Anjelica Flores Florida

Anjelica Flores — Lithia, Florida

So my ex finally came clean and told me who he sleeps with while we where on a break and this slut has a son and a loving boyfriend. She snuck out to go to a party and they did things. All though he won’t tell me what they did, but who cares they’re both hoes!

Alisea Joi Moore Indiana

Alisea Joi Moore — Indianapolis, Indiana

This homewrecker marked her territory by giving my friends husband genital herpes, so there’s no chance of reconciliation. She along with friends & family began postings on facebook as their cowardly way of letting my friend/his wife & kids know about this nasty affair. Her dumb family has posted on FB talking about how “blessed” she is. “You go girl”, her dumb mother says. REALLY?? With a MARRIED man! When she began her predatory pursuit of my friends husband, she had a guy practically living with her, traveling to Atlanta sleeping another guy and screwing a guy at her place of employment. This slut knew he was going home to his wife & kids every night. That’s why she was screwing him in his police car in parks. As usual homewreckers have an expectation of becoming The One/ A Wife. After giving him herpes, she convinced him to remove his wedding ring & move out. So, of course this caused a rift in his marrige (A 20 year relationship). He tried to play like, “Our marriage been over” so he says. Typical lies of a cheater. Though, he was asking his wife about having their fifth child. Now, this idiot has absolutely NO contact with his wife or his four wonderful kids that btw now hate him and want nothing to do with him. What a fool! He steps out on his wife/family after all these years and contracts a STD w/o a cure….HE’S THE BIGGEST FOOL EVER!! THIS FILTHY HOMEWRECKER SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE BOARD OF HEALTH!

Becky Bedner-Cabot Pennsylvania

Becky Bedner-Cabot — Red Lion, Pennsylvania

So I had this great friend, well that was what I thought anyway. Turns out the homewrecking whore was hanging out with me to get closer to my husband. I talked to her about everything that was going on. And admitted during a low point in my depression I thought he was loosing interest in me. He also was going through his own issues with depression. She took the opportunity to sink her troll claws into him while he was weak and voulnerable. She ruined two marriages and countless lives because of her selfish hoe needs. I tried to be a good friend to her and in return she broke up my marriage instead of helping me fix it like she said she was doing. But their feelings were so intense that they just couldn’t fight them. Right. Whatever. A real friend would have. And then she proceeds to tell anyone who will listen that she broke up her marriage and her friends. All the while laughing about it. Seriously laughing. If you are brave enough to be friends with her, don’t be stupid enough to let her near your man. It is only a matter of time before she is done with mine and on to the next.

Cheaters Stacy Cromwell

Stacy Cromwell — Marion, Ohio

This nasty homewrecker is married with 3 kids. That didn’t stop her grin sleeping with married men from work. She is so high class she sleeps with them in their car. She says she doesn’t care if they are married. She works for one of the biggest employers in.Bucyrus Ohio. Ladies if she’s talking to your man she is sleeping with them.

Cheaters Texas

Lauren Buntin Clarke — Magnolia, Texas

Meet Lauren Buntin-Clarke…she dropped her baby daddy in the grease because she was, ” too young to deal with a man with health issues” after he suffered through multiple stokes. She went on to take him to bars after said strokes to drink and smoke while picking up married men and sleeping with them in her classroom, on school campus, in parks and baseball fields. She has no shame being seen all over small town Magnolia with numerous married men all the while teaching young children and claiming to be a woman of God and paving the way of the youth. She doesn’t have a warm bone in her body unless it’s to get another woman’s husband off. She loves attention and doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. She leaves her children as young as a year old home alone all hours of the night to meet men wherever and stays out in bars….she’s definitely not a role model and I wouldn’t let my children near her if I were you…She obviusoly isn’t that attractive but when a man is drink and lonely he will take what he can get….

California Freshta Noori

Freshta Noori — Long Beach, California

This bitch is a real wicked ass creation of Lucifer. This bitch is a real life creation of the devil and should KARMA smack her in the face with a chair. On the prowl to find a suxker to pay her rent. Maybe If she wasn’t so high she would make better decisions and stop breaking up peoples family’s . You don’t have enough money for they hooker. Shes a friends of mine and I’m telling you to RUN RUN RUNN RUN…..#FreshtaNoori #AnnaNoori

Cheaters Texas

Paige Poff — San Antonio, Texas

In 2013, Paige Poff entered Our Lives. Seducing my husband online, during a difficult time in our marriage. We had been together for 13 years, Head live together for 8 and it been married for 5 years. Promising him a life of wealth and Leisure (she claimed she earned $100,000/year) he left me in May of 2013 and moved in with this whore. She had zero income, and would drive my husband in his car and drop him off at his job. Then she would drive around all day entertaining random men and lying about her whereabouts. Often forgetting to pick him up from work on time, always with some outlandish excuse why she was late. My husband would frequently catcher in lies. She would even steal his car frequently and drive it to San Antonio, just sleep with various men she was involved with there, leaving my husband with no vehicle to drive to work. He would plead with her to return with his car. She claimed she had no money to return. He would watch her hundreds of dollars, and she would promise to return. Sometimes a couple of weeks later sometimes a month or more. God knows what she spent the money on. Finally she got bored of my husband and left him in late 2014. In February of 2015, my husband and I reunited. I was very hopeful that this was a fresh start for us. However Weiland San Antonio this woman got involved in a criminal theft crime and with being arrested. She’d also being a fugitive 4 years, running from her 3rd DWI charge. She was incarcerated for a little over a year. It was heaven with her locked up. My husband and I reconnected like never before. Our relationship was stronger than ever we were closer than we’ve ever been. However it wasn’t long after she was released they should convince my husband to leave with her again. This lasted less than 90 days. All she wanted to do was to break us up, she did not want him. She left him in August of 2016. He promptly called out to me, asking me to please take him back. He said he hated Paige and never wanted to see her again. Things were great again… Until I made the mistake if sharing the joy of our reunion on social media. From then on her Pursuit has been Non-Stop. She would not leave us alone. Causing so much conflict that we had to once again separate, but still trying to figure this out. Even now as my husband and I spend quality time together trying to rebuild broken trust and faith, this woman simply will not let go. If you know this skank that lives in the San Antonio area, please tell her to find another victim, and stay the hell out of Houston and stay away from BRT forever. Let this family heal and rebuild.

Canada Monique Blankenship

Monique Blankenship — Edmonton, Canada

She loves and i mean LOVES the married men. No single guy will date her. She is a wam bam thank you mam to them. So she goes to married men, does her research on them, their like dislikes, finds out what their wife isnt doing for them and then she attacks. She starts as friends. She is there to listen to your problems, she will buy gifts for you and if you have kids them too. She will friend the wife. While all this is going on. She is have a secret affair with your man. She doesnt care who she hurts. Its all about her, she has kids but they dont even respect her, she tells every guy that she has been hurt and she is loyal and faithful. So ofcourse the guy falls for it because she is doing all the right stuff. Then months down the road that all wears off and she turs psycho. The guy leaves her, and she is on to the next. The last marriage she just ruined. The couple had been together over 20 years, and the dumb ass fell for her tricks and left a good thing for a nasty ho. But he will get his in a few months when he starts to see her hide her phone or lock it, come home late. Guys you will just be a pawn in her game. You have to ask why she has been single so long, here it is.

California Nicole Boles Paige

Nicole Boles Paige — La Porte, California

I met Nicole Bole back in 2009 when she was marrying a friend of mine 17 years her senior. I voweled to protect her and look after her. In 2013 I became pregnant with my 5th child with my Husband… She was separating and divorcing her husband Chris because he could not deal with her endless cheating regardless if they had child together or not. She stayed with me and my husband for a while (he could not stand her.. her messes, her size 11-12 shoes… even said her kid was ugly… which I returned fire and said he is beautiful (I loved that kid and still do) I become pregnant again in 2013 a job opening in my husband’s office became available I applied but being his wife was told no… so I thought this girl and her son deserves more than surviving off a hooter whore income she knew nothing of being a secretary/time clerk but in promised the she would learn 20 a hour is way better than being S hooters hoe…. I begged my husband to hire her and he said fine… soon after she and him had begun their texting affair…. she planned my gender reveal, my baby shower, annnd was present during my delivery of my daughter… she held my leg for frike sake… Me I had no clue… I trusted her I loved her I would have protected her no matter what she did in life! She knew mine and my husband’s past she knew I had a friend that held my damn leg during my 3rd child’s birth that screwed me over with my husband and vowel she would never ever do that to anyone… well she did 10 times worse! She carried one a relationship with my husband from 2013 till December 2016 when I was about to deliver my 5th child with my husband!! I had delivered my 5 th child January 1, 2016 he had bilirubin issues and I had to take him to a extended stay at a local hospital… my husband met me there and then left but left his truck with my my friend stayed with my son for a about 30mins so I could take a break I go to the truck his truck that he left and in the passenger seat is a lap top I have never seen … I open in it pop in a couple known pass words and boom I’m in …. I do a random look around and I find her naked photos… amongst other women’s sadly… she got her boobs done after her one child (horrible east and west pointing nipples and a uni~boob to boot) I would have requested a redo from her surgeon! Sad truly sad to even look at why some one would send those out proudly I delusional!.. I find these and confront her he Denys of course …I love you i would never do that.. trust me blah blah blah … I sent them to her mom and her fiancé that she was screwing at the same time as my husband… she called me from work on day asking ME. About her HPV positive test from her gyno! I’m like it caused by no practicing safe sex with multiple partners! She denied sending the numerous naked photos or the rest I recovered (when they thought they we deleted ) I replied repeatedly then how does he have them I have dates… times… chat numbers . and Ip numbers you send them period. Sad when the proof is there my husband admitted it and you have a hoe the if she says the sky is purple then it’s purple. Well I’m the bitch that says when your a gaping slut well then you are a gaping slut! You did it and if you would have been a real woman and owned you shit you might not have gotten blasted on Facebook…

Amanda Richard Michigan

Amanda Richard — Ann Arbor, Michigan

Amanda is 29 years old and a waitress at a truck stop in Ann Arbor. She was fed lies by her married general manager who is 44 years old and persuaded him to come by her trailer park to be shown what a good woman is like. After a short while of the encouragement he started sleeping with her after work and going home to his wife and children. It didn’t stop there, his wife confronted her and of coarse she became to ridicule the wife and began sending sexual images to him. Once again, his wife confronted both of them and he, on his own, called her and told her it needed to stop he loved his wife and didn’t want to hurt her any longer. After going to work she wouldn’t believe he would feel that way about his WIFE and continued to encourage the affair. He was obliged to have a young slut interested in him and continued. He was given a choice by his wife to quit that horrible dump or to leave the marriage. He chose to stay but little to his wife’s knowledge he had another cell phone in which he would use to text and send naked pictures of himself to the young slut. He took the new job and was away on training, his wife drove alone for 9 hours to spend a romantic weekend with him like they had for years even during the time he was sleeping with the homewrecker. . . It wasn’t enough for him. He continued to use Skype to have video sex with the Girl and more. Meanwhile his wife was in the doctors office learning she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from this slut. After three months of pure hell, she left work early one afternoon and caught him with her in Meijers parking lot. No longer could either of them deny the affair and to show the lack of values, morals, and common sense she had brought her young son with her to meet up with her married “boyfriend”. She is as low as they come! And to think she has spawned more from her gene pool is pathetic! She would have our tax dollars pay for her daycare so he could leave work for a bit and go screw her!!