Cheaters Natchez Beaulieu

Natchez Beaulieu — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pursued a married man. He’s just as much a hoe bag. Knew he was married but kept pursuing him. Flew out of state for a fuck fest with this maid. If you ever want a fuck on the first night type of girl look her up. If you’re married and want a side bitch call her.

Buffy Smith South Carolina

Buffy Smith — Columbus, South Carolina

Buffy Smith is a disgusting human being!!!! She continues to send nude pics of herself to married men!!! How desperate do you need to be?! She’s been repeatedly told by wives to knock it off, stop sending pics of her saggy ass to their husbands. This WHORE has no respect for herself nor for anyone’s marriage!!!! If you go to MIX ULTRA LOUNGE in Columbus Ga BEWARE!!!!! This piece of trash has ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS!!!!

Cheaters Georgia

Dawn Cauley — Lyons, Georgia

Dawn loves to tell you she isn’t happily married…they’re only together because of the kid…she messages married men trying to get pictures of the cocks. She tells them how they deserve better than their wives. She keeps trying even when they tell her to stop. She plays the “poor pitiful me” role so well. She pretends to be a Christian while acting like a no good, trashy, bitch ass, Cumberland guzzling gutterslot! And she ain’t pretty. Obviously, she must have the best twat around!

Cheaters Michigan

Jennifer Michalak — Wyandotte, Michigan

This stupid bitch was dating my friends boyfiends best friend and then fucked my best friends boyfriend in THEIR bed WHILE my best friend was pregnant with the guys baby and blamed it all on alcohol, then bragged about it to everyone about it and continued to harass my best friend none stop after the couple choose to try and work past it all and move on together. Shes a lieing psychopath who only cares about getting dick she can’t have. So fair warning ladies. If this bitch claims to be your boyfriends “best friend” dont believe that sh*t.. Shes nothing but bad news and will do everything she can to get your mans d*ck.

Cheaters Laura Marie Ulreich

Laura Marie Ulreich — Kansas City, Kansas

This nasty bitch wheres a ton of makeup to hide her demonic face. she is screwing my friends husband. picked him up in a Bar like she has many other men. told her she knew nothing of her or his bi polar illness or his addictions and said she wanted nothing more to do with him that he was crazy, which (By the way he really is.Bi polar disorder suppose to be on meds, OCD, narcissistic and sociopathic tendancies, cognitive thinking disorder, addictive gambler, a professional con artist and thief, alcoholic,addicted adulterer. then found out they are shacking up together. absolutely appalling. i feel so sorry for the the bitch who has children and is doing this to someone. left her husband so she could fuck other married men and rip families apart because she didnt want hers… thats not a reason to leave. a commitment is a committment, she has picked up other men and fucks them on her day off when her husband is at work. he knows nothing. she is a ugly short fat lying piece of shit dust that is going to get stepped on over and over again until she is nothing but air. BEWARE OF THE DEMON DISGUISED AS AN INNOCENT BITCH. she is a narcissistic troll who takes great pleasure in hurting anyone because she hurts. she is insecure and to make herself feel good takes what isnt hers and uses them to her advantage. this man is mentally ill but his wife still loved him.. and will always be there for him but is moving on…laura ulreich and shawn wiley both need help desperately in the worst way.Medication therapy, not alcohol.. dont be shy. shawn wiley will do anything apparently not even choosy anymore….my god shawn get some help…why downgrade from your beautiful intelligent loving wife to this nasty and not to mention very homely piece of shit and rip your family apart by a generational curse?? your wife loves you still…you still can redeem yourself with her and make it work….if i were you, i would certainly attempt to do so… im sure this NASTY would love to hear from anyone who can tell her what she has and is doing wrong….shawn you are one sick man and need help. they are both so very very ill and alcoholics to boot. shawn wiley WORK IT OUT WITH YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!! …your wife has every RIGHT to feel the way she feels and do what she feels she needs to do to fight for her family….that is love….something a narcassist will never know anything about….GET YOUR SICK SL*T TO BACK OFF MRS. WILEY NOW!!!!! you seem to think what you and this skank has done is ok. and this whore is hurting your wife even more by making false accusations… Your wife has done nothing wrong…you have and so has your slut!!!!! make it right with your wife, do the right thing and make it right again…dont be a cop out pussy your whole pitiful existance. show YOUR WIFE what a real man truly is and flee from the demonic influence of this devil bitch in one of its many forms, Laura Ulriech.look closely women. Laura Ulriech is the BEAST!!

Cassie Whalin Kentucky

Cassie Whalin — Sheperdsville, Kentucky

This woman played an abuse victim to a married man to lure him in, her poor poor me, she signed over her first 2 kids and gets pregnant, not by the married man because he can’t have kids, but he left the 2 he raised for her and pretends this is his baby, she did drugs the entire time while pregnant, running from cps, not because she obviously cares about the baby, she signed over the others , but because she dont want to get in trouble. The true baby daddy had a long term sexual partner that was HIV positive, pretty sure she has to have it along with herpes and hep c, and cheats on the man that left his family with the baby daddy with hiv…being a friend of this man’s first wife, she shouldn’t feel too special because he claimed an infant at birth before and walked away, so maybe she thinks she’s special and he’s never had ano infant before since he can’t have kids, but she’s dead wrong, he has, and poof gone like the wind..when his wife was so devastated over what was going on and had to go to a suicide hospitals she went with this fine fella to her home and stole all kinds of things including stuff for her kids while this woman was in a hospital for suicide, and if I heard correctly , before this happened and the wife knew her, and this homewreckers and her boyfriend and kids had no where to go, she opened her home upage to them and the whore stole from her. maybe she thinks that all the woman he’s been withe and cheated on she will be that special one, sorry, you’ve been played over and over and you worry he will cheat on you , sucks having someone fuck with your relationship doesn’t it…she’s a drug addict, thief, homewrecking, cheating whore, stay far far away, I’m sorry for her when karma finally catches up…hoping he goes back to where he should be, he doesn’t have much ethics obviously himself, but I hope the wife is smart enough to say hello no…long time from of first wife, baby daddy and fake baby daddy, enjoy

Cheaters Judy Gunnels

Judy Gunnels — Savannah, Georgia

Where do I start? This woman will talk and sleep with anyone who gives her the time of day. She prays on married men. She has already broken up 3 marriages. She has someone who lives with her just for a place to stay. But knowing he wants nothing to do with her she is always messaging men. She is a very lonely woman who needs to learn to leave men alone and maybe work on yourself first. Then find a single Man who wants to be with you.

Cheaters Maaike Coats

Maaike Coats — Muncie, Indiana

Okay this bitch is by far one of the craziest and biggest homewreckers out there. She will pursue your significant other thinking she will get that person to leave their wife or girlfriend. She will send trashy provocative pictures to your husband or boyfriend and claim she didn’t know you were together. However, she will get on social media and laugh about your significant other pretending to work 2 jobs so she can give her sloppy ass to anyone who will give her some attention and has a vehicle. Maaike will also say she slept with men she hasn’t slept with to get some attention. I guess she doesn’t realize how ignorant that makes her look and what a whore she makes herself out to be. All these men deny sleeping with her fugly ass and I feel sorry for her. She has 3 kids bvy 3 different dads all under the age of 10 and she has never been married. Apparently all these men cheated on her so she spends her time trying to destroy other ppls lives. She will talk shit through messaging and any other avenue and then run to the police when ppl have had enough of her shit. Get a life bitch!!!!

Cheaters Richard Cornell

Richard Cornell — Ridge, New York

Richard Cornell a.k.a. Scuba Steve like to play the secret touching game and steal bungholes. Never turn your back on him. You have been warned. He can be found near playgrounds, day care centers and the maternity Ward when not playing pretend.

Arizona Nikki (Lauren Coover)

Nikki (Lauren Coover) — Phoenix, Arizona

When a woman knows that another man is taken, out of respect and integrity you leave it be. Not this one she comes to our house for thanksgiving in2013 with her boyfriend who is now dead. She decides after he died she needs a new baby’s daddy. With out flinching she begins to send me text messages breaking up with me from my boyfriends phone . My boyfriend contacted me thru out their 6 month relationship where him And I eventually were back together. She had been sleeping with someone else’s husband while with my boyfriend . Him and I have been back together and about a month ago she decided to be rude when I confronted her about talking to him. Very hurtful but not saying she wasn’t doing anything . She is okay with being second I guess. I spend a nice evening with my dude on Thursday And he took the day off work Friday for us to hang out. She ended up there after I left. I know he is at fault just as much but cmon really like get your own dude . Women should stick together this slut just wants to get stuck that’s her priority.