Crazy landlord

Don’t rent!!!! House has been condemned! Omer Rivard was arrested and charged for break and enter harassment among others.. he stalked us theiugj our windows and continued to shut our water off! The heat didn’t work , the windows are old the ceiling is falling down there is mold and water damage. And he and his daughter are crazy! We have been in contact with other tenants and we were not the first! The house has now been condemned!!!!!! Be ware! That’s the truth!!!



Deal with this now


Bullying slander

He is slandering me


Cheater that hits women

Michael christensen is a known cheater, I know this for a fact because I have cheated with him several times. He is controlling jealous and abusive. I haven’t told him but I have hpv with warts and possibly chlamydia. His wife seems nice but she just can’t keep him there with her. If he wasn’t bored I guess he wouldnt cheat! His wife is very pretty so I don’t know what more it would take to keep him from cheating! I found out he cheated on me too

Canada Tara Henly

Tara Henly – Belleville, Canada

So Tara Henley of Belleville, a broadcasting/ news grad from Loyalist, she thinks she is the hottest thing around, when shes grossly incorrect! She looks like she has flea sh1t splattered all over her nasty face. This ugly ginger c*nt takes great pride in how many c0cks have slammed into her in just the first week of November alone, shown in text pic exchanged with me. Clearly if you take pride in that you ain’t proud of anything else you dumb sloore if that’s your first thing that comes to mind! I mean priorities right? haha Figures, you’d be a dumb, talentless vapid, c*nt, if the first thing you’re proud of is getting your loose cvnt pounded and then brag about it? haha well it backfired! Who brags about that? A small pitiful B*tch is all that this screams. Just meat. Honey, if you clearly have no other attributes to describe then saying your pretty thin, and how many c0cks you’ve slammed in your keyhole, you need to seriously rethink your sad life. I hope you can fill that obvious void you have, better yet, take up a real hobby, maybe it will fill that hole that your currently using cocks to fill to make you feel like someone hahaha too funny. Next up Tara Henley on the News she’ll be giving a us a 60% chance of precipitation along with 100% of her showing her tits on camera. All Tara will amount to is some sex anchor on some cheap declining news channel. lol

Cheaters North Carolina

Courtney Jordan — Charlotte, North Carolina

This is Courtney Jordan, she’s fine and sexy to look at but her kitty looks like a damn war zone along with hella bumps.. Stay far away from this one.

Canada Cheaters

Carly Jade – Edmonton, Canada

This skeleton hoe is Carly Jade. She had an affair with my husband and begged him to leave me a few weeks ago. She told him I was fat, ugly and he deserved her skinny a55 and she would help him raise my children. He gave her money for a trip she needed as this broke as so-called model threatened him she would tell me everything if he wasn’t generous with her. We are going on a family vacation to Moscow where we are from, she asked him to take her as well and book her into a hotel close by. She’s a home wrecker hoe that gots no brains, cant get a job, is dumb no degree in anything no school , has no tits, no a55 only a flabby sticky vagina. My husband took pills for drds she gave him. She’s a no one but a money hungry hoe! Olga W.

Canada Jessica Longclaws

Jessica Longclaws — Saskatoon, Canada

This girl thinks she’s so hot but really she looks like a 60 year old street walker because of all the meth she shoots up ,if she is not ripping off people with her sh1tty drugs or trying to act all gangster she’s jumping guy to guy ,couch to couch because she can’t keep a home, a man, or a job lol so he careful guys out there if you were with her she may have DRDS she’s a dirty person can’t even keep clean so watch out for her dirty mitt she is a disgusting waste of skin

Canada Skye Whitford

Skye Whitford — Winnipeg, Canada

This nasty pig need to be put on blast she thinks everyone loves her she is currently dating a guy named Jon Drezden…hes an alcoholic and a junkieshe calls me a skinny dirt Pig well honey I’m not shes gross looking she thinks shes so sexy well UR NOT UR A PIG THAT LIKES TO EAT A a pail of ice cream


Kerbi Hatcher at it again

She’s at it again. If you wanna know what kind of person she is we’ll thae pictures should show it. No matter what she says she hasn’t changed. Watch out! She’s a liar and a trouble maker and a back stabber. She will mess with your man just for the fun of it. These are her Facebook model pics. Looks like porn to me!