Cheaters Yad Azad Kareem

Yad Azad Kareem – Fairfield, Connecticut

Yad Azad Kareem: “If you do not take down that article I swear to god I will report it to FBI…I am a echo cardiologist I have heart patients! They’re elderly, and Jobs will look into this. This is defamation of character, do not make me pursue a lawsuit against your entire company. You have 1 day to respond and 2 days to take this down or I am reporting you to FBI”

Cheaters Simone Raele

Simone Raele – Denver, Colorado

Simone is one of the biggest slores in denver, dont let the filters fool you into thinking she’s hot. That h*e done left about 200lbs out of the picture. She likes to f*ck random guys from viewhouse. From the wrinkles on her face, shes about 40 years old at least who acts like she is in her 20’s. Not to mention she will give DRD to anyone

Amanda Driggers North Carolina

Amanda Driggers — Raleigh, North Carolina

This b**** knows this man has a girl and still doesn’t care. Who gives a man head without protection knowing he’s sleeping with another women. And she has the audacity to believe he’s going to leave his girl for her… Please help me laugh at this b****.

Arizona Cheaters

Ashley Stewart — Chandler, Arizona

This chick is absolutely disgusting she used to work at an elementary school and during her lunch break she would get picked up by a dope dealer and fucked for drugs, shes cheated on her man countless times with countless people. She doesnt care who she has to sleep with to get her fix. She has even let guys gang nang her while her man wasnt home. Im positive she has herpes and a few other stds. She goes by ashley janell stewart and lives in chandler with her parents after her man finally had enough of her disgusting ways, shes even admitted to incestuous behavior with her younger brother . Stay away from this chick at all costs.

Cheaters Washington

Jennifer O’Brien — Bonney Lake, Washington

This females name is Jennifer, she likes to sext and send pictures of herself to married men. She herself is married and has children but doesn’t care about her or anyone’s family. She works at a Retirement Consultant firm and was seeking a married man at work and was trying to sleep with her married cousin. That’s right her cousin. She looks like a washed up hag but she’s so desperate for attention she has no shame sending out her ratchet photos.

Britney Meyers Cheaters

Britney Meyers — Three Rivers, California

Ok so it started off a few months ago when I caught Britney sending nudes to my boyfriend. We all work together, so I confronted her and dealt with him. We are in a open relationship so we agreed as long as everyone knew I was ok with it. Hell I was tryna get her to come to the house and play. We’ve made plans to hang out and things were going great. And then she started telling him how she was falling in love and this and that and how she would wait for him. ( wait for what bitch? ) deep down she wanted him to herself, ain’t happening. So she went as far as making up a huge ass lie saying a coworker of ours sent her screenshots of me admitting that I fucked his bestfriend and I no longer care about him. He freaked out and confronted me. Since I have NOTHING to hide I gave him my phone and let him go through it. I don’t have time to go behind his back to f*** someone else. All this time she’s been in my face acting like a cool ass friend. Bitch is a snake and a ugly one at that. Stays away from this nasty slut. Btw I have all her nudes and videos. She f*cked with the wrong one.

California Dawn Lavona Rodriguez

Dawn Lavona Rodriguez — Bakersfield, California

This is a true w**** and has no shame in it! She is fully aware that she’s with a MARRIED with a family and still spent this weekend in Mexico with my husband of 7 yrs. BUT known since we were 13. He’s told her in front of me that he would never settle for someone who would be with a MARRIED man and he was just using her because he wouldn’t ever leave me because he still loved me and she has also been. MARRIED twice and killed them both off she sends him filthy pics when he asks SAW the messages from her tells him she loves him and can’t wait to be his wife I have to divorce him which I won’t so she’ll keep title of sidehoe mistress and takes his crumbs LIKE an ugly fat rat would is that a desperate [email protected] or what. here’s here fb let her know what she is she doesn’t believe me?

Brittany Michelle Hankins Florida

Brittany Michelle Hankins — Jacksonville, Florida

This girl comes off all sweet and innocent, but she is anything but. She goes after anyone who has money and is willing to spend it on her. She may or may not sleep with you, but there is a good chance she will. It doesn’t matter to her if you’re in a relationship or married, she will drop them panties quick. She also loves guy with big trucks and jeeps. Those two are both panty droppers. She loves talking to multiple guys at once, making them all believe she wants them and lies about talking to anyone else when confronted. Guard your heart and your bank account with her and spread the word.

Cheaters West Virginia

Eric Eddy — Parkersburg, West Virginia

This guy is a Supervisor at Safelite Auto Glass and he and my wife began an affair only months after she began to work there. At the time my wife was going through deep depression so I believe he took advantage of her mental state at the time. His brother is a district manager at the company so I’m sure he gets protected. I’ve spoken to numerous people who have known him and no one had anything good to say. This almost ruined my marriage and trying to be a bigger man and protect my family I restrained from confronting him as I’ve been told he’s a pussy that would try to sue or call the cops if I were to make this a man to man talk. ANd yes my wife is at fault as well but she’s been exposed to those she loves and I want to make sure he is made to stop fooling people that he is anything other then a POS.

Australia Malak Elhosni

Malak Elhosni — Sydney, Australia

She knew he was a married man when she pursued him- Yet that didn’t stop her! She cheated on her husband for over 3.5 years and then eventually dumped the guy she was cheating with as her husband was becoming suspicious of her wh**erish ways. Her husband has now left her and she has also broken up a once happy family. Beware of this homewrecking, cheating wh*re. Keep your men away from her. Malak Elhosni a.k.a Malak Zeini.