dawn Scarpitti or Dawn Renae or Dawn Carter whatever name she wants to use is the best example of parenting gown wrong . This women with lie to your face , use her kids as an excuse but be off sneaking around with guys , will start fights just to disappear with guys and whatever it takes .. her mother has programed her to believe she is always right and she can do whatever she wants and it’s ok … She is a freaking in the bedroom but she is nothing more then a 230am f*** .. don’t take her home to mom cuz she will f*** dad .. loves meth !!!!!

Cheaters Texas

Karisa DiMaria Frisco – Texas

Karisa Di Maria who works for the Container store Customer Service Dept in Coppell Texas is a home wrecker. Karisa lives in Frisco Texas and she lives at home with her parents. Karisa who is 30 years old prays on married men and then traps them,. she met a 42 year old man and moved in with him after knowing him for 3 months and was having unprotected sex and got pregnant and now has him tapped for the next 18 years paying support to her. Karisa has no morals or regards for marriage or family. she kept dating this man who lived at home with his wife and children and continue to date him and see him and steal around with him,. please stay clear of this home wrecker she will date and sleep with anyone who will pay attention to her. She is not a victim like she claims to be sleeping with married men and having kids with them. she send them naked pictures from her bedroom of her parents home with her parents downstairs and then has unprotected sex and convinces a married man to destroy his family and life. What example is she setting for her 4 month old daughter to see this from her mother she has no morals or self respect at all. Think of the family that you’ve ruined and you have to live with this truth and this truth will come back to haunt you in the future.

Carmen A Roman Florida

Carmen A Roman – Florida

Carmen A Roman who resides at Dover Carriage Lane Wellington Florida is a liar, cheater and completely psychotic SOCIOPATH. I was n relationship with her for two years. I have proof of her lying, cheating and her prostitution for over 30 years. If you want the proof then email me at

Bill Clark Wyoming

Bill Clark – Wyoming

This guy is a jerk. He asks woman to marry him when he is still married. 5 different woman in 4 states. careful ladies, he will not hold a job. He is also a convicted abuser.

California Dawn Sheree Burks

Dawn Sheree Burks – California

My bestfriend cheated with my bf of 6 years and had a baby by him. she lives in sacramento Ca and is a facebook hooker i found out as well. very hurt abd disgusted.

Cheaters Kentucky

Jill Wireman – Kentucky

Dollar signs in her eyes!!

Cheaters Scott Wantroba

Scott Wantroba – Illinois

Worked on my hiuse and my girl friend. Likes hidden cams also