Canada Drake’s

Drake’s – Victoria, Canada

u missing some good tea on Instagram, a page is trolling Drake with the porn star baby mama he’s been hiding, they caught her throwback pics & it’s a unanimous decision that she is the most unfortunate looking woman who Drake was stupid enough to raw dog, must be her a&& cuz it ain’t her face!! This is the most disappointing thing to happen to Drake, first he gets annihilated by Pusha T, now he admits to having HIS FIRST BORN CHILD by a girl who ANYONE can jack off to on porn hub! Lmao Drake if you’re reading this, it’s too late, thousands have wanked it to ur baby mama ?

Canada Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux – Toronto Canada

look at these old pics of Drake‘s baby mama Sophie Brussaux aka porn star name French Rose Bud, she is the biggest groupie who has slept with the entire entertainment industry! lol Makes sense, she has a peen shaped nose she prob uses for foreplay ?

California Heather Lebas

Heather Lebas – San Jose, California

I’ve known Heather Lebas for about six months now. She’s a nice enough person, but there’s something that needs to get out. She regularly brags about driving drunk. We’ve been to the club a few times, and I’m worried because she’s frankly a danger to the community. She’s driven up a one-way exit ramp, nearly hit the median countless times, and this is all with me or my friends in the car. She was laughing about this time she got drunk with an elderly woman and had to pull over because she couldn’t see straight. Another of her favorite stories, is this time she banged some dude in her class after getting trashes at Aqui’s, regretted it, and drove home after “he came all over her”. I’m seriously concerned for the safety of the community, drinking is cool but not if you’re too stupid to stop yourself from getting behind the wheel. I’m starting to think she’s just some ditzy ho.

Canada Shelby Lindberg

Shelby Lindberg – Vancouver, Canada

this is shelby lindberg, a pig far worse than any i have ever encountered. she is twisted and gets off on other people’s pain and misfortune. she harrassed, bullies, threatens, and sexually abuses service providers and as well she also preys on the weak along the granville strip and flexes her charity handouts (that she gets from her various sugar daddies) to street youth just to acquire cheap sex from the desperate and i could not be more embarassed or disgusted to know someone as sick as on that personal of level. she also just so happens to be one of the friends of the infamous rob rindt aka rawbie aka the cheap and dirty daddy’s boy John who blackmails and stalks sex workers until they give in to bareback and unprotected sexual services. both selby and rob have used the review board perb as a weapon to intimidate these poor girls with their forum status following a threat of writing a bad review and sabotaging a working girls business in minutes. shelby has had hundreds of handles banned for insulting the ladies, harrassing the moderators and just being the worse kind of pig to come across in the industry. please beware of them as their intentions are just as sick as they are. for the love of god, put these punks on blast!

Blair Barnett Missouri

Blair Barnett — Branson, Missouri

This girl Blair Barnett  with her boyfriends best friend, went on several dates with him, and tried to hide it from her boyfriend. She couldn’t stay loyal to save her life. Watch out boys, she’s a one and done.

Cheaters West Virginia

Tiffany Stanley — Parkersburg, West Virginia

Tiffany Stanley was my best friend in Highschool. We spent almost every weekend together going to concerts and hanging out. After we graduated we lost touch. She began working at the same office as my father. This is when they began to date. Eventually she got tired of being a side chick and sent innapropriate emails between my dad and her to my mother. Once my mother discovered these, she kicked my father out. Tiffany and my father played house for about a year. Eventually she got tired of him and decided to message me saying that he was “abusive” and that she didn’t understand why I was upset with her….

Cheaters Rachael Bunner

Rachael Bunner — Marietta, Ohio

This girl Rachael Bunner  messaging my fiancé through Trivia Crack Chat. She would tell him how much she loved him and wished he was with her. She also would post on Twitter about how he can’t have his cake and eat it too. I don’t know how any woman can know someone is in a relationship and feel okay about continuing the affair. When I caught them on New Years Eve, I sent her a message telling her to come get him. She said “ok” but never had the nerve to show up. I guess she didn’t want him that bad. After running into her several times in our town. She would smirk and act like she was hot shit. Shes been with several other guys, I wonder how many of them have a fiancé. However she can’t seem to keep just one guy.

Canada Prab Tiwana

Prab Tiwana – Calgary, Canada

I really didn’t want to do this but it’s time to put her in her place. Blast this conceited brown b1tch! She begged to sleep with her younger sisters new husband. Did this behind her sis’s back who would never hurt anyone. I know! She’s one of my closest friends. Prab always bragged (aka joked) she was going to take him because she deserved him and not her sister “S” who doesn’t treat him right. She thinks she is anything attractive and can do what she wants. She hits on all boyfriends who she works with and all because she seriously thinks she is better than the women of these men. I am sick of hearing her stories about her treating her own family this way and people need to know what this woman is REALLY about. LYING sloot who can’t get her own man because she would rather take her own families or friends. There are all the reasons why she isn’t married yet. Sick of her hurting people. BLAST AWAY!

Canada Robbie H

Robbie H – Vancouver, Canada

Hi Vancity!! Cant let all the hoes steal the shine so here we have Robbie hehe! Failed drug dealing career and leased cars is what hes all about! Fun fact of the day he used to bang Esther Hanuka old coug and had her name tat covered. CLASSSSaaay. Aside from trolling dirt bags on IG he enjos beating girls, stealing cheating and lying.

Cheaters Drake

Drake – Celebrity, China

Drake be looking stressed and aged after he found out his baby mama is a nasty porn star who got kicked out of America and had to do a name change to change her heaux fax, he was the only rapper stupid enough to raw dog and HIS PULL OUT GAME WEAK AF! Look at his baby mama with a LV basic Damier bag shopping at low rent shops, smdh