Jennifer Saskiw — Saskatoon, Canada

Alright Nik here’s the scoop on this ugly sloor!! It’s funny how this girl thinks she lives the ‘perfect’ life.. She has NO job, NO money, ALWAYS wearing the same clothes, she is a deadbeat mother who can’t look after her own two kids ( her baby daddy left her ass) and now she is living off of some other guy who has a child & thinks that this guy is loyal to her which is funny, because he has been sleeping with one of my girlfriends on and off for the last year and a half. I don’t know if this dirty sloor knows that he is cheating on her and does not want her and just has nowhere else to go with her broke a55 and two kids OR if she is actually that stupid lol.. She sits around all day on her ass and sleeps all day while her kids run around hungry. She doesn’t cook and she doesn’t do laundry! She is USELESS!! Apparently she is still trying to find out who her actual baby daddy is!

Cheaters Nevada

James Mcfadden – Reno, Nevada

looking for anyone who has been taken advantage of by this person and his crew from Socal they steal checks id’s anything they can monataise he sets up worthless stock scams and runs money thru accounts he sets up offshore. He has been in trouble while working in the corporate advisory business in Reno for income tax evasion, his wife is a sweetheart, Debrah, he cheats on her daily and has numerous children he wont support. please send me an email of you have been RIPPEDOFF we are going to sue them in court for fraud.. we have 6 people who signed the suit we want many more..


Cody Pearl & Kierra Maclean — Halifax, Canada

Hey folks meet Cody Pearl and his gf Kierra Maclean, this scrawny little piece of shit Cody is 1 of the biggest con artists and theif in HRM! Everything from break and enters and thefts, to online scamming people for money, to stealing cars! There is nothing this little punk won’t steal and the cops seem to be doing nothing about it, well people are sick of your sh1t Cody and you are being headhunted! You better hope the cops lock you up before the people find you! You’re going to pay for your actions I promise you that!

Cheaters New York

Miranda Plumley — Taberg, New York

This scank bag works with my husband of 7 years uses sob stories and sex to make him move out and into a hotel and abandon his wife and 3 children one with special needs. Prefers to go after men with disabilities since her husband is disabled and so is mine. Likes to have multiple men then go home to her husband after she’s done. Met at my husband’s job and decided that fraternizing wasn’t enough. This disgusting human being has a black widows complex and will ruin anyone’s life who is dumb enough to believe her sob story and attempt to connect on an emotional level. Also is a compulsive liar and likes to play victim when confronted about her homewrecker mentality.

Cheaters New Jersey

Cherylann Balcom — Morris Plains, New Jersey

Don’t let the smile fool you. I guess this is what some people do instead of getting off their ass and getting a job. She screws married men and takes his families money and whatever else she can get. A real piece of shit.

Cheaters Washington

Madelyn Fairbanks — Spokane, Washington

Slept with my boyfriend in my bed while I was babysitting her niece at her place…

Alberta Janina Salvador

Janina Salvador — Alberta

Janina Salvador seduced my husband while pretending to be religious and righteous. She’s been flirting with many other male in the office stating she’d f**k them if there is a chance. She forced herself to ride at my husband’s car on the way home. Other colleagues didn’t pay attention to her because of her reputation. But my husband was tricked by this cunt. She influenced my husband to sell our properties so they could be together at an expensive condo. This woman according to my husband was so into getting laid because her live-in partner does not fuck her. She is mom and with so many men already but doesn’t seem to be content  with just one d***…

Cheaters Shannon Lyn Ramos

Shannon Lyn Ramos — Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

This Woman ruined a marriage. She used to work for a business where the owner is the wife of the Man she cheated with. She knew that the Man is married. She knew about the Wife. Yet, she still took the initiative to cross the line! She’s a homewrecker. Her ex-boyfriend said, she would bang any man or woman who can pay her bills. She’s a bi-sexual who loves to f**k whoever. She’s a user. She f**ks for money. She’s been in and out of jail. She’s a drug addict as well. Praying for the worst Karma for a lifetime.

Aida Lucilla Rivera New York

Aida Lucilla Rivera — Brooklyn, New York

Aida Lucilla Rivera is a nurse! She don’t care if the men are married, dating or single. Even if you confront her she will make it about you and your inability to keep or satisfy a man. She has no shame or regret and she makes no apologies. I am not stupid to think that men don’t lie and say they are single when they are not, so I think it’s fair to give the one they cheat with the benefit of the doubt, but when they turn around and act like a bitch about it all and don’t even show remorse for the part they play, then the whole world need to know how disgusting they are.

Alexandra Bauer Texas

Alexandra Bauer — Austin, Texas

This woman Alexandra Bauer slept with my now husband years ago while he was dating and had kids with her own cousin. Now she knows he is married to me and she keeps sending his pics and asking him to come meet her in Texas for some good ol dirty sex like they used to do. Smh. I told him he better cut it off before I do. I’m done with HOMEWRECKERS. If you know a man is married find a single one. Also she is married with kids her damn self.