Cheaters United Kingdom

Tracy Glenn — London, United Kingdom

My husband is disabled. He suffers from an illness that inhibites his every day life. He will never work again. This often makes him feel emasculated. Over the past few years we have had major problems with our teenaged son. It has affected every day life for us. I became very focused on getting my son the help hes needed. My husband felt that i no longer heard him. He started talking to Tracy. She was his first girlfriend. At first it was onky catching up. But as time went on he started talking about our problems with our son. He told her he loved me but no longer felt i was there for him anymore. That i did not hear him. Everything he said i wasnt giving him she started to give him. I talked to her after finding out. She said he told her i was kind, smart, beautiful, strong. Yet she pushed him to cheat. I asked her why. She still has not answered me. Things progressed. It started with phone calls and dirty texting. Then one weekend i had to go away for our daughters competitive sporting event. I knew something was up. He made arrangements for our youngest son to spend the night at his mothers and told me he was sleeping at his brothers.

In 14 years my husband has never done this. I did not know at the time that he was talking to tracy and engaging in an affair. But I confronted him about it anyway. He denied this and said i was being paranoid. We had been fighting all week. The saturday was our 14th year anniversary. I called him while on our way and told him i didnt want to fight. That i loved him and that it was our anniversary and i just wanted to remind him of what he had. He said he loved me too then gave me some bullshit story about his phone not working and needing to shut it off. The next day i got home. He hugged me and said he loved me and that we would talk. The monday after I was out and got a facebook message from her daughter asking if i knew where my husband was saturday night.. She wouldnt say more than that. I called my brother in law and he ignored me. I called his wife and she said he was at their house and played games all night. I told my husband and the first thing he did was message her to tell her. There was a lot of talk over the week and no truth. Finally i opened his phone and the gps i set up the day before i left due to my suspicions. And there it was. He had spent the night with her. On our 14th year anniversary. At a hotel. I went through his phone further and found his phone carried conversation memory. I found out every detail. Through talking to him and her both he couldnt follow through and sleep with her. The affair was initiated by her.

She wanted him to leave me. He ended it at the hotel. She paid for the room. She set it all up. But she didnt get it. He told her it was all a mistake and that he loved me and couldnt do it. But she still left her husband. She moved in to her fathers and a few days laters asked him to leave me and move in with her. He blocked her after that. I found out later from her husband that after she left my husband that she slept with another man. My brother in law drove him to the hotel and picked him up. His wife covered for him and lied to me. His mother encouraged him to do it. I can never forgive any of them. My husband and i are in therapy. I dont know if i can get past it but i feel its worth a try. I dont know if i can ever trust him again. I want to destroy tracy. I hate her. Shes a lying cheating disgusting slut. Her husband wont take her back and i worry she will try to creep in to my life again and manipulate my husband again. I know he is to blame too. But she purposely started giving him what he lacked and talked him in to this. Ive read the messages i talked to her. He played a part but this is mostly on her. I hope she suffers. I hope everyone finds out what shes done. I hope karma destroys her.

Cheaters Texas

Krystal Havner — Killeen, Texas

This woman worked with an ex friend of mines Man by the name of YungT. Not only was she sleeping with the supervisor (who is also in a long term relationship ) and some of the other employees, but was working on getting to this man who was engaged to be married. He blocked his woman from viewing his snapchat and I kept noticing a woman in his post from the hotels they were staying at when he works. My man worked for the company at the time as well. So I told my friend to keep an eye out. Days after the snapchat post I saw My friend said she left her house to take care of their newly born son (by Yt) and returned to find this woman in her house. My friend went off and beat the girl up and threw them out of their home. To my knowledge the couple hasn’t spoken since and aren’t going to continue with the wedding. Ladies beware.

California Sherrell Gardner

Sherrell Gardner — Oakland, California

My bf and I took a break from our rocky relationship, but little did I know, he was already talking to this woman who tried her hardest to convince him to leave me. We have two kids together and had been living under the same roof for 3 yrs. Sherrell took advantage of my bf’s situation and he let her. I caught him trying to sneak out late at night coz she was coming to pick him up. Then they went out to dinner at our go to Japanese restaurant. My bf even lied about working OT when they actually went to the movies. I tell you, how can you claim to be in love with each other? The guy just broke up with 3 yr relationship and this slut told him she wants to marry him??? When Sherrell spread out his personal problems, he cut her off and confessed to me that it was his plan all along to get me realize how easy I could lose him if I didn’t take care of the relationship like he did when we started dating. Now we’re back together, moved out of state and have been happier together. But ladies, be careful when you introduce your significant others to this woman. If she’s interested, she’ll shamelessly wreck your relationship.

Cheaters Jiorjia Peppers

Jiorjia Peppers — High Falls, Gerogia

Will have sex with anything that has something hanging between their legs. Sleeps with married men twice her age. Has the audacity to come around their wife and children smiling in their face like she’s not the most vile disgusting human being there is. Also lies about being pregnant at least twice a month. If you see your man hanging out with this skank, just go ahead and break up with him.

Brittany Montoya Nevada

Brittany Montoya — Ely, Nevada

This, is a real life, genuine homewrecker. She has no regards for who she hurts or how she hurts them to get what she wants. We went to school together, so it was no surprise to hear she had wiggled her way to the top of the wh*re- chain and ruined a marriage. Good luck, Brittany, you sure picked a winner, if he’s willing to leave his wife and 2 daughter’s, what says he won’t leave you? You’ll get what you deserve.

California Sherrell Gardner Blake

Sherrell Gardner Blake — Oakland, California

Shameless piece of garbage who is a two-faced church goer and an easy sl*t with no morals who will take guys as soon as they showed interest in her. Knowing that my partner and I have kids together, she had no problem bragging that she’s the one my partner should be spending the rest of his life with. While she fully took advantage of a situation where she never a stood chance to begin with, I dont fully blame her because my partner actually opened the door and let her in. She had the audacity to come to my house and showed up just to get some!!! She sent naked pictures of herself, texted my bf 24/7, and pretended I’m the bad girl at work. She manipulated my bf’s vulnerable situation and thought she’d score with him. When my bf stopped talking to her, she was acting like she’s a victim and that it was my fault she couldn’t bag him. She claimed she was in love with him.  For a single mother, it was her way of setting an example to her daugher. That it was ok to destroy a family for her own selfish benefits. It takes two to commit infidelity, but she took the grand prize for being a homewrecker!!

Cheaters Jo Ann Guill

Jo Ann Guill — Niles, Illinois

My ex covering the training course of 40 years, was wed to 3 various lady with several “special” partnerships between. Throughout this 40 years, as well as lots of partnerships, he continued an event with this serial residence wrecker. The fat slut, while investing those exact same 40 years entailed with the ex lover, had an additional long-term event with an additional family man and also would certainly inform my ex lover all the intimate information throughout their regular sexcapades.

I have lots of concerns:

Did you ever before ask yourself why he never ever asked you to wed or cope with him (also throughout his “totally free” years)? Did you ever before question why he never ever took you to supper or on a day and also never ever as soon as invested the evening?
Did you ever before question just how your activities impacted the numerous youngsters of these wed males?
Exactly how did you really feel when you were welcomed, as a visitor, to the houses of these males by their innocent better halves. Did you really feel guilty when you were offered a much required task by the partner of among these guys, as well as did you recognize exactly how difficult she battled to obtain you increases over the argument of her managers?
Did you really feel one little regret when the partner attempted yet once more to obtain you worked with after you had run out benefit a long time?
When you pass away, will you be leaving the globe a much better location or simply loaded with even more discomfort?
Would certainly your mommy take pride in you? Are you pleased with you?
Well the bright side is he is complimentary once more as well as you could have him. Because you are both old sufficient for the elderly price cut, I would certainly recommend you get him up prior to it’s far too late for either of you.

Addie Bullin North Carolina

Addie Bullin — Jacksonville, North Carolina

Ladies and gents be careful… she gets around… alot! This snapchat filtered w**** gets off on pursuing married men and co-workers! How pathetic and lonely her life must be in order to chase someone’s husband and literally throw herself at him. Maybe she’s used to that kind of trashy lifestyle though considering she has 2 KIDS by 2 different men, She needs anti-depressants to function, got herself thrown out of the Navy ,follows the husband and his family around town, blows all her money on changing her color of her hair and nails, which she has no MONEY all while getting her mother and baby daddies to pay her bills that she’s behind on…lol. He obviously was scraping the bottom of the bucket. Can we say downgrade? Not only does she not know how to adult, but she also doesn’t know the difference between a single man and a married man. God will not send you someone else’s husband! She liked to manipulate him to believe he has such a terrible marriage and blew things up to make him feel miserable with the wife just so she can get a little attention. She was clearly jealous that the wife had something she would never be able to have for herself. Probably assumed he would support her a$$ while she laid around in bed all day being depressed. The hilarious part is she thought he would actually leave his wife and believed he loved HER and that THEY would be a happy little family one day. She was played and used like the empty shell of a human that she is! She will reap what she has sown tenfold, that’s for sure!

Cheaters Nevada

Jody (Linkous) Jensen — Las Vegas, Nevada

Jody’s behavior towards my family was once as a principled LDS mother, friend and middle school science teacher, but can’t be bothered to atone for the pain she caused my family. She had an affair with another teachers husband for the better part of a decade. How she handled the exit was deplorable, causing great pain and anguish to so many people she lied to behind their backs. She frequently posted publicly about her “lover” on forums such as City Data and IDMF, this is common knowledge on the internet. Shes a stalker: She created alt accounts when the affair was terminated many times over the years, but no action by her affair partner was taken on this intrusion. She was given the opportunity to make amends and atone for her behavior with me and my family, but she made a choice not to. Be careful with her wayward, wandering ways (her IDMF tag is fittingly “wanderer”) Before you make muse-ic with a hamartia like her. You might want to consider how confused she has behaved in the past. She never kept her promises to anyone who cared about her, never could be bothered to apologize for what she did. She hurts people with no regard for anyone’s feelings.

Cheaters Jennifer Grace (Henning) Smith

Jennifer Grace (Henning) Smith — Cherry Valley, Illinois

This is Jenn, or Jenny Smith. This married woman/mother moved in on a vulnerability in my marriage. Granted- my husband cheated with her. It WAS his fault for cheating, but after we had decided to work out our 20+ year marriage this tramp kept persuing him. I was ok with letting karma catch up with her, but she would not leave the issue alone! After being told to bugger off repeatedly by both of us, she took it upon herself to continuously text, call and physically show up over the next bunch of weeks. She would text him with secret symbols and anytime she stirred up problems she’d find him at work and ask if we had broken up yet. Waves, looks, hand signals from across the distances when she though no one was looking. She took it upon herself to text me with all the affair details in an effort to tell on my hubby. She claimed she had come clean to her own hubby… Boy was Bobby surprised to find out what he already knew!! Watch out…. this little girl (only little in maturity) will go to great lengths to get what she wants. She even told her step daughter all about the affair (of course before her hubby knew- classy)!! And to think, on her FB page she talks about how proud she is to be a role model to her daughters. Nice. She is so classy that she will just put the back down in her Trailblazer right there in Spencer Park in Belvidere IL and strip down naked to satisfy her urges (hey- who needs a hotel??). Watch out for this one- NO MORALS!!