Cheaters Massachusetts

Lexi Mansfieldd — Worcester, Massachusetts

This tramp is a dirty junkie who slept with my husband for a week, and ruined my marriage… the both of them I hate…

Aurigema New York

Homewrecker Queen Rachel Asch-Aurigema

This lady is lovely as well as workings from a fitness centers day care center and also tries to find family men to appeal and also make love with. She does this since she recognizes the guys will not claim anything to anybody concerning her in concerns of shedding their marital relationship. Little did she understand my marital relationship was currently stopping working on me when she began striking me up via Facebook, after that Snapchat, after that personally. Her name Is Rachel Asch(quickly to be Aurigema when her separation is wrapped up.). Lives in Durhamville NY with her mommy and also she has actually been with 3 family men at my health club apart from myself that I recognize of. She operates at the Oneida YMCA in Oneida NY as a youngster watch employees as well as at Utica Dental Associates as an oral aide in Utica NY

California World Meet Eva Gutserieva Aka Holland Brooks

World Meet Eva Gutserieva Aka Holland Brooks

I plan to develop the paper straight. There are b * tches trying to spoil my extended period of time buddy’s on-line credibility. I have in fact identified Eva considered that I might keep in mind. We grew close to each various other. We joined the precise very same elementary school with secondary school. The real story concerns her ex-husband, Jeremiah. After they memorialized their one year wedding event anniversary, Eva at that time, uncovered that she in fact joined to. He had actually not been an abundant Investor as he originally notified her. They were moving to Maryland so she could take part in regulations university in DC. As she was dumping Eva found that she really joined in addition to the issues this could develop her child, different other home, pals in addition to task. Eva called me sobbing her eyes out! That was this person she joined? After a human resources of her sobbing she attracted herself with each various other, in addition to asserted she needed to call Tommy. We hung up. I have no suggestion all the details after that, yet she was simply lately faced with this again. She changed her name to Holland, taking into consideration that her valued Grandpa preferred her to be called this when she was birthed. Holland looks substantially like his Aunt that he liked back in Amsterdam. It winds up that Jeremiah uncovered her besides she experienced to keep her kid in addition to self protected. New names, new SS #s with the help of her pack of attorneys. Holland thought she was safe although keeps a bodyguard in all times. Presently this whole worry is a substantial mess! Holland intends to keep a decreased account nonetheless her heart has lead her to one details man that she enjoys called Rum. Jeremiah situated her, as well as she became part of panic establishing. Holland presumed if she appeared different she may leave. That was simply a temporary bandaid. Tommy as well as friends worked out an intend on Facebook where Jeremiah initially made call 5 months back along with implemented it yet they can not educate anyone precisely just what struck her. All she was thinking about was the safety and security as well as safety of her child. All I acknowledge presently is she lives as well as well, along with looking like herself again. She mentioned the scenario with Jeremiah is gone whatever that suggests. Your anticipation is one of the most likely such mine. Life certainly is unknown individual as compared to fiction. After you release this, there are great deals of witnesses that has in fact helped her along the roadway. I want they contribute. This needs to be subjected so she can breathe again. I like you Holland in addition to I will absolutely regularly have your back.

Caryn Brehm Massachusetts

Caryn Brehm — Winston-Salem, Massechusetts

This woman Caryn Brehm persued my husband while he was a resident and she was a medical student. We were married 13 years. I stood by him through two tours to Iraq undergrad medical school, and residency. I was working a full time job taking care of our 3 kids and a aunt in hospice dying of cancer. She called texted emailed about work supposedly all the time. She was relentless. She knew he was married. She knew all the dynamics of my family and she did not care. After I confronted her she cried and said she felt bad but he was like a drug to her and she could not give him up. Um he was not your to give up. He tried to break it off with her and she would show up unexpectly ect. He is not innocent in all this either but she knew he was married with kids and did not care. She has no morals at all.

Cheaters Florida

Cheryl Luedke — Saint Augustine, Florida

Cheryl Luedke of Saint Augustine, Florida is a VERY DANGEROUS WOMAN! She is a predator and stalks her prey prior to pursuing them. She is looking for a single father with children…. on purpose. She will attempt to create the idea that it’s her family and those are her children. She uses an ex to find information on her new victims. Jorge is probably not aware of it. She feels validated at her age to be a home wrecker. It feeds the hollow part of her that USE TO HOUSE A SOUL. If asked to remove herself she will continue to insert herself into whatever situation THAT will allow her contact. She is a liar, cold, calculated. She talks about being a warrior of G*d…. I have seen this psychotic home wrecker stalk a guy via social media, learn about him, approach with her charismatic cult like ways and redirect his attention from the family. All on purpose. She is an absolute hag… so fake and surface level while spewing “spiritual” jargon everywhere telling people she is so in touch, awakened & elevated from the rest of society. No… the audacity that Cheryl Luedke does not understand the word NO and continues to insert herself where she is not wanted is… an EVIL WOMAN ALL IN HER OWN CATEGORY.

Cheaters Montana

Kenny Jackson — Hamilton, Montana

Kenny Jackson is from the shallow end of the gene pool. He was introduced to MARRIED Stefani at his church by a “friend”, who knew Stefani was married and that her husband worked out of town. Stefani started grooming Kenny who fell hook, line, and sinker for her lies about her husband being abusive, about her husband cheating on her, about her husband always leaving her and her “special needs children” (in reality: they are NOT) and her desperate struggle. While her husband would drive hundreds of miles for work Kenny would sleep in their bed, help her with her kids, etc. He basically moved in and played daddy on the days the husband was out of town. When the husband returned, Kenny would leave their house. They got rid of all of the husband’s belongings on one of his trips, at some point took out a life insurance policy on him. Kenny and Stefani did all of this with her two kids watching. These two are nothing more than liars, cheaters and frauds.

Cheaters Samantha Sims

Samantha Sims “Fiona” — Jacksonville, North Carolina

Meet Fiona a woman who cannot leave whats not hers alone! She is constantly pursuing others boyfriends and husbands! She will use kids to get what she wants and even use her own. This woman wants what she can never have or be. She constantly keeps trying to ruin peoples lives and homes and will not stop! She has tried to come between me and my husband for years and just won’t except no for an answer… ladies hold your men tight and kids! She pretends to be a police officer and a doctor calling with bad news trying to get sympathy! She has a drug problem and drives high and intoxicated with her 3 year old in the front seat. Shes a sad Individual and doesn’t get that she cannot have everyone’s men…

Cheaters Oregon

Noelle Sisk (Sundstrom) — Portland, Oregon

Noelle Sisk is a PDX ***** who sleeps around. STDs = YES. Children by multiple men = yes!!! Piercings and tattoos= yes. Cheat, lie, sleep around, destroy marriages, destroy lives – ITS NOT OK NOELLE!!! It’s amazing just how many married men will still have unprotected sex with a woman who has the head of a horse. If you are into the Portland Music scene steer T F clear of Noelle Sisk – Sundstrom.

Cheaters Texas

Melissa Smith — Houston, Texas

She played me and her husband to cheat on me with Richard Perez of Denver harbor…

Cheaters South Carolina

Kelly Culbertson — Greenwood, South Carolina

Kelly Culbertson of Greenwood is a serial home wrecker. She has had a texting Affair with the Laurens County Sheriff, AJ Bolton, and married cop, some guy named Eddie, and countless others who were in relationships or separated. She uses men and women for any purpose she deems necessary to get sex and money. She is a great liar who uses her kids to victimize to get pity. She is a completely disgusting human. Trashy. Tattooed. Google ****** of Greenwood. She comes up. She will pick your life apart.