Cheaters Wisconsin

Crystal Thompson — Adams, Wisconsin

This ugly ass nasty skank USED to be my best friend. The one I cried too when hurt. The one who I got a job at my place of employment because she needed a job. So being the best friend i am i did that. She always called my husband “Uncle Brad” because he’s much older. In May 2016 they started texting ALOT and when i asked it stop, i was told “its just texting” well her husband didnt know the extent of the texting until the end of july when he finally left her and his final words were “hope you and brad enjoy” I tried to make it work but with all my begging it got worse. On December 23,2016 he left for buffalo to see his new grandson. Its about a 6 hr drive. I had no idea. He left at 6pm and never got home until 230pm on 12/24.he swore he was alone. On 12/26, his daughter saus “how is crystal a grandma” i said ” lets not mention that name here” she replied with “no really how is she a grandma to the baby” i lost it. Got on facebook and there it all was in black and white!!! “So glad i got to meet this little man tonight. Welcome to our crazy family” come to find out, when her “uncle brad” was dropping his kids off there, he was staying and enjoying her company. GOOD LUCK WHORE!!!! Hes your headache now bitch.

Cheaters South Carolina

Eunice Yu (Sharma) — Aiken, South Carolina

This unfortunate looking creature is Eunice Yu (Sharma), sadly she’s the most boring, irrelevant, non-mfn factor that has ever existed. She’s so irrelevant that she can’t seem to figure out how to get her baby daddy to stop cheating on her. She can’t control her household, so she finds it necessary to harrass and annoy ANY female her BD has ever had contact with. She’s a mother of 5, who has waaaaaay too much free time to annoy others. She’s so desperate for validation and attention that she finds it necessary to post crap about me on websites and find fake numbers to text me from and state non-factual rumors to anyone who says hello to her. She wants me to pay attention to her so badly, that she creates fake FB profiles to message me, and tell me the shenanigans shes up to. The more you ignore her, the more her poor lil heart breaks and the bigger and more outrageous her stunts get. Unfortunately she runs her mouth WAY too much, she’ll tell anyone with in ear shot about her enormous debt due to him, throws out wild allegations of domestic abuse and homosexuality that plague her relationship (I dont know how much of it is truth or factual, all I know, is what sob story she feeds me). Shes so desperate to keep him interested in her unattractive, boring ass that shes begging chicks to particiape in a menage a trios and she can’t even manage to see that through to furition. I think perhaps shes a lil slow and a remiedial reader bc Ive warned her, that if she started, Id definitely finish but yet and still she continues. I really am hoping that you all will show Eunice some attention by visiting her FB page (Eunice Yu), IG page (euniceyu_euyu), Twitter or on first Friday at one of Augusta Most Wanted’s performances. She’ll be so happy that someone actually knows she exists she won’t know what to do with herself. She’s repeatedly stated that “I need my ass beat”, unlike her, I’m asking that NO ACTUAL PHYSICAL HARM BE BROUGHT TO HER.

Cheaters Nebraska

Cheyenne Drappeaux — Omaha, Nebraska

So when I first saw this whore on my boyfriends Facebook I didn’t worry because hey, they’re cousins. When he and I were still together but not staying together I pull up to find him with her. When I hopped out of NY car ready to slap the bitch she started cringing and yelling ‘he’s my cousin!!” We split up and he was still staying at my place with me almost every day and come to find out… They’re f*cking around. I told her a million times to stay away and I was with him but I guess she just never believed me? Even though I sent pictures of him in my bed and all of that but I guess I was lying haha so when his dumb ass goes to jail she’s crying and all this but who does he call? Me. Gives me his Facebook and let’s her know that he was only using her. Few weeks later, we were married but since she keeps looking for an update but wants to message me and block me before I reply, here it is. Were married. You’re still a hoe. My husband didn’t want you then or now, as I always predicted. Hope this gets to you!

Cheaters Michigan

Kristina May — Westland, Michigan

This woman has absolutely no remorse for the pain she has caused, she knew fully well that our family had been going through hell fighting Cancer.. Our daughter has a rare aggressive for of brain cancer she works at my partners job and was fully aware of the situation.. She even paid for him to fly to Michigan from Florida so they could have an affair and she could cover as if he was at work.. She tried to be his shoulder to lean on since she had beaten cancer herself twice but all that even made her more shameful in my eyes.. My children we have 6 are destroyed as if their 4 year old sister going thru chemo wasn’t enough.. Anyone who has dealt with cancer knows the chaos and suffering involved with fighting this demon but to add insult to injury she started a long distance sexting thing that she was determined to make happen… I am disgusted not only at the lack of morality but the lack of professionalism in representing such a reputable company as Reliable Car Carriers… This definitely breaks their non fraternazation policy as well.. She and he have left an already struggling family broken in pieces now… what comes around goes around.

Cheaters Texas

Myra Longoria — McAllen, Texas

If this girl is “friends” with your boyfriend or husband, she’s probably already slept with them. She’s cheated with every guy she’s ever been with. She can’t hold a job so she sleeps with guys to get money. She uses and manipulates girls who she pretends to be friends with just to get them to do favors for her like babysit, cook, and even dye her hair. Once her friends realize they’re being used she dumps them and looks for new suckers. The worst of all of this, is she plays the victim the entire time. She is a well know pay for play in Vegas, cali, and the Rgv. I heard She is now pregnant again and with a new guy. This is a warning to all those who come in contact with her. Be careful, and trust your instincts. If you feel like something is going on, it is.

California Tara Smith

Tara Smith — Southgate, California

Broke up my friends family. This is not the first time she has slept with a married guy or a date who is taken. Watch out ladies.

Cheaters Missouri

Kristine Barrett — Independence, Missouri

Came into my home tried to be friend me then a week later sleeps with my husband and ends up pregnant. She is also known to sleep with about every man she works with, nasty b****, needs to keep her legs closed and take care of the kids she has and stop trying to take my family away.

Cheaters Renee Gibel Hurley

Renee Gibel Hurley — Lake City, Michigan

This hypocritical woman will schmooze you over pretending to be your friend while all along she is just using you to sleep with your man..she had no problem sleeping with a friend’s old man and ruining their family weeks after she left her husband for having an affair on her… I can’t wait for karma to do her job!

Cheaters Illinois

Eric Cerve — Springfield, Illinois

This guy seems like he can lie to everyone in his life. He is never single and is on every dating site around. The biggest lie ever told was he is single. He’s one of the biggest shitheads I’ve ever known. He is such a horrible person, that he even hides his drug addiction. He walks around with burns on his lips from a hot meth pipe. LADIES STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHEATING LYING ADDICTED CREEP.

Cheaters Ruth Alvarez Aka Maria Nieves

Ruth Alvarez Aka Maria Nieves — Bronx, New York

Ruth Alvarez aka Maria Nieves is a homewrecker she purposely relentlessly pursued a married man destroyed a 24 year marriage/relationship destroyed a family knowing he was married but didn’t care and even paid for a trip as she manipulated him into filing for divorce..… She hurt 4 innocent children … She pushed her way to try to see those children who have emotional issues but when one of them was at her hotel door she stated there was no one there by that name. She is horrible mother to her own children to bring strange men to her home … She stole a husband who was still married to and convinced him he doesn’t owe the mother anything and shouldn’t pay child support because when she had her kids for the short time she did she never asked for child support for her 7 children which isn’t true since court records show she did… She is an evil lying manipulating homewrecker, whom I can’t wait for Karma to hit.