Canada Devyn Harding

Devyn Harding — Windsor, Canada

She’s so nasty and acts like she’s innocent. Please bitch be a undercover hoe who has DRDs like her sister Alley . So nasty. Ones fat and the other ones on crack ?

Cheaters Texas

Krista Leigh – Dallas, Texas

this is one nasty skank! My buddy and I met her at an SMU basketball game an she let us go back to her place and tag-team her a55! She certainly has a thing for black d1ck lol! I was going to wear a condom but she let us both go bareback and finish inside her. Was fun, but not really much of a challenge. We were smoking a blunt after, and she admitted to stealing from various charities she volunteered for around town. That’s pretty fuked up, and she even seemed proud of herself! Watch our for this mudshark and events!

Arlette Balogh Colorado

Arlette Balogh – Denver, Colorado

She has a fiancé named Bryan James but he’s clueless as fuk. This bitch has been cheating on him the whole time they’ve been engaged, she’s met other men at their houses, at their jobs and he’s clueless! If this bitch ever comes in contact with you have her checked! She’s has DRDs!!!!!

California Lorelei Grissett

Lorelei Grissett — San Diego, California

This basic bitch likes to go zombie when her boyfriend is being beaten up in front of her. She also likes to constantly ratchet from one mood to the next. She’s always crying, tired, broke af and overall a dead lay in bed. If you want to fuk a corpse then hit her up. If you want to be told how lame you are by someone who makes less than a migrant farm worker then hit her up. And if you like Starbucks and text messages calling you a d1ck one minute and telling you she loves you the next then def get at this basic fukin loser. She’s so lame she makes straight guys go gay. I’m actually considering fuking men just cuz she’s that lame. Oh and she will make you get an DRD test just to keep her dead pu55y locked up.


James Dean Leavitt is running for Judge in 2018 – Las Vegas, NV.

James Dean Leavitt is a nonpartisan candidate for Department 1 judge of the Las Vegas Township Justice of the Peace in Nevada. Leavitt is running in the general election on November 6, 2018, after advancing from the primary on June 12, 2018.

Leavitt was the District 13 representative on the Nevada System of Higher Education Regents in Nevada. Leavitt’s most recent term expired in 2016.

James Dean Leavitt is running for Judge in Las Vegas, NV. -2018

James Dean Leavitt is Mormon.

James Dean Leavitt filed bankruptcy in 2013.

Do your research before voting for James Dean Leavitt. There’s a lot of dirt on him that can be found in public record databases in Las Vegas court houses.


601 S. 10th St. #106 Las Vegas, NV 89101
Office: 702.384.0909
Cell: 702.277.5555
Toll Free: 1.877.395.2359
Fax: 702.384.2706

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday – Sunday: Closed


Robert Carl Newquist

He likes mentally ill women he picks up at the casino late at night. He poached a middle aged crazy from her relationship. Um sorry bit she has herpes. So now you do too. Too bad so sad


Robert Carl Newquist retarded girls

He is sleeping with a retarded girl who has herpes. Beware St. Louis he frequently is at the casino with the retarded herpes girl

United Kingdom

Rebecca Husselbee racist Caters News employee

Rebecca Husselbee is a racist employee at Caters News who sexually harrasses Muslim women online.


Christine Thibodeau

I am writing this post after seeing someone else post about Christine Thibodeau. Not sure the exact time frame of when she ruined yet another marriage, but it appears to be AFTER what she did to me.
This woman did the same thing to me nearly two years ago in 2016, except she had a half year long affair with my husband when he was in a very vulnerable position (when he was overwhelmed with work and our second child who was a baby at the time got very sick) and she kept pushing him to leave me. As her revenge she decided to “out” him by sending me an e-mail on New Year’s Eve because she needed “closure” – she was mad that he broke up with her. She kept harassing him to give her another chance and he kept trying to cut off contact. So what a vile woman for trying to call it “closure” by going out of her way to ruin a significant holiday for the wife of the man you’re having an affair with.

I am not exempting my husband at all from his actions, as I had immediately asked for a separation and we have been separated this entire time with me just wanting to concentrate on myself and our two very young kids. But I have known my husband for 14 years and have always known his core being to be a good, kind, decent man who had treated – and despite this separation, still does treat – me with love and respect, but who in that situation 2 years ago acted in a terribly weak and life-altering manner. I am furious to know that what happened to me was not a one-time terrible mistake on her part. I almost exempted her in my mind because it’s my husband who should have not made the mistake. This bitch was lucky that I am generally a kind, compassionate, level-headed person. But after seeing the other more recent report on her I had to post my story. Since apparently this is Christine Thibodeau’s PATTERN.

Christine, if you ever see this, just know that you are the most selfish, despicable, vile, worthless excuse of a woman. Not even a woman. A human being. How you could go around trying to break up marriages – marriages that involve children, no less – for your own selfish needs is beyond my comprehension. You take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable, and then try to play it off like you are the victim. For some reason you seem to think you are better than the wives whose relationships you are messing with. Is all this some sick game to you?? But the fact that you have only really ever been anyone’s other woman – and not only that, an “other woman” that the men want to get the hell away from because apparently you can’t seem to hold down a job and your personality is annoying as hell – should hopefully open your eyes to the fact that you are simply a piece of shit. But sadly you may never realize that because you are a narcissistic bitch who thinks way too highly of herself. Please start working on yourself and especially on how you treat others ASAP, so hopefully karma won’t take as big a bite out of your dumb bitch ass.

Canada Paulina Wright

Paulina Wright – Calgary, Canada

This stripper Paulina Wright can be found at the local strip clubs around calgary or at any rave or party that’s going on, she practically lives at these places and you sure can find her intoxicated and sucking off some random in the bathroom, or going home with who ever will give her drugs and more liqs, she passed on drd to a few people now (that they know about) , when she gives her number to you be careful! I have seen messages from her to men being sexually suggestive about selling more than just dances.. but that’s another story, this drunk rave sloot is bad news! Be careful! She ends up with diseases frequently when she goes home with men from her nights out partying! This girl will do anything for attention,she drinks and drives regularly and she crashed her car drunk and got charged with a DUI, and she does things to fill her fix, Paulina Wright is bad news! If you know her, do yourself a favor and go to the clinic, shes known for being easy so if your interested she isn’t hard to find !!!