Cheaters Kentucky

Cierra Barnes — Clay City, Kentucky

This low life 19 year old is probably the biggest wh*re in Kentucky.  She texts guys who are in committed relationships and asks them to come “f*ck her” and how badly she wants them to get her pregnant.  She messages their girlfriends, says ridiculous accusations such as “you’re boyfriend f*cks me in the parking lot”.  Sweetheart, your grammar is as bad as your teeth. Leave married and taken men alone and grow up.  She’s 19, don’t try playing with women who are 25.  If you’re in Powell county, watch your boyfriend. Her fat ass will more than likely try to attack him.

Cheaters Iowa

Danielle Patten Piercy — Des Moines, Iowa

So I see this is not the first post about this one. Can’t teach old dogs any new tricks. Disgusting the way she plays the pitiful me card. Poor hubby. We feel sorry for you Brian and what’s left of her children with various men. Always looking for something better.

Cheaters Ohio

Kelsey Cathcart — Sidney, Ohio

So I’ve dealt with this little Trollop for the course of six months now and she’s worse than a rash you can’t get rid of.. no cares at all about a 16 yr marriage.. no cares about three kids involved.. not a care in the world other than looking for other women’s husbands.. she spouts off all this Christian stuff and in the next second she’s all over a married man.. I’ve spoken with her and all I get is an “I don’t care” and quickly blocked.. she’s a plague that isn’t quitting.. she should be at home taking care of all her kids instead of looking for the next baby daddy.. this girl was a wh*re back in the day and now just a wh*re with laugh lines.. sad day when you can’t realize that some people are meant to be wives while others are just meant as side chics.. leave my husband alone and go back to messing with all the others you’ve had.. you look pathetic and to think she’s setting this example for her daughter.. sad knowing the cycle will probably continue.

Amanda Bledsoe King North Carolina

Amanda Bledsoe King — Winston Salem, North Carolina

This sl*t hides her under the username BlondGirl in, seems your hidden profile hasn’t done much for you then. Fake designer chic that ruins peoples lives, you got all the exposure you wanted now.

Cheaters New York

Michelle Archer — Bronx, New York

Now thats 1 thing I will never respect… a woman willingly knowing a man is married with children claiming she is no homewreker but insults my babies and myself. In my faith this is disgraceful. I even tried to be nice when she claimed to have a baby, should of known that was a lie. Who does that to a pregnant mother of 4? Well I’ve let her employers know the kinda being their dealing with. Not to mention she claims to have a man. I wonder if he would be ok with her sending another woman’s husband personal selfies. Dont worry Karma is definitely a comming it does not have to be from me …what goes around comes right back AROUND. God knows what you are up too and its not working, THE SAD THING IS THAT HE STILL IS MARRIED. What a coward and still cant face me… so crawl back to whatever rock you climbed out of.  Parasite; a being that feeds off of others. YOU HAVE A MAN OR SO YOU SAY… LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE !!!

Cheaters Texas

Laura Phillips Hardy — Lewisville, Texas

She met my husband while he was in prison. She was picking out baby names before he even got out then got pregnant not long after he got out “unplanned” then he broke up with her and got with me because she got what she wanted and didn’t want him until she found out about me then she was all about him. She used her daughter as a trophy and told him that he couldn’t see his daughter unless she had sex with him because if they would have went to court “he would have no rights for being on probation”.  She came to my wedding, she came to my baby shower, she came to my house for holidays because “she didn’t want to leave the child alone” and said it’s cause she wanted to “get along for the child” and she just wanted to get along so she could continue her affair with my husband. She also would call me everyday “just to chat” and call my husband to tell him that she misses him and would love for him to come down and tell me he’s at work while I had 4 surgery’s and couldn’t have sex she would call him and tell him she could offer it. SHES A WH*RE who LOVES married men!

Arizona Kristina Miller-Paskel

Kristina Miller-Paskel — San Tan Valley, Arizona

This women, Kristina Miller, destroyed the lives of  7 people.  It was a lifetime movie in the making. Picture this… an older couple buy a house together.  They move in with the women’s teenage daughter and get comfortable, they grow as a family.  Until one day the 20 something year old neighbor decides she is bored with her husband and wants some entertainment.  Knowing she has children and a husband she still decided to seduce the 50 some year old man who has a relationship as well . After having an affair that drove everyone in the situation crazy for almost 2 years it ended in tragedy.  During this time you could not even imagine the emotional turmoil everyone was subjected to.  The level of immaturity and lack of compassion that Esbon Paskel and Kristina Miller showed were evident in every action they took. Unfortunately for Mr. Miller’s family and his children the end result was death for Kristina’s husband. It ended in a standoff in which Esbon’s girlfriends daughter was almost shot, Esbon was injured and Mr. Miller took his own life. As if that was not enough the women that Esbon was in a relationship with forgave him and decided they could still live happily ever after because there was no way a man was going to continue a relationship that had such a tragic outcome.  The couple decided to try again and start fresh in a new state surrounded by new people.  They sold their house, moved to Arizona and after 2 months of rekindling their relationship he kicked her to the curb with no money or a way home.  Once the women and her teenage daughter were on their way back to Pennsylvania the man moved Kristina and her children to Arizona and married her. This all happened in a very short period of time and took everyone by surprise. How do people live with themselves knowing they were responsible for the death of a father of 4, someones son, a innocent man is dead because of the actions of two despicable human beings.  I hope that Karma catches up to them.  In my opinion they are going to do the same thing to each other, its just a matter of time, lets just hope it doesn’t end with anymore children suffering.

Cheaters Washington

Shirlene Marie Nickel Greathouse — Mount Vernon, Washington

Shirlene decided to start dating while still married to my brother. He is a wonderful pastor, carrying the responsibility of his family, while Shirlene Marie Nickel Greathouse’s profile can be found on Ashley Madison, Tinder, POF, Our Time, and Eharmony. Shirlene Marie Nickel Greathouse, claimed her husband, my brother has/had a lesbian porn addiction, however, she never mentions her addiction to date while married. After her divorce was final, she decided to date married men. Several men she has dated contacted my brother b/c of what she says. She is a gold digger looking to be cared for, which is the real reason she divorced my brother. Pastors do not make much money. She is money hungry, has begged men to marry her, has begged men for money for her adult children, she has no boundaries and will date married men. My sister talked with several people devastated by her actions. Apparently, she is into kinky sex, takes naked pics and sends to her potential suitors. Yep she is bi too. We have messages saying just that.. So women lock up your husband, and men lock up your wallets because that is all that matters to this woman…

Brittany Barnes Oklahoma

Brittany Barnes — Owasso, Oklahoma

This is Brittnany Barnes. She is married with a daughter. Her husband left her so she decided to move in on my friend’s husband. They have been together for almost twenty years and have a son together. My friend’s man works with her and tries to tell everyone that they are just friends but yet he goes and spends the night with her. She’s been married twice and has been in trouble with the law for passing bad checks. She’s been evicted everywhere she’s lived. Sounds to me like she’s just looking for someone to take care of her and her kid no matter if they’re married or not. Watch your men if you see this woman. She runs and hides every time she sees my friend, so if she’s not guilty then why hide? My friend has given her every opportunity to come clean but that means no more free ride. Hope she gets what’s coming to her!

Amanda Grose New York

Amanda Grose — Clifton Park, New York

So apparently this b*tch does not mind causing trouble by blatantly taking one’s man. She did so with someone that she was with for a while. And with no regard! All she does is cause heartbreak for others involved, and who knows if she has done this with other men, as well. She really needs to get a life. Consider this a cautionary tale if you want to save your relationship.