Cheaters Florida

Elisabeth (Lisa) Nick — Lakeland, Florida

Elisabeth (Lisa) Nick screwed her 23 year old Doms’ best friend, she screwed her 17 year old step son. When her boyfriend found out she took their daughter to a hotel so she could have sex with a homosexual, just so she’d could get some drugs off of him. Now that her boyfriend left her 3 years ago she constantly calls him knowing he recently got married. She’ll go to where he’s at and crawl in his truck to… you know… When she drinks she tells everyone how she’s gonna destroy his marriage and she’s gonna force her ex to make her first no matter what it is. Sad thing is she’s using their daughter to destroy this persons life, God knows what diseases she’s carrying around !! Is 44 and looks like she’s 75

Cheaters Tennessee

Sammie Anderson — Clarksville, Tennessee

Relationships are for two people but Sammie Anderson doesn’t know how to count. She decided to work her way in to a relationship with 3 kids and 1 one the way. Then when getting called out, she blocked the wife like a coward. Bottom line… she knew he was married and knew about his family.

California Connie(Consuelo)Avalos Linville

Connie(Consuelo)Avalos Linville — Santa Clarita, California

This girl “Connie” real name Consuelo Avalos, now Connie Avalos Linville because she seduced a married man named Bob Linville to divorce his wife in order to marry her. Connie Avalos works for Ralph’s and she had sex with 30 diffrent employees and did many sexual advances for crooked Ralphs managers to be a successful supervisor at Ralph’s. Connie also had sex with dozens of gangmembers from the 18st gang and she has done sexual favors for gangsters to have people she doesn’t like hurt, killed or intimidated. Connie’s family is all like this and they gangstalk people and they will continue to get away with it the more people are unaware. Connie Avalos has no sex morals and her father Ramiro are all demented manipulating losers. Be aware of connie and her coward miserable accomplices.

Cheaters Erika S

“Erika S.” — Collbran, Colorado

This chick Erika S. tried to steal my husband. She’s and her husband are our neighbors… yes that’s right she is married, and our husbands are friends. She somehow got my husbands number. Tried to convince him to leave me blowing up his phone until he would answer. She has a step-son a daughter and is 6 months pregnant!! Jokes on you, he ain’t leaving me and our daughter.

Cheaters Tiffany Amber Addison Lewis

Tiffany Amber Addison Lewis — Wooster, Ohio

Hello. My name is Tiffany Amber Addison Lewis. I also have several other names I go by. Tiffany Lewis, Amber, Tiffany Addison, Tiffany Amber Addison or Lewis. I was born November 24 1977. I am a horrible person. My whole life has been spent hurting everyone around me. I have little education but will pretend I’m a deep thinker. I have spent most my life prostituting myself on backpage, erotic monkey, a sexy service and every other prostitution/ body rub site on the internet. I’ve ruined families, slept with men for money… stolen… done drugs, and for the life of me I can’t stop lying about exactly how I make my money. I pretend to have real businesses while robbing people blind. I am a mother of 2 children. 2 children I didn’t raise. I never even paid child support. I was too busy screwing married men for money… and using old men to finance my drug habit. I could of been a decent mom… but I wanted fake tits… and Botox. I know this is vain… but as a working girl, I have to try and keep up appearances. I couldn’t waste my money on raising them. I’m a selfish piece of sh#t that only thinks about myself. My criminal record is a mile long… and so are all the addresses I have had in Ohio. I am a waste of life. Karma is a bitch… my time is coming. Photoshop can only do so much and time isn’t good to anyone who lives my deceitful and disgusting life style. Im going to die alone wishing I was a decent person. I have no conscious. Most psychopaths don’t. I bitch and complain about our corrupt government… yet I’m part of the problem. I am corrupt. I add nothing to society. I support drugs, prostitution… and the stripping of morals in America. I sell my used up p***y and in turn support child trafficking… drug trafficking and anything else that is against the law. I will sleep with any man who has the cash. I am a true home wrecker.

Cheaters Laura Lamb

Laura Lamb — Griffin, Georgia

Laura Lamb is a female (wouldn’t call her a woman cause she’s far from that) who chooses to meet men and have children with them. In fact she’s done it on 4 occasions. She’s pitiful and a sorry excuse for a woman.

Ashleigh Hannah Louisiana

Ashleigh Hannah — Denham Springs, Louisiana

Ladies and gentlemen, slores and pervs, for your viewing pleasure we present Ashleigh Hannah. Don’t let this saucy little tart’s innocent and homely looks fool you. Underneath that bland and unattractive exterior lies the heart of a true HOMEWRECKER, a tramp with no morals or conscience. This pale snake not only enticed my friends husband but she did it and after babysitting their small children in their family home. It seems that nothing may be off limits as she foolishly toyed with the thought that a man over twice her age would give up a home, life and children to be with someone with ZERO moral character simply because she provided him with tasteless naked pictures of herself and some vadge. It was only after she decided to devote her well used labia to unholy matrimony that she came clean about her demented endeavors. Folks watch out for this one… she is young but a rookie to the game she is not. This is no common floozy so cling tightly to your husbands when she is around and for the love of everything sacred, do not let her near your children.

Cheaters Ohio

Erica Cunningham — Grove City, Ohio

So this work friendship crossed boundaries. Erica Cunningham is in HR and abused info given to her to further her pursuit of my man. Numerous times she was told to back off and leave him be. She didn’t seem to care for her husband who she goes home to every single night. Nor did she care for the children involved, hers or mine. His and her constant pursuit of eachother ripped my family apart. My children no longer have their father and what used to be my home I’ve had to leave. She is the lowest of the low. Such a sorry excuse and all here lies. She told me she would leave him alone and that she was going to transfer out of her position so that my spouse and I could rebuild… she did none of that. She even thought to give my spouse an ultimatum that she would not be in his life if I am…. girl bye.

Cheaters Nevada

Matthew Cericola — Las Vegas, Nevada

This piece of sh#t Matthew Cericola cheated on me with his ex the entire time we were together and then tried to get me to leave my soulmate/current bf to marry him, I got tired of his shit and cut him off completely. Then he had the nerve to have his friend tell me how he is trying to kill himself because I “left” him… he also molested an 8 year old when he was 16 (another reason I stopped contact with him) I knew something was up cuz he wouldn’t tell this other girl (his ex Kayla) to stay out of our relationship, I shouldn’t have gotten with him in the first place.


Kelly Dangerfield — Goose Creek , South Carolina

My ex-boyfriend Kelly Dangerfield cheated on me with some slack that works at Bojangles in North Charleston. He met this chick online. He sent me a break-up text while my father was in the hospital dying. We had been together for 11 years. I hate him. Clearly…