California Yadira Mazariegos

Yadira Mazariegos — San Rafael, California

This crazy lady messages you to tell you your man has cheated on you with her. She claims that your husband pays for her stuff but won’t show any prove to back up her story. Be careful she is just a women that is looking for a guy whom can provide her with $$ to raise her kids. She will fuck anyone without knowing them for long. She Will stalk your family member through social media in order to tell you her story. Be careful ladies don’t trust this home wrecker!

Cheaters Pennsylvania

Marissa Baker — Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania

Merissa Baker is (in my opinion) a whore. She walked up to a married coworker (my best friends husband) of hers dropped to her knees, pulled out his junk and went to town. They had sex a couple times after and when this coworker told her he didn’t want to continue, two weeks later she told him she was pregnant to keep him around. By the way she is married and had 3 kids at the time. I have an email where she clearly states that “she was willing to give up EVERYTHING for him, and he knew that she could possibly lose her kids, but she loved him so much she couldn’t bare the thought of being without him”. I have tons of dirty explicit text messages, pictures, etc… That she sent to this man. She also had a 3 some with him and another guy while she was pregnant, she went into emergency labor a few days later. After my friends husband had a DNA test he called it off with her and that’s when she started telling everyone the baby was his even though it wasnt. I have a copy of the test to prove its not his. I have also found out from someone who knows her that this isn’t the first or six time she has cheated on her husband.

Cheaters Texas

Sarah Boehler — Waxahachie, Texas

This girl right here is named Sarah she’s a nasty whore who doesn’t give a sh*t if guys are in a relationship or married as long as they have a dick and a job she’ll use them to get stuff for herself and her two bastard kids she would call my x at all hours of the night and if he didn’t answer she’d blow up his social media. She’s been known to break up marriages and brag about it to her fellow Walmart employees. Don’t trust her around your man she’ll use him and manipulate him till he’s broke and then move on to someone new.

Cheaters Oklahoma

Don Hintz — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This is Don Hintz of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma….He is playing on the Dating Sites looking for a Slut to help him hurt his wife of twenty-four years….Don’t listen to him He is a lier an a cheater…..Lets make this short an sweet……if you sleep with him then Your an Adulterer…..My friend his wife does not deserve what he is doing to her….she has been a wonderful wife…..The jerk stares that his wife is on Drugs….Well truth is….He is the one who uses drugs….Please don’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth…A real Psychopath this one ….

Cheaters Kristen N. Wessel

Kristen N. Wessel — Colorado Springs, Colorado

This little peach right here has been having a full-blown affair with my husband for almost five months. She enjoys sleeping with her co-workers, getting DUI’s, and knowingly destroying families. You’ll know you’ve met her if you only look behind her and see the massive path of destruction and countless men. Although Kristen is known to have an IQ of 12, she is attempting to get a teaching position so she can teach our children all about morals and values. She’s a true gem.

Cheaters Texas

Daniella Marie Henry — Bethany Nicole Robles — El Paso, Texas

Daniela Marie Henry is a nasty dirty skanky slut. This girl is 20 years old and is still in high school because she’s too busy sleeping around with anything with a dick. Danny came from a broken home and was given her own bedroom, lots of clothes (hers were torn and old), and her own car. She was given the life! Yet she decided to screw it all up by sleeping with a married man, who happens to be the husband of a business partner of the family business. Danny was the nanny of this husband’s children and was welcomed into their home with nothing but trust and love. She was good friends with the husband’s wife too who paid her to help at the business. When the family business found out what a whore and home broken record she was, she was kicked out of the house and her car was taken away. She lost everything because of her stupid mistake to continue an affair with a married man. She feels so happy being with a married man, James Munoz (28 years old), who drives a Black BMW 550I with license plate #DV02023, who is married and soon to be an ex-husband. By the way, did I forget to say he’s a DJ at 3 pints pub/bar and now at Fish Bar. He also is actually broke and is still going to school at UTEP indefinitely because he fails most of his classes each term. Now, there is a young child involved, 2 years old, and this child will grow up without his father because of a whore who once cared for him and her stupid mistake to have an affair with his daddy. Because of this affair, it afflicted everyone in the families and the Family business. BE CAREFUL AND DON’T HIRE THIS GIRL !!! She may sleep with your employee’s husbands and her sister Bethany Nicole Robles helped her hide the affair by lying that they were going to meet the married man and never told her immediate family. This affair has caused 5 families and two businesses hurt. Yet, the affair continues without any remorse from her. Danny and James are cowards, won’t take responsibility for the damage they caused. In closing this affair caused hurt, pain, trust within the family and the writer just wanted to make sure that these girls realize how affairs hurt families and their futures. Good luck to you Daniella, James and Bethany!

Canada Marie Lewis

Marie Lewis — Windsor, Canada

Hi her name is Marie Lewis and yes She is a home wrecker. It’s crazy because She is married with children herself (I know go figure) but she loves showing off my huge tits and seducing married and single men to fuck her. Not to mention she love sucking their cocks. I found nude pictures in my husband phone of her. She is also a military doula and bragged to my husband ladies that while She is delivering your baby, She is sucking your man’s cock hahaha. I another text she told my husband that she has had had a couple of abortions and brags of how she loves it raw. She bragged to him that while the mother recooperates she specialize in keeping the daddies active. She said that she was living out her fantasy to provide care to both mother and father in their time of need. Do not trust this witch around your man. Simply evil!

Amanda Mandy New Jersey

Amanda Mandy — Trenton, New Jersey

She’s a whore who that lies she’s a psychic she was my friend and I know that she wood take women’s money for being a psychic she. Tells women and men sometimes that she can. Ring their soulmate in there life’s. but. She can’t she also clean house and was a nail technician she has no powers she is not a natural born psychic she goes by Amanda Jace. She started dating my husband why would she left her my husband and tell other people she can help bring their soulmates she should find her own soulmate.

California Kristin Chavez

Kristin Chavez — San Dimas, California

Kristin Chavez is a Meth user. Claim to be a Christian who serves the lord but instead she’s doped out giving half of the church congregation sex acts. Banging in the restrooms. She’s a fake lame so called Christian. A bitter resentful person.

Cheaters Tonya Barton Drumm

Tonya Barton Drumm — Dayton, Ohio

This addict was sleeping with my wife. After months of vitro to try to have a baby or our own. I found out about her when I was 3 months pregnant. She cost me my marriage of 4 years and a baby I so loved and wanted all my life. Now I may never know what it feels like to have a child of my own! The anxiety and emotional feelings caused me to miscarry. I’m trying desperately to forgive and save my marriage but this woman has truly caused a total uproar in my home.