Cheaters Pamela Fetner

Pamela Fetner — Ft. Myers, Florida

Pamela Fetner is quite possibly the most vile woman alive. She is the definition of trailor trash. Shes a 40 year old mother of 5 kids from several different fathers who actually does live in a trailor park. Her minimum wage cashier job doent cover her expenses so she mooches of anyone who will allow it. This women really is the bottom of the barrel…its where your husband goes when he’s desperate and needs an easy target. I am very aware that it takes 2 to tango. I will be the first to admit that after some personal issues and having a baby, sex was the farthest thing from my mind for a long time. So I cant entirely blame him for doing it…I probably would have done the same. However….this nasty whore was fully aware that he was married with a small child at home and it still didnt stop her but as they say “what goes around comes around”. This is just my first of many revenge plots. Her pitiful life is about to be even worse.

Carolyn Scharbrough Indiana

Carolyn Scharbrough — Franklin, Indiana

Now she is back at it. She just won’t quit. Thinking it’s funny to post pictures on Facebook for my daughter to see that were clearly awhile ago and trying to weasel herself back in when she says she can’t help it because she lives him. Bitch, guess what? I don’t care about her feelings and she should of handled that when she first found out he was married, like 10 years ago! She should understand this a little more clearly considering her fiance was having an affair before he hung himself. But apparently, she has no clue how to stay in her own lane. Yes my husband is at fault too. Trust me I hold him partly responsible. Most current photo is the horribly dyed blonde job in the purple hoodie. Avoid Bob Evans in the morning, ya never know when she is going to go crazy again.

Ashley Fryza Maryland

Ashley Fryza — Dundalk, Maryland

This bitch Ashley is a straight up whore all she does is f*ck friends Brothers cousin and anybody that’s in the family line she destroys friendships calls the police makes fake reports and is a piece of shit mother actually she’s a Facebook mom she posts on Facebook so much and she acts like she has this beautiful best life ever but in reality she had to husband that they left her because of her slut activities she had several boyfriend and try to get custody of their kids she’s f*cked up in the head big time if you see this girl she drives a white Navigator with a barbershop thing on the back windshield stand clear from her stay away from her at all cost she will get you in jail well first fuck you then all your friends or your family and then proceeded to send you to jail she’s ruthless no good lying cheating whore she can’t fight her run her mouth but then she called the cops she’s almond oil and ugly worst person I ever known she’s what you call but no good foul person she has no money and is broke claim to say she has a job when she don’t she uses people and is on probation for stealing I hope she sees this because there will be nothing that she can do they get this off of this page because what I’m saying is true what guys please stay away from this bitch she will f*ck your man and ruin his life she goes to Brewer’s Landing the bar in Essex and she lives in Old Dundalk so beware and stay clear from her.

Cheaters Texas

Megan Deanda — College Station, Texas

This nasty woman has absolutely no morals or self respect. She is known to fuck any married men who she thinks she could benefit from. According to many, she’s currently being her homewrecking self with her married boss. Down and dirty in College Station. Keep it classy.

Cheaters Georgia

Christine Thompson — Newnan, Georgia

This messed up chick apparently has no problem sexting men that have girlfriends behind her husband’s back. The poor guy is out working and she’s supposed to be taking care of their kids but instead she’s all over the internet and her phone while her husband is working his ass off. She tells her hook ups she and hubby are polyamorous but apparently he doesn’t know about this arrangement.

Anis Habib Cheaters

Anis Habib — Toronto, Canada

Anis Habib in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is your classic uneducated labour class immigrant child sex predator on the prowl for young kids, which got him on the Sex Offender Registry, including even starting affairs with single mothers with young kids!!! This diddler Anis Habib has recently been tested positive for HIV and is infected with various STDs and STIs. Anis Habib is your typical filthy disgusting Pakistani who claims to be a devout Muslim yet continuing his series of vicious rapes on young children that earned him a lengthy criminal record for sexual assault, sexual interference, kidnapping, forcible confinement, making and distributing child pornography among other serious criminal offences. Anis Habib was also kicked out of Sheridan College for downloading child porn and for conspiring to commit a terrorist attacks at McDonald’s inspired by ISIS. Anis Habib’s parents (who are first-cousins married to each other, typical of Pakis) were also convicted of welfare fraud and many other crimes such as claiming refugee status under false pretenses; Anis’ father drives a taxi while collecting social assistance. People out there need to beware of this kiddie sex monster and Islamic Jihadist Anis Habib!!!

Cheaters Texas

Stephanie Provence — Amarillo, Texas

This so called women loves to sleep with married men, even though she was married. Her husband left her cause of all her bullshit. She slept with my ex husband twice while me and him are together, f*cks any man that will touch her fat ass. Is on her 4th pregnancy and she has a possible 4 daddies to this kid, and there was 3 for her 3rd. She likes to cry over her husband and act like a sad pathetic victim. Ladies, keep your husbands/boyfriends/brothers away from her!!

Cheaters Sulema Lemus

Sulema Lemus — Sanford, North Carolina

Sulema pursued my husband as his job the whole time he was there. She knew he was married and still flaunted her ugly self in front him. He worked 3rd shift and she would take him out to her car during break and have sex with him. She even took him to her house, where she lives with several of her sisters, and would have sex with him there. She ended up buying him a Boost mobile phone so she could talk and text with him. I guess she thought he would carry that phone around with him and even bring it home- but he didn’t because he knew better- it was kept in his locker at work. She was nothing more than a piece of ass and something to kill time. She is an ugly trashy Slut Whore who has to be so provocative and dress like a street walker to get men’s attention. Apparently she can’t get her own man so she goes for everybody else’s. Beware of this Trick ass Slut. Again her name is Sulema Lemus and she’s from Guatemala, and has also lived in California. I’m going to expose her everywhere for the sorry ass she is. Oh and when she gave my husband that phone she had already took pics of herself and left for him to see. She needs to grow up and act like a 40 year old woman and quit TRYING to steal ppl’s husband. Obviously she ain’t shit because my husband is still here and has never talked to the slut again. Like I said, she was only used for a piece of ass 3-4 times. Sulema I hope you read this, and also I hope you enjoy your scandalous pics posted all over town, around your neighborhood and at all the local stores!!! You tried to wreck my home and family~ but you didn’t succeed! So maybe Karma will hit you like a hurricane for the TRIFLING NASTY SLUT TRASH YOU ARE!!!! Good riddance Bitch!!! Ladies- watch your men around her!!!

Cheaters Jerrica Gallegos

Jerrica Gallegos — Denver, Colorado

So this is Jerrica Gallegos, she us to work with my boyfriend of 5 years. I went on an emergency trip to Mexico for 3 week’s (my uncle was dying) when I got back he was acting different with me, I automatically sensed something wasn’t right. He started messing with Jerrica at work no inside work sleeping with her in a storage shed, and in his car. At the time I found out about the cheating I also found out I was pregnant. I went to the doctor and they informed me I had chlamydia and gonorrhea. I ended up losing the baby, and left my boyfriend. That’s when the stalking started, she would call my messanger bragging about how she slept with my boyfriend in the shed, and his car oh and told me he had bought her a ring (the one she’s wearing in the pictures) a white stone of some sort. She would call me and message me all day and night, laughing at the fact I lost my baby and even saying “your welcome for the chlamydia” and adding that’s probably what caused the miscarriage. I informed her it was gonorrhea as well and she laughed! Almost as she was proud? I told her she should go get checked and she said she didn’t mind spreading std’s to people “who deserved it” I don’t understand why a woman and mother would do this purposely? Apparently I wasn’t the only one she spread her std’s too, and now all these girl’s want to kick her a** is there a place where you can report someone for having std’s? How can you know your dirty and live like that? After about 4 months my ex and I talked and he apologized for what he did and we are still trying to work things out. So when she found that out she started trying to contact him at work, than messaging me telling me to go get checked again because she had my man again. I did get checked! After that awful experience I never want to go thru that again! I didn’t have anything and neither did he, I ended up deactivating my FB because she wouldn’t stop. I’d block her and she’d have her minions harass me! This happened a year ago and her friend Sarae if you want to call her friend, says she still sleeps around and never got tested. As bad as I was hurt over everything I kind of felt bad for the girl? I wondered if she had a father, why would she be proud of her chlamydia or how she shows off her 15$ ring proudly in every pic? Why she’d rather be with different men every night and leave her son with random people? I came to the conclusion that may she’s not happy with herself, and tries to hurt other people? Anyhow that’s my story be careful with this girl! I wouldn’t wish std’s on my enemy! And this girl is proud of it! Jerrica one day you’ll get yours you human cum bucket!

Cheaters Tennessee

Jessica Moody — Johnson City, Tennessee

This fat nasty bit cheaper loves to fuck men who are in a relationship. She’s constantly texting my friends fiance trying to tell him how she’s thinking of him and wants him. He’s told her he has a fiance but she can’t find her own man so she goes looking for other women’s men. Rumor has it she has herpes and a few other stds.