Debbie Nghiem ugly short slut in San Jose

Anyone who knows Debbie Nghiem knows her legs spread easier than peanut butter. She is unwanted, no men would ever fuck her because she’s way too ugly and too short. This drug addicted alcoholic Debbie Nghiem would gladly pay any old ass mentally disabled homeless $20 to fuck her holes, but no one care about that $20 bucks cause she’s too smelly like sticky dead fish.

Debbie Nghiem is the dirtiest woman ever walk in life. She has no friend, no family, anyone that ever shows empathy on her and helped her once ended up being stabbed by her. she talk shit about everyone. Her mother was a tailor and was raped and killed in Vietnam. she had no father and her grandmother died in a car crash, so she opened up a clothing store under her grandmother’s name GG. The truth is that all the clothes she makes are garbage, don’t even worth a dollar. She is a trash. She made up pounds of lies.
Girls come forward if you have ever been scammed by this hoe!


Debbie Nghiem of GG connections is a dirty slut

Anyone sees a billionaire drives a 1998 turtle and lives in a RV? well, if you sees that, you now know it’s Debbie Nghiem of San Jose. This self claimed billionaire owes a big debt and filed for bankruptcies 7 times, was sued by the federal agency in court number of times. Debbie was recently seen in dollar tree stealing tapes and scissors. Debbie Nghiem lost her face in a car crash, her face was all ruined and she went blind. it took her 12 plastic surgeries to get her face recovered to what it looks now. everyone sees the scar and stitches on her lips and jaw. Wonder who she pissed off that they were ratted out, rumors say a vietnamese gangster. but Debbie deserves what happened to her because she’s a liar, a trash. she once dated an old ass and stole all his savings before poisoned him to death. she was a suspect in the death of V**** A****, and was locked in jail for nearly a year. look her up, case number 200377417.

Canada Sayler Dunbar

Sayler Dunbar — Medicinehat, Canada

Third times a charm? Not only being on the dirty three times but third pregnancy with a third baby daddie. This ho has clearly not learnt her lesson. NOT EVERY MAN YOU DATE WILL WANT TO MARY U! You may think,you are gods gift to men, but remove the snap filters off your pix, and you’ll still be a slore with no teeth. Wonder why you don’t smile in pix. This third baby she’s having, is with a man who ran so far away from her because he knew she wud suck him dry of all his money. rumour on the street is that he’s not even the baby daddie anyways. Do we feel yet ANOTHER dna test coming? Please do all a favour and move the fuk out of the city. Take your ugly a55 mom and your skanky a55 sister with. AND NEVER COME BACK THIS TIME. WE STILL ALL HATE YOU. and you have already slept with all the men here anyways? So what’s honestly keeping you here? Friends? Can’t party right now so I’m sure your sitting at home with a phone that ain’t ringin.

Arizona Stephanie Barter

Stephanie Barter — Tucson, Arizona

So let me tell you about this ugly bitch. She was in a 3 year relationship with this amazing girl who even tho she didnt want to be with and straight up told her she didnt want to have sex with her…. they didnt have sex for a year … stayed around and tried to help her better her life. Her ex told her multiple times they shouldn’t be together that she didnt love her or want to fuk her and the girl begged for her to stay . Talk about desperate. Then her ex finally had enough. Broke up with her and moved on with someone else. Got married. A year and a half later this bitch is claiming to people false accusations that her ex abused her.

Attention seeking slore. After she tried stealing all her exs friends. I’m sorry but I hate bitches who false claim abuse. And she had a bf literally weeks after they broke up who brags and tells everyone how bad she is at sucking d1ck… and how she put out the first night. She also lies on everyone saying they r her friends but trashing their name too. Shes a sociopath. She will pretend to be ur friend and try and steal ur life. She wont move on and if shes not getting attention she will make up lies! Her own bf told her he didnt love her and she begged him to stay wit her too. And he told her to wear makeup bc shes ugly. Lol this bitch needs to suck dick better that’s all she has going for her. Oh and by the way her nipples r as big as bologna!

Cheaters Texas

Eloida Riojas Reyna – San Antonio, Texas

This is Ellie Rios also know known as Eloida Riojas Reyna she changed her name to recreate a new I Age for herself when she is still a dirty low down Sloot! Ladies for as much attention she attracts because she feels she’s a big movement, she has not changed! She recently has been screwing my best friends husband. She has zero respect for anything or anyone. This couple saw past her past and purchased a home from her only to later find out Eloida has been screwing the husband. She hasn’t had hip issues like states she’s been having lots of plastic surgery being paid out of my friends soon to be ex husband pocket. Ellie Rios latched on to him for the cash. The only reason my friend found out was cause she caught a DRD and he came clean. They are now both in couples therapy but I wanted to share how low that piece of trash of Eloida Riojas Reyna Rios would go! I hope my friends survive!

Cheaters Roxana Caro

Roxana Caro – Miami, Florida

Roxana Caro for those that knows her, she appears to be this sweet, quiet, shy, innocent girl but under that snake skin she is a backstabbing vengeful dishonest crook. After having a real estate agreement with a property belonging to my cousin her baby daddy, This blown out B1tch turned right around & stabbed him in the back by trying to steal his property & his money. This cvm dumpster slore also has been keeping her son from seeing his dad & all of this because Yuresly Menendez the wife of Carlos Menendez confronted Roxana about screwing her husband. Yuresly confronted her after have spoken to Roxana’s baby daddy & boyfriend at the time concerning Roxana banging her husband. Roxana became unstable, psychotic & selfishly deranged once the truth came out about her cheating with this married man Carlos Menendez. A married man she has been obsessed with for many years. So obsess At one point she even tried to kill his wife with her car.


After being confronted by his wife, Roxana’s relationship with Carlos was in jeopardy which led to Carlos temporary ending his relationship with Roxana upon his wife’s request, like for the 15th time since 2005. This made Roxana very angry & led her on a psychotic path of destruction of trying to destroy not only the life of my cousin but her son’s life as well. Roxana blamed her baby daddy and Yuresly Menendez for destroying her happy life of being the mistress to Carlos Menendez. Several weeks later still married Carlos & Roxana were back in each other’s arms again & are happily back together once more as married man and mistress. (pathetically cute). Note to Yuresly: “Roxana is not the only one thats obsess, but your husband seems to be just as much being that he also can’t leave her alone”. You might want to rethink your statement about that !!. Roxana & her wanna be hubby/husband both scared to face my cousin so scared that they filed a restraining order of lies and together they have been on a mission trying so hard to destroy his life out of revenge & spitefulness. I told him this is Something Obviously Roxana was planning to do from the beginning once she started screwing Carlos behind his back & telling that man all his business.That girl is so weak minded she made Carlos turn her into a racist puppet that ask how high when he says jump. Funny thing is this Carlos moron does not know how much of a slore and a liar she really is. He still believes he’s the #2 guy to hit that when he’s #12-15 and now with over 50 diks in total and still counting or how she has been pregnant several times by different men and had abortions while with Carlos. Whenever she gets mad at Carlos or any man she is in a relationship with she screws other guys to make herself feel better. While mad at Carlos she fuked a guy in cancun her sister’s friend Jorge, then there was the married cop she was pregnant for, then the neighbor luis , then the fire fighter Eddie and the other fire fighter Arthur who she also filed a restraining order on just as she filed a restraining order on the famous Carlos himself in 2010. She loves playing the helpless victim with restraining orders & telling lies of being abused for sympathy like her stories of her ex Robert V abusing her physically and mentally for years. Crazy delusional Slore has so many skeletons in her closet it’s a shame. This girl is a pathetic low life, has low self esteem issues, insecurity issues. A pathological liar who never takes blame for her mistakes, no shame and a thief. Once She even stole money from her baby daddy’s pants pockets & put the blame on her 3yr old son. Who does that ? I’m sure after reading this She will reply, lie and talk crap about everything being said about her in this article, but it is all True!!! No lie no exaggeration. This girl Roxana caro is not only a thieving cheating slore, but also a no ethics disloyal snitching rat. Be careful with information you share with her, be careful doing any business with her, be careful of allowing her in your home, in your life, be very careful of her period. She is not a good person & not built for a real relationship. She’s more of a girl you just fuk and keep her on the side line for as long as you can just as Carlos is doing. Perhaps this is why at the age of 33 she has had more than 50 sexual partners. She loves alcohol, smoking, popping pills. She loves men with girl friends & married men is a plus. although at times pretending to be shy she loves having threesomes with strangers & just loves eating out other women’s Vagina and having women do the same to her. A real undercover dirt. In other words she is an easy fuk for anyone. This south miami dade bird road slut Roxana Caro knows only two ways of getting what she wants, stealing it and spreading her legs for it. P.S. if you shake this biatch hand you better count your fingers after and make sure they’re all still there, cause that is just how much of a thief she is. You can write a book on this chick, which i believe i just did maybe i’ll sell her story to the lifetime channel.

Cheaters New York

Este Potgieter – Manhattan, New York

Este potgieter was in nyc where she was working as a floozy. She worked for a video company doing porn, selling herself and pretending to be a fashion student.

Cheaters Michigan

Jaclyn Rhodes — Detroit, Michigan

This crack/meth addicted alcoholic will gladly sell herself to you for $20 and a cheap motel room (so she can send you on your way and invite more gentleman over, of course). This girl is not even close to friend material. She will talk shit about literally everyone at some point. She is a manipulative hypocrite and will do anything to get what she wants. If you drink with her, you will have to be prepared to drive her back to her grandmas house and carry her lifeless wasted body into the house where you will then get yelled at for 20 minutes. She makes friends at Necto just so they will buy her drinks and then she f***s half of them afterwards. She used to be my bestfriend but she would rather get d***ed down for money than hangout with someone who’s broke. Bitch lost a 5 year friendship because she couldn’t get $20 for drugs/alcohol. She has had DRDs 5 times and has a state warrant so dont get caught with this one!

California Emiko Phillips Munoz

Emiko Phillips Munoz — Oceanside, California

Emiko K Phillips is sleeping with a married man, is a pathological liar, hypocrite and always plays the victim. She is distraught over her husband leaving her over 2 years ago but can’t let go. She still tells people she is married but is with someone else’s man. She blames women for stealing her man but they just leave her. Meanwhile she is doing the same thing and sleeping with a married man who has 2 kids. Her own children complain about her playing victim and her friends have all become tired of hearing her stories. She complains that she will never want another woman around her children but yet she has a married man living with her. She already has so many problems with her current boyfriend that they are always breaking up and her man is always leaving. She is constantly telling people how much she does for him and he constantly disrespects her. She also always puts this man before her sons which I never agreed with!! If all her relationships are failing you’d think she’d realize that she is the common denominator and the real problem. Hopefully that new guy will get smart before she starts physically attacking him then crying wolf. Maybe she’ll get some help so no one has to listen to her lies and victim statements anymore. We are all tired of her!!!!!!

Cheaters Illinois

Heather Fields — Chicago, Illinois

Heather Fields, a married woman, had an AFFAIR with a MARRIED MAN AND FATHER. The fact that this man had a WIFE AND TWO YOUNG CHILDREN never stopped her from pursuing him. Heather even admitted to being the PURSUER several times in conversation with said man. In fact, Heather mentions that she didn’t want to be a ‘HOME-WRECKER’ because she knew he had a family, but really wanted to explore a future and see what comes. She also told him on many occasions that she was IN LOVE with him, and said I love you to him while he was home with his wife and kids! You see, Heather has daddy issues. Her dad also had an affair. According to Heather, he told her family that he was divorcing her mom and was leaving to “raise a new family.” Doesn’t that make her a WORSE person for trying to RUIN someone else’s family??? DISGUSTING! She even had the audacity to talk about his children, his parenting, and how lucky his kids were to have him as a dad, yet she was trying to break apart his family!!! Heather Fields is clearly a PREDATOR. There is absolutely no doubt that she is a DANGER to other families. She has proved to be someone that doesn’t care about hurting other women or their children. Everyone should do Heather a favor and keep her in Chicago, away from ANY and ALL married men. In fact, those of you that are married and know Heather, KEEP YOUR HUSBANDS AWAY FROM HER. She’s probably coming for yours next! Her job is not important to her considering she makes use of her ‘work’ time pursuing, luring, and sleeping with married men and fathers. For someone who sees a counselor and a psychiatrist, plus takes a few medications, she’s still void of any morals or empathy and doesn’t care who’s lives she ruins in the process.