Cheaters Michelle Westerdale

Michelle Westerdale — Moline, Illinois

Michelle Westerdale, mother of 3 tries and fails to start affairs with married men. She mistakes the kindness of others for romantic interest. She was caught naked at a neighbor’s house with the neighbor’s husband the day after Christmas several years ago. The husband was completely intoxicated and claims he has no recollection. Michelle pretended to be neighborly and bring beer over to the married neighbor while his wife was at work. The neighbor has since moved and I believe their marriage has dissolved. The husband wanted nothing to do with Michelle and was so regretful and embarrassed he left the state for another job. She has two failed marriages of her own, two foreclosures, and more problems than any reasonable man would want to take on. She has a master’s degree in counseling (which thankfully she doesn’t use) and masquerades as a Christian. When confronted, she cowers, swears, insults, and pretends to be the victim. She is anything but an upstanding Christian citizen. She is currently working as a Norwex consultant in Moline, IL. Please don’t be fooled. This woman is not to be trusted with your friendship, your business, or your husband. Michelle also may go by Michelle Bailey or Michelle Woods.

Arizona Janelle Zebas

Janelle Zebas — Tuscon, Arizona

Janelle Zebas tries to be a Home Wrecker! For 18 years she’s been calling and texting trying to get him but… He’s mine… he sleeps with me every night, he makes love to me, he whispers in my ear, he brings me my coffee, he drinks with me, he dances with me, he kisses me hello and goodbye, he loves his family and keeps us safe. You tried to tear us apart and DIDN’T succeed you are an after thought. You are nothing and will never have him. I will always see to that as long as I’m alive.  I am his wife, lover and best friend. You are wicked evil and karma will decide your fate. Go find a man who is not married. You deserve to be exposed.

Cheaters South Carolina

Kimberly Henderson — Sumter, South Carolina

This woman Kimberly Henderson has 5 kids with four different men, two of which are in the military. The two military men she slept with both had wives and families of their own… Kim almost destroyed their marriages but luckily she didn’t. She also was sleeping around with two other military men as well, one who married and the other one had a serious girlfriend at the time. This woman is nothing but a homewrecker and she will do anything she can to get what she wants. Her youngest child’s father was also married when she started sleeping with him. Kimberly is also a singer, and she tries to play it off like she’s a saint and doesn’t do anything “bad”. My husband is one of the men she did this to and it nearly destroyed us… she also takes pleasure in confronting the wives and bragging about how she slept with their man. This woman needs a wake up call!

Brandon Toliver Texas

Brandon Toliver — Belton, Texas

Brandon Toliver was in the military and had sexually assaulted a married woman in her hotel room. The woman had been drinking and was reported to black out. You can’t give consent while intoxicated. This occurred after a party in Jacksonville, Florida during a work related event coming from a different state. According to reports he said they’ve had multiple affairs spanning months that can’t be validated. Reports show that multiple witnesses saw the victim drinking. Which Brandon lied about when first confronted about alcohol use, he reported the victim was sober. His story changed later when military authorities got involved on and was still allowed to leave the military untouched even when it was determined that alcohol was a factor and involved. Reports from external investigators show that the military screwed up the investigation and allowed the predator to leave the service.

He also had an affair with Yanet Garcia and another red headed woman from his workplace. He is married to Tiffany Toliver and have two children and live in Belton or Palestine, Texas. She isn’t aware of these affairs. Stay away from this predator. According to Florida law, Does intoxication impact the victim’s ability to consent? Yes “mentally incapacitated” means temporarily incapable of appraising or controlling a person’s own conduct due to the influence of a narcotic, anesthetic, or intoxicating substance administered without his or her consent. Florida Statutes § 794.011. A person that is physically helpless may not be able to provide intelligent, knowing, and voluntary consent.

Brett Pierce Kibbey Florida

Brett Pierce Kibbey — Lakeland, Florida

Pierce Kibbey is a horrible man. The has been having an affair with his best friend’s wife, Silvia Abreu, for over a year. This man has an ego that is larger that he is. He is ex-Marine and has a very dishonorable personality. It is rumored that he married his wife a several years ago only so he could have access to her money and assets. Anyone who has been around Pierce and his wife, Lisa, know that their marriage is a façade. That give no excuse to run around on her, and especially with her best friend and his own best friend’s wife. Pierce and his ego are self-employed with a company he named PRACTICs. He is a fraud! He wants others to believe he is a faithful Christian, but he is far from it. Just in regards to his infidelity, he needs to read up on Leviticus 20:10. People have asked him to repent and confess to his wife. He refuses, but instead tells his wife his mistress Silvia stalks him and wants protection. Hah! Pierce and Silvia both need to face the music. Silvia’s husband had the smarts to leave her, but Pierce’s wife is remaining ignorant and naive.

Cheaters Tennessee

Richard Huntley Perry — Crossville, Tennessee

Found photos on my husband’s phone. This is one of the more tame ones. We were happily married over ten years before he first started cheating. I thought we moved past it, but this tramp in Florence Kentucky seduced my husband away from me. Her name is Cathy and she has no morals, scruples, remorse, or decency.

Anna (Danielle) Jarvis Indiana

Anna (Danielle) Jarvis — Palmyra, Indiana

She Started messaging my friends husband and father to her children and just doing the normal Home Wrecking stuff Home Wreckers do… the husband ended up Kicking his wife and daughter out for a weekend for Anna Danielle (her name on Facebook). In the two dirty scumbags facebook messages he was going to kick his wife and child out on the weekends she came down from Columbus Indiana and they would have their fling but luckily the wife caught them, because she is smart and knew something was going on. So finally the divorce was filed and finalised. This girl ruined a family and the daughter was put into the fathers custody because the wife fought the husband the night she caught them. Now this dirty home wrecker was trying to get the daughter to call her mommy. So all in all she is just down right awful and I wanted to warn others of this dirty skank!! Added is pictures of her, her and the husband and her and the daughter! BE AWARE AND ON THE LOOK OUT, YOUR HUSBAND COULD BE NEXT!!

Cheaters Yajaira Gordon Alverez

Yajaira Gordon Alverez — Wheeling, Illinois

Yajaira Gordon decided to whore around with a married man that had children. They were together for over 7 years fornicating. The Home wrecker claimed she didn’t know anything about his wife. My friend was clueless. She convinced him to marry her after the divorce, despite kids having seen their porn videos they recorded. She was cheating on her baby daddy too. Once both them cheaters married they went back to their wh*rish ways and cheated on each other! She was having sex with him while carrying another man’s child. What a puta.

Cheaters Missouri

Laurie Mallory — Everton, Missouri

Laurie Mallory is all good when in a relationship… but when she’s not… it doesn’t matter if you’re single or married. If she thinks he’s hot and she’s horny and at the local Everton bar… she will take him home or out to the parking lot. She took a married man younger than her home Dec 2017 knowing he is married… now he stays with her since that night. Everyone likes Laurie Mallory so the locals keep hush hush if they know anything. She is 49 years of age. short..nice butt.. and what appears to be a very nice large boobs. She’s all about not cheating and people lying…however she is aiding in the cheating of husbands..

Canada Karen Lacunes

Karen Lacunes — Victoria, Canada

Beware of this woman Karen Lacunes! She will send nudes and beg your man to come see her. She is fully aware they have a partner but she doesn’t care. Screwed around with my ex, half her age!