Cheaters Texas

Nancy Hernandez (Prieto) — Lubbock, Texas

Nancy Hernandez (Prieto) pretended like she wanted to get to know me and become my friend because I had once taken care of her son when he was sick as a patient in my hospital. It turns out the only thing she was worried about getting to know was my husband. She pretended like she was a friend and weaseled her way into my life. She started off sending texts and pictures to his phone which she got his number from a mutual friend. It escalated into up at his work when she knew I had left. This woman could care less about her children, and ditches them any chance she gets if he gives her a chance to get with another man. Literally the only thing she’s worried about is finding the next person to pay her bills. She has numerous CPS cases because of the poor condition of her children.

Adam Asbill South Carolina

Adam Asbill — Lexington, South Carolina

This is my ex Adam Asbill, he has cheated on every girl he has been with. He will beg you to get pregnant with his child, swears he wants a marriage with you, but fails to tell anyone that he is still married and refuses to get a divorce from his last wife. He has children with multiple women that he does not help take care of and rarely sees. He is a true charmer and knows how to lay it on thick and make you believe everything that he is telling you. He uses women for anything he can get off of them money, housing and etc. He is a very narcissistic person so ladies just be warned. Also just another fair warning the picture with the girl in it was also is also a homewrecker her name is Amanda Corder.

Cheaters Florida

Crystal Brooke Patterson — Christmas, Florida

This disgusting person Crystal Brooke Patterson worked with my husband. They started an affair when our second daughter was 3 months old. She knew he was married. Let me remind you this post is not about my husband so I am in no way taking any blame from him but with that being said, it takes 2 and she was fully aware he was married. She was and is dating someone who was married when she first met him and he left his wife for her so this isn’t her first rodeo. So she cheated on her boyfriend who left his wife with another married man. Then when my husband decided to come clean about everything, she was so angry that she decided to call me and tell me “yeah i slept with your husband, go blow your head off.” What a jealous piece of work she is. She would also put her son who I believe was about 7 years old maybe even 6, to bed early so my husband could come over to her house. So not only is she a piece of sh$& person, but also a piece of sh$& mother too. She sent me an anonymous Facebook message originally and that is how I found out there was something going on because she was so jealous and my husband was trying to end the affair. She still thinks to this day no one knows it was her but ok, and I know she sent it in hopes I would leave him. Now she can live her miserable loveless life in her trailer like the trash she is. She deserves everything that she gets because karma spares no one. My husband has taken complete and total responsibility for his actions while she continues to play the victim and deny what she’s done and I’m tired of it. She is a snake and needs to be exposed.

Cheaters Misty Lyn Cross

Misty Lyn Cross — Ft. Myers, Florida

Well where do I start? Not only is it physically impossible for Misty Lyn Cross to find her own man, she loves messaging mine. She lives off of social security and even tried to Facebook my husband inquiring about work… like who is really that stupid. My husband calls her the back up plan. He use her for money and a lawyer just two months ago. He conned her out of 925$ for a lawyer and even repeatedly told my husband she loves him. Who loves anyone after 2 weeks??? A psycho. Anyway after my husband repeatedly tells her to quit calling and we block her number she calls from random numbers. My husband got a new phone, hence how I found out again that she still is calling. Is he giving her a run for the money? I’m sure he is, but this social security, section 8 expiring, shi**y parent is one for the books. She lies about everything. My husband calls her LeAnn number 2 and doesn’t get the hint. Even caught a text message where she kept telling my husband she loved him and missed him. His friend even told me he doesn’t say anything back. Well backup plan, you’re a dirty HOMEWRECKER.

Amber Miller Missouri

Amber Miller — Mercer, Misssouri

A 4 year old and a 9 month old baby is who this girl Amber Miller betrayed. She knew me and she knew my kids. I checked on her daughter, sent a balloon and a bear, and hand delivered popsicles when her daughter had surgery. Our girls went to the same daycare and were best friends. I called and asked them to go trick or treating with us. Just to find out less than a month later she was sleeping with my husband. She apparently has no morals and deserve what ever karma she has coming. HOMEWRECKER is the nicest thing I can say about her. Her and my soon to be ex husband deserve each other and the pathetic life they may have together.

Cheaters Oklahoma

Chelsey Johnson — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This girl Chelsey Johnson has got with my husband two times in the 3 years we have been together. She is obsessed with my husband, and unfortunately I just lost my daughter a month ago and she had the nerve to message me and let me know what had been going on behind my back days after I got home from the hospital and was a total wreck. She sent me screenshots of their conversations and was very persistent about wanting me to leave him so she could have him! She has done nothing but caused my family problems at a time when we are supposed to be greiving the lose of our child. She is a nasty HOMEWRECKER with no self respect, so watch out women she is known for breaking up happy homes and she is proud of what she does! I’ve never meet anyone so disgusting in my life, and as for what she did… how could anyone want a man with a pregnant wife and children and how could anyone try to break up a home after someone has lost their child! She is the definition of a HOMEWRECKER!

Cheaters Jackie Mascarenas

Jackie Mascarenas — Thornton, Colorado

So where do I start. Jackie Mascarenas is the trash who wrecked my friends home. My beautiful friend was married to her high school sweet heart. Had a great marriage. He has a degree in criminal justice and worked for a time as a probation officer. While there he met this chick in the picture. They became friends, she and her first baby daddy would go on double dates with them, but something about her made my girl uncomfortable. He was asked not talk to her anymore. He stopped. Then he lost his job and she assumed he cut all communications with skeletor. As a wife my dear friend supported him financially while he studied for exams for a local police department. He made it went through the academy became a cop and things were great. Or so she thought. She found out that he had been leading a double life her as his wife and Jackie as his side chick. Jackie wasn’t one of those women who didn’t know the man was married. She knew damn well he was married seeing in how they used to double date. This fool would bring her to their home while she was away. In her bed, with her family pictures on the wall. Not to mention he had asked that my friends mother move in with them. So this trash would come into the home my poor friend shared with her husband and her mother. She had no shame or respect. He’s not innocent either but this isn’t a page for cheating husbands. It all hit the fan when he tried to break it off with Jackie and work things out with his wife. She went crazy and told her everything. How long they had been sneaking around, sending pictures as evidence. It all came pouring out. My friend and her POS ex were married for 5 years according to this trash they had been sneaking around for 4. Rather than leave him my friend decided she would try to work it out with her husband not only because he begged her to stay but she did love him. It lasted maybe two more weeks and Jackie made my girls life a living hell. Texting her at odd hours of the night sending more pics, messaging him on different social media to get his attention. She had her friends request my girl on Instagram to try to spy. She would drive to their apartment and sit in her car for hours. This chick scared my friend to the point that she thought she would be murdered. So she left him and he went running back to the second best the trash. Two months after my friend left Jackie was pregnant. Keep in mind he was still legally married so she was pregnant by a married man. They now have a daughter and are engaged to be married and everyone thinks they are just the nicest people in the world who fell in love after his wife left him. They painted this beautiful picture of where their relationship started… but no one knows the truth. That she is a HOMEWRECKING piece of trash. She’s not as innocent or holy as she makes her self out to be. Now she’s the wife and now her side chick position has opened up. My friend is now the happiest she’s ever been with the most loving boyfriend and is way passed it, But someone needed to call this trash out so I did!!

Cheaters Texas

Meagan Beard — Lewisville, Texas

This piece of trash Meagan Beard is now on her third marriage, but when she was on her second marriage she was cheating on her husband (who by the way extremely handsome man fighting for our country) with mine. They both worked at Fidelity in Westlake and she would knowingly pursued him, send him naked pictures, asked him to come over late at night to fix things around her apartment. She knew we had two little boys and we where in a rough patch. I told her husband after I caught them he said my husband was not the first! We are divorced now and my boys are the ones who are suffering! I despise trash like this that call themselves women. A real woman would not have interfered in someone else’s relationship. I am on the other hand very happily divorced… just hate my holidays that are ruined alternating every other year!

Amber Nichole Wright Virginia

Amber Nichole Wright — Salem, Virginia

This woman Amber Nichole Wright, put her husband and father of her 2 year old daughter out of their home that he payed bills for by threatening to falsify a restraining order, so she could move her boyfriend Joshua Fulcher in the same week. All the while taunting and flaunting the extra marital affair in her husbands face. She then acted as if she wanted to reconcile with her husband spending time with him in the hopes that he would get his family back. He was spending money on taking her, taking her shopping, taking her to The Fair, and to expensive dinners. All this only to later say, when asked why she faked wanting to reconcile, “I’m a good manipulator.” She also in addition to the affair with Fulcher slept with Tim Harris in exchange for methamphetamine. Harris was formerly considered one of her husbands closest friends, she repeatedly tells her husband that she hasn’t done anything wrong and that he wasn’t giving her what she needed so she had to get it somewhere else. She has caused her husband severe separation anxiety from being takin away from his daughter. She says her daughter is too young to know what’s going on an that this wont have any long term affects on her. She thinks only of herself and no one else, she blames her husband for her having an affair when all he did was pay bills, be a loving father and husband, and try to get Amber to stop using drugs.

Cheaters Virginia

Christina Ogden — West Point, Virginia

This girl Christina Ogden and I were best friends. When I say that, I mean it. We did everything together. Shared everything with each other. When it came time for her sons birthday, she had no money so I paid for almost the entire party, presents, decorations, food, and all. My husband and I had been having problems, of mainly my making, no cheating just other personal stuff. I had Obviously shared all this stuff with her, she knew EVERYTHING. She also knew how much I loved him and how great of a man and father he was. She took it upon herself to not only sleep with him, but move all her nasty clothes in OUR home and try to live there!! She wanted what I had and tried desperately to get it. Then when she expected me to leave, which obviously wasn’t gonna happen, she quickly realized she had to go. She since has moved from where we live in Newark Valley, New York to Virginia (good place for her) and my husband and I are currently working things out, reconnecting, and getting to know each other again. While fully understanding that it is not all her fault, I still have NO desire for her to be anywhere near my family. She knew mine and my husbands relationship inside and out, and had she been a true friend, she would have stayed away. She’s a liar, manipulator, user, and a HOMEWRECKER.