Becky Fisher Nevada

Becky Fisher — Bass River, Nebraska

Had an affair with my husband. She knew he was married. They met when he went into the adult toy store where she works to me a Valentines Gift. Store is called Pleasures and Treasures in Truro. She said it wasn’t her job to keep my husband from cheating. What a skank.

Cheaters Jairo Florrd

Jairo Florrd — Waukegan, Illanois

Please give a round of applause to Jairo Flores and Karla Carlos, see Jairo is a manipulative liar. He cheated on his wife Karla for years and he got caught up and now wants to act like the victim… Homewrecker is your be loved husband if he never went out acting like a single man knowing he has a wife and kids at home then nothing would of ever happened. The thing is Karla is so blind and believes everthing he says when in reality he is the opposite of what he shows her LOL but then again how would other knows whats going on at home… Karla is mad at HER when it’s his fault well she just knows about ONE only. Now they both want to act like they are a perfcet family when he’s still doing the same shit… how can someone that claims to love you talk GABAGE about his significant other about how you are an UGLY, LAZY, NO GOALS, NOTHING, how lazy you were to clean up after your kid, how you didn’t meet his standers and he wants a perfect wife when he isn’t even a faithful hubby. Let’s not forget how he expressed about you being wild and going to bars and how he only stayed cause you ended up pregnant. That is what he would always say at work and believe it or not I got people that can back up these facts… Karla keep trying to convience others your marriage is perfcet because Jairo clearly doesn’t change youre number but HE still CALLS so who really disrespected you JARIO. Please watch out with this loser and the clown of a wife that will blame others except the main one :))))

California Jamie Morrow

Jamie Morrow — Ceres, California

This Scandalous HomeWrecker in Ceres needs to be well known for her vicious ways. She gets high on Meth in front of her 4 kids. Not only that but she’s been communicating with my husband for a few weeks now. And she has no shame in her game. She also meet up with him at a hotel and the lowest one of all California Inn on 9th Street, she will do anything to get laid .

Cheaters Texas

Elizabeth Moore — Watauga, Texas

This midget only goes for married men or men in a relationship already. She tries to work her way in by telling lies and when given half a chance she will steal everything you own for dope and pawn your wedding ring she stole from you. In the end the real woman will or has won. So, she simply moves along to get next potential victim.

Cheaters Missouri

Kylee Edwards — Flemington, Missouri

This woman plotted to friend me just to sleep with my husband. Told all kinds of lies about her own mother to make me feel sorry for her. So like a dumbass I offered a room in my home. She destroyed my marriage, and my children’s happiness. Then when he wouldn’t leave me she burned down our home.

Cheaters Maryland

Deneen Carter — Ellicott City, Maryland

My friend is too embarrased to speak out, but I dont care. These woman need to be put on blast and exposed destroying relationships. She has been married for a very long time and found out her husband had a 3 yr relationship with this woman who also had a baby with him while they are still married. The kid is 3 or 4 now. This is unfortunate but she knew he was married but did not care. Now your little dirty secret aired out. I hope you get what you deserve for hurting other people’s family for your pleasure. I told my friend to leave his sorry ass for this, but she decided to stay. Keep her away from your man. This sucks!!

Cheaters Nicole Johnson-Smith

Nicole Johnson-Smith — Larwill, Indiana

I have been with My Husband for 10 years, we had our ups and downs like any relationship. My husband worked construction building houses on the lake, when he met Nicole’s husband. He worked on their house for about a year, never knowing that my husband and his wife were having an affair. She claims to be such a Christian and be the right type of lady, but what kind of lady sleeps with someone else’s man. She not only destroyed my life but her children’s also, I feel sorry for her. By no means is my husband in the right for this and he still deals with it after all these years. The way I found out was she decided to put a note on my car, telling me about the affair since my husband had cut all ties with her. Her husband had found text messages on her phone between the two of them, well needless to say I did not find out until after two months when the affair was over. The thought of this woman disgusts me, she’s a week, sorry excuse for a woman, insecure, lying, deceiver.

California Melissa Kremer

Melissa Kremer — Del Mar, California

My husband and I are trying to spend family time together with our daughter. We are getting divorced but want to be a family unit still! This means the usual hand holding, kissing, sleeping in the same bed….and yes, being intimate! This disrespectful HomeWrecker won’t leave him alone! She’s the reason we didn’t have a Chance to fix our marriage and work things out!

Angie West Virginia

Angie — Sandston/Chesterfield, Virginia

Where should we start with this hood rat homewrecker??? First found out she was texting / sexting my boyfriend when I was pregnant with our son.  We have been together a total of 4 years. He was looking to buy a dog. He went to different vets looking to see if they had any puppies and she gave him her number!? WTF why would you go out of your way to do that? Well then he found one on Craigslist and started taking the dog to a vet just up the road from our house in sandston. Every time I found more messages in his phone from her he would say it’s a friend I’ve never touched her she gives me free shots for the dog. Always on his phone smiling texting her in the same room with me… he worked on bridges so always on the road working “late” or “out of town” when I was 7 months pregnant I was asked to leave and move back with my mom because all we did was argue. He even FAKE CRIED! Of course he stopped talking to me and started having her over more and being with her our son who was two months old. I moved in with him to find a text message on his phone saying thanks for letting me come over last night. I asked why he went there he said to tell her he was done like WTF!! But yet she texted him the next day calling him baby A YEAR THEY WERE SCREWING AROUND!! Then we got married and separated 2 DAYS AFTER WE SEPARATED HE WAS BACK WITH HER. Then when I tell her boss about her nasty doing I find out I’m not the only wife that has called up there and also she calls me saying that I was never good enough for him that’s why he was over at her house staying there, sleeping with her and that if I ever contact her anymore she’s calling the police for harassment, but yet kept telling me she would come after me? The way she talks is SO TRASHY SHE LOOKS TRASH. She can’t keep her *****  in her pants. She loves sleeping with people husbands/boyfriends. Watch out the next time your spouse takes their animal to the vet in Sandston alone she will end up being someone else’s homewrecker.  Also she’s on POF and she’s always DTF.  She knew about me and still went on to sleep with my boyfriend/husband.

Cheaters Stephanie Morris

Stephanie Morris — Clinton, Missouri

Stephanie Morris lives in Clinton, Missouri. It is a small town so I’m sure this is not news to anyone that lives there. Stephanie frequently engages in having many relationships at one time. Many times she involves herself with married men knowing they are still married or men that are recently single and vulnerable to her mind games. She will intentionally seek out men who are mentally weak and tell them everything they want to hear, until she is no longer getting what she wants or gets bored with them, then she returns to her on again off again boyfriend until she finds her next victim. She frequently pawns her child off on others so she can go out to drink and party with her friends or sleep with her newest man toy. When her game is up she will try to flip the table and make you out to be the bad guy or herself the victim. Beware. She is a special kind of homewrecker.