Canada Robynn Franson

Robynn Franson – Edmonton, Canada

This girl chooses to ruin a marriage and the future to an unborn child by opening her greasy legs to a married man. Let people know that she has zero morals and cannot be trusted. She is a sleazy woman and will do anything for attention.

Alabama Cheaters

Amanda Mars – Rainsville, Alabama

It started two years ago when I found out Amanda Mars was sleeping with my husband. I showed up at her house with my sister in law, and I could smell her methlab from just standing outside the door. When I was able to walk in, 5 different men were standing there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sleeping with all of them. As my sister in law searched through out the house for her, I found my husband passed out on her bed. He said she wasn’t there but I guarantee, she was hiding out somewhere. There were men there so I know she was around somewhere. My husband said he was there for his friend but honestly who knows. She’s known for being a whore. I was told by several different sources that he was going to divorce me, for her and that she was getting MY car that I paid for and they were getting custody of MY kids that I take care of. My husband, of course denied it all. He said she was a psychotic wh*re and that she was just obsessed with him and that she wanted all of what we had. Just a couple of months ago, I saw her at a store and when she noticed me, she took or running! She was also pregnant with her 4th child at the time that I heard ended up being taken away because she was doing drugs while pregnant. Anyways, she is more than just a home wrecker. She is a pathological liar, a drug attic, and a piece of crap mother.

Cheaters Michigan

Jamie Lynn Lineberry Creger — Higgins Lake, Michigan

1st and foremost, Jamie Creger lied to her ex-husband for 2 years while they were married about going behind his back with another married, but seperated, man. As if that makes it any better. Her ex husband divorced her and not even one month later she had a “new” boyfriend and was pregnant 2 weeks after her divorce. The boyfriend is a known pedophile and likes talking to 14 year old girls. She lies to everyone about everything. She quit her job to try and get more child support so she can stay home with her new baby. She goes to her ex’s girlfriends house screaming and cussing like a crazy person in front of her own children. She lies and makes fun of her ex’s girlfriend in front of and with her children. She is nothing but an adult bully! As soon as she thinks you have money she will try to move on from the last.

Cheaters South Carolina

Kristin Saunders (Rawl-Edwards) — Pelion, South Carolina

This female Kristin Saunders is one of the ones to steer clear of in South Carolina. Claiming to be married to a man in the Navy, who is stationed in Virginia, Kristin has found a lot of time to sleep around with various men while trying to play single. While talking to her, I found out that she was screwing her male “roommate,” while still trying to score money and dates out of myself and several other men. She will definitely send nudes to anyone she thinks will pay for her next meal. Upon further inspection of the girl I found that she has this obsession with stalking people and can’t stop talking about her past relationships. If you catch too much of her attention before you realize how crazy she is then she will stalk you too. Shes pretty obsessive and should probably see a therapist. The picture posted with this is one where she is wearing her ex-boyfriend’s (from when she was 15) hoodie that she still owns. She wears it often and even wore it on our “dates”

Cheaters Wisconsin

Jeni Kitelinger – Monroe, Wisconsin

This is a juicy one. Jeni Kitelinger is a 35 year old single mom of 3 and she’s not just any town S***. She’s known for sleeping around with minors of both sexes. It’s not like I had any idea about how she is until she and I were together for some time. We met online (go figure). My first clue was seeing her house for the first time. Jeez what a horder!! As a good guy, I cleaned the house as best as I could (if only to make it liveable for myself while I spent a couple nights). If I had the money to change my flight, believe me, I’d have left that night!! Yes, my dumb a** cared about her very much. Then came the a disturbing message telling me that she wants a threesome. She and I did alot of role playing on our relationship, although I didn’t know until towards the end that she’s one of those diaper loving people, but the real disturbing part is that she wanted a threesome with a local minor. I’m sure she cheated multiple times while I was away. I got to know some people that know her in town who told me I dodged a bullet when I dumped her. It’s my hope that this will prevent anyone else from wasting their time on her and hopefully this will save her kids from that house.

Cheaters Tennessee

Samantha Mooney — Johnson City, Tennessee

This girl Samantha Mooney uses men to pay her bills. Beware cuz she gets pregnant and tells people that is their kid she’s had six abortions already a murderer if you ask me. You may be the next victim.

Cheaters North Carolina

Erica Locklear — Benson, North Carolina

Erica Brittany Locklear is from Benson NC which is in Johnston Co. they have a large meth epidemic. Erica is a straight up skank azz junkie!! Homeless and doesn’t have custody of her daughter. She couch hops & D*@$ hops!! Christmas night 2017, she left with my friends husband & they stayed high all night on meth and heroin….He is out on his rear end but Erica will sleep with a dog if its got some METH to smoke & Heroin……Johnston Co. beware of this skank nasty jazz [email protected] hopper!! She will sleep with your man to feed her addiction!!!

Cheaters Shanicee Webb

Shanicee Webb — Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

This home wrecker worked with my man and would beg him to suck his d all the time. At a time he and I were going through some issues she brought her begging ass in his station every time she heard us arguing saying these words to be exact: “Please dont go home mad just let me suck your d*** please”. Let me pleasure you take the tension off.” If you leave your wife i’ll sleep with you and another woman quarterly.” He would tell her he was cool and at times she would back off but the more she seen us go through it the more she would BEG . Ever wanted something you cant have. We did a swim party for our kids she turned and did the same right behind us . this girl is obssesed with my family and tried to do everything to distroy my family . she played on my phone when he would try to leave her alone to blackmail him also saying that she would tell me if he wouldn’t call her . we was on a trip for Valentines and she called mad telling him how wrong he was to be with me mind you we been together 19 years he sleeps with me every night and with me daily he works 2 days a week and thats when she would be in his face he has never been in her home on a date nothing not even share a bag of chips no drinking together nothing just head and sex and she found it ok to contact us on Valentines Day as if she had a position she made sure i found out while we was on our trip enjoying ourselves . But its crazy because we are always on trips together just went to the BET AWARDS why are you on this mans phone ??

Cheaters Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly — Brighton, Colorado

Lisa Kelly left her family and leads her ex on relentlessly. She is a liar and has worked with her coward boyfriend to destroy this man’s life. It is rumored she even had sexual contact with students that had gone on to college and returned. Her boyfriend Richard kent, also on this site, moonlights at glory holes around Denver. Frequent posts on casual encounters and multiple STD related.  Call JFK high school and let them know you don’t approve of this tramp…

Cheaters Lorraina Perez

Lorraina Perez — Freeport, Illinois

Married women BEWARE of this one… Lorraina Perez is on the “skout” app and is supposedly married herself. She spent the last 4 months talking to my husband and swapping pics literally all day every day. She started her bullsh*t at 6am (he goes to work at 7am) and then continued ALL day through the evening. SHE KNEW HE WAS MARRIED. She didn’t give a sh*t about what she was doing. I have the phone records to prove she was contacting him at an insane amount.