Allison Salazar Texas

Allison Salazar — San Antonio, Texas

This woman is Allison Salazar and her ex-boss Julio Arizpe made several porn videos and they are all over the web. She was engaged at the time and he is married. Everyone knows Allison in the office by now, fuck anyone and everyone to be promoted. Just a matter of time that she will sleep with her new boss. Everyone knows she is a walking horny woman playing her innocent look. Ladies be aware and ask your husbands who they work with. Watch out for an Allison Salazar.

Cheaters Texas

Shante Palillero — Marlton, Texas

This is Shante Palillero. She lived in Marlton NJ and moved to Texas because she ran out of everyone husbands,bosses,bums etc etc on the East Coast. She is disgusting. She has a husband who takes care of her while she runs around spreading her legs to any and everything that gives her attention. She physically and emotionally abuses her husband and his family. She accuses her husband of cheating and all he does is put up with her nasty ass. She has ruined marriages and relationships and doesn’t keep a job more than a few months due to her uncontrollable leg spreading! She has also posted other women on this site and other sites when she would get caught cheating. Makes no sense! She would go as far as pretending to be the person she would post about. She is mental. A mental/psycho slut!

California Paige Scott

Paige Scott — San Diego, California

In case you dont search for her full name – I wanted to post without her middle name as well. Paige slept with my husband and continued to have a 6 month affair knowing he was married the entire time. She met me and pretended to be a kind and sweet person. When I first met Paige she was “a lesbian.” After the affair and finding more about her Paige has a pattern of saying she is a lesbian until she starts dating a male – most of the time the male is in a relationship and tells them that she has never felt like this before and that they have a connection no one else could ever have. It is known that she has slept with 3 married men! 3! Who chooses to sleep with married men? Do not let the sweet smile fool you, this individual is truly the worst of the worst.

Cheaters South Carolina

Krystle Gadsden And James Wells — Charleston, South Carolina

To start, I was 27, met this guy at my job fell in love at first sight. He worked there for about 5 months before we had approached each other, this was Dec 26, 2004. We had discussions about family & life & I found out he was 19 but that didn’t bother me. He was so grown for his age. He told me he had one child, no others. On Feb 10, 2005 we moved into a home together. Then at the end of the month he hadn’t come home one night. He said he had gotten caught up with some friends who just came into town. I found this odd as he didn’t have many friends or even spoke of any. But I let it pass. Three days after that he says, remember the other night when I didn’t come home. I said yes. He replied I didn’t have friends that came out of town. I was at the hospital because my second son was born. Now, I had no idea that a female was even pregnant with a baby of his. I called James, as that’s his name, his mother to congradulate her. She asked what was I talking about. It turns out the girl, Krystle Marie Gadsden, had never met any of James’ family or friends. No one knew about this girl so I didn’t grel so bad being lied too, I wasn’t the only one. A few months later I went away for the weekend & James stayed home to work. He apparently went over to Krystles house & got het pregnant again but this time it was with twins. When I found out I was at work, as she called me & told me she was then 3 months pregnant with his twins. I lost it. I went home after work & while vomiting & crying profusely in the shower with all my clothes on, James came in our bathroom with his mother on the phone, him crying to telling his mother he didn’t want the kids, he didn’t eant to be with Krystle & he was so sorry for doing this to me. I undressed in the shower while on the phone with his mother & him standing outside of the tub trying to hold me & apologize. That was in 2005. Krystle, while pregnant kept pleading with James to be a family with her & their kids. But she was a piece of side ass, James even used to tell everyone at work after she got pregnant with the twins that she had a big butt and a smile and that’s all it was. Now, she more than a big butt and not a nice smile. Anyway James declined & said he wasn’t leaving me to be with her. So she got mad & being the military brat she is, moved from MD to MA while she was pregnant. She refused to let James have ANY type of relationship with his kids unless they were together. So he didn’t see his kids for a total of 10+ yrs. My son is 8 now & just found out about his siblings last year! So throughout the 10 yrs, it turns out this skank moved all over the Eastern Seaboard, ending up back in her birthplace of Charleston, SC. Where she is now. Over the 10yrs, James and I had a beautiful mixed child, only one in his family. And yes my son is treated differently but I don’t care, he’s mine. But James and I had several falling outs & were engaged twice! In Dec of 2014, James told our then 6yr old that he was ready to get himself together & be the dad our son wanted & the man I was waiting for. I supported him in everything and even though we had rough times I was always loyal and there when he needed. So in January of 2015, James finds his 3 middle kids. (Forgot he also has an older child born in 2002). I paid for plane ticket so he could see them. He comes back from his visit in SC & tells me he’s moving down there to be with Krystle after she kidnapped his kids for 10yrs, also slandered his name and character on the internet by labeling him a dead beat dad, which he wasn’t, she was being a mad little bitch & I have messages from her stating she was so liberated by not having him to tell her how to raise her kids for years. He moved in with her. It took 3 months before he was being up my phone wanting to come home. He even told our then 7yr he was coming home and he meant it this time. Three months went past & he was coming home in a day then ended up changing his mind. That happened every 3 months for 9 months. James then moves back up to MD. He was here for 20 hrs before he said to me, I left down there and my kids were away in GA. I told him he needed to be a man and go explain to his kids what’s going on. I supported him the whole way there. He got to SC & talked to Krystle for 4hrs. After 9 months of promising my son he was coming home & me, he changes his mind & says her & his kids need him. Since when? She was so independent & liberated for so long let her ass be. She claims to be a black queen. I’ve never known a proud black queen to wear wigs, tracks, everything else to change her appearance to seem more Caucasian than loving herself they way she made. Also he took my furniture and furnished her home. That’s not a queen. And… Her family knows nothing about my 8yr old son who is a sibling to her kids. She’s like a bad after school special or the girl they teach you not to be in school. She got pregnant by tricking James Wells & trapped him. That’s the saddest thing ive ever seen. Oh yea, forgot. The whole time James lived with Krystle. Not only did he pay half the bills and help out because they were cohabitating, she also had him on child support the whole damn time & he was paying arrears from when heoved down there with nasty MacGilla Gorilla, Precious twin looking ass.

Cheaters Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson — Lockport, Illinois

Stay away from this woman. She decided to sleep with my husband twice while I was sleeping in my own bathroom. She has 4 kids and apparently was trying to make another one, wearing no protection.

Cheaters Rhode Island

Julie A. Ramieri — Smithfield, Rhode Island

Let’s start by saying that this woman seems nice, she’s HR at Easton electronics and a nurse at Our Lady of Fatima (a Catholic hospital) in Rhode Island. Julie A. Ramieri formerly (Stultz) and before that (Westcott). She gave one of her employees extra support when his wife had surgery for a brain aneurysm. She would console him and her bff Karen Diggle would ask him how everything was only to confide in Julie Ramieri. Needless to say it’s was doomed HR behavior from the get go. This chick waited til her employee’s wife had the surgery and swooped in! Gave him notes and gifts on the holidays and birthdays. Then started hugs and kisses. She even befriended the wife only to eventually cheat physically. Her brother is the president of the company so she still works there where that guy had to leave the company. She lied to her current husband and step kids about the affair in hopes that she could maintain that nice woman image. She still complains about her husband in hopes to get sympathy from her co workers and friends. Oh did I mention she has a 3 year old girl. This woman is pure evil disguised as a 4’10” nice house wife. She is a sociopath and how is she still working at a place known as a catholic hospital how is she still HR. Oh yeah because half her family including her step kids work at Easton Electronics.

Cheaters Tana Lacy

Tana Lacy — Medford, Oregon

The following is all documented by court recorded testimony or deposition. The truth and accuracy can be verified by anyone. Many of the statements made below are also supported by social media of Tana Lacy. In September of 2011, a husband attended addiction recovery. This husband stated he did not want a divorce. The husband had a desire to finally overcome a pornography and sex addiction he had been struggling with his entire life. The husband had a previous affair and promised he would never repeat that same mistake again. During recovery there was a period of abstinence that left this husband vulnerable to an attack by a chronic mistress. Tana Lacy’s relentless pursuit of a second husband during his recovery has harmed his wife, innocent children, extended family members and friends leaving many in excessive debt for the rest of thier lives. Tragically, this husband was introduced to chronic mistress Tana Lacy at a bar in October 2011. The husband then stopped attending addiction recovery. The husband tried to break off the affair in February 2012. However, the marriage predator Tana Lacy was relentless. Tana Lacy continued to have contact with this husband manipulating him and taking advantage of him. Tana Lacy admits in open court she has received marital assets from this husband in the form of vacations to San Francisco, Portland, day trips to coastal beach houses, Hilton hotel accommodations, fine dining, car maintenance, jewelry, cell phone equipment, flowers, books, chocolates and other gifts. Tana Lacy admits to taking over 100 vacations with this husband in less than five years. In October 2014, Tana Lacy insisted the husband shop for his daughter at the Goodwill while during that same month she took thousands of martial assets. Tana Lacy’s previous affair child and parents also have taken marital assets in the form of fine dining and gifts. Tana Lacy admitted that she was aware this husband never provided any of these things for his wife and children. Tana Lacy’s very large appearance is further evidence she has been well fed and dressed in clothes from the ‘Fit for a Queen’ clothing boutique store. Over the course of the five year affair thousands of dollars of martial assets have been disposed by Tana Lacy. The husband never returned to addiction recovery. Tana Lacy insisted that the husband divorce his wife so she could remarry him. Tana Lacy’s demands for remarriage cost the husband and his wife thousands of dollars more on litigation fees. The husband and his wife are in excessive debt for life due to the evil and selfish attack on their marriage and family by Tana Lacy. An affair makes a parent unavailable to children. At the time of Tana Lacy’s attack, the husband’s sons were at an age when time with their father was vital in their development. Tana Lacy’s demand of a husband’s time left innocent unattended by him to start fires in his residence, become addicted to pornography, prematurely sexually active, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and cigarettes, expulsion from school, skipping school, failing school and dropping out of school. Two of husband’s children got in trouble with the law. The oldest son was assaulted and suffered facial injuries. Another son overdosed on drugs and was brought to the hospital by ambulance. The husband was unaware of both of these events when they occurred because he was detained by Tana Lacy. These innocent children we’re denied counseling and follow-up medical care. Many children’s lives have been completely destroyed by Tana Lacy. The time and money that should have been spent on and with children was stolen by Tana Lacy. The adult children today still use drugs and didn’t graduate from high school. The adult children suffer from depression caused watching their father give everything thier family has to Tana Lacy. A child can’t understand why Tana Lacy won’t buy all of these things for herself. Three counselors testified during trial that the children’s acting out behavior is a result of being exposed to their father having an affair with Tana Lacy. The youngest child is so traumatized by Tana Lacy that five years later she still requests to pretend Tana Lacy is dead. This young girl comes home from visiting father exhausted from pretending to be polite to Tana Lacy. This child is afraid of being punishment by her father if she tells the truth. A counselor informed the husband years ago that his youngest child has suffered emotional distress from being exposed to Tana Lacy. At the tender age of eight this little girl threatened to cut herself because the emotional pain caused by Tana Lacy was so deep. Later, this little girl nearly failed the 5th grade, daydreams in class, can’t focus or sleep alone at night. Tana Lacy forces a little girl to perform her job cleaning offices instead of allowing this child to attend school and church events. Tana Lacy still forces herself on this child causing further distress. Tana Lacy cornered the 11 year old daughter in a bathroom and performed a strip search to check her genital area. Instead of contacting the child’s mother to care for her needs, Tana Lacy humiliated this sweet innocent little girl. Any wife or mother watching her husband and children deteriorate under the attack of a marriage predator would be harmed. Since Tana Lacy attacked her second marriage and family, the wife had two breast tumors removed, adrenal failure, and multiple anxiety attacks to the point the wife is now disabled with PTSD. It is really shocking that Tana Lacy can do so much financial, mental, emotional and physical damage to adults and innocent children. The purpose of my post is to warn other wives and mothers to protect their marriages and children from Tana Lacy. Addicted to the ‘affair high’ Tana Lacy will continue to seek out married men for the challenge in order to validate her low self esteem. Tana Lacy attended the same church as this husband and wife attended. The wife was naive to believe her husband was safe around single women like Tana Lacy. The wife wishes somebody would have warned her about this marriage predator. The wife had no idea Tana Lacy had an affair with a previous man and a child conceived with a married man. The wife had no idea Tana Lacy had been rejected by all single men and was desperate to find a married man to take care of her. The wife had no idea Tana Lacy was very skilled with the ability to psychologically control married men. Under deposition, people listening to Tana Lacy speak were terrified of this woman. Tana Lacy’s appearance is repulsive and she compensates with tactics that resemble an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Tana Lacy plays on a husband’s low self esteem and depression during a time in his life when he is trying to heal. Tana Lacy lies to married men to get what she wants from them. Destroying a man’s marriage, wife, children and putting him in excessive debt for life is not love; it is murder with a prison sentence. Even more frightening is the men being controlled by Tana Lacy have no idea they have lost everything. Tana Lacy’s most recent victims now have no home, no retirement and are in our mid-forties. It is unlikely wife will be able to work again due to her disability caused by Tana Lacy. This husband will be forced to provide for his previous wife and two households the rest of his life. The husband has no hope of retiring because of Tana Lacy. The husband will work the rest of his life to suppor the mistress Tana Lacy and the wife permanently disabled by Tana Lacy’s attack.

California Dominique Moreno

Dominique Moreno — Santa Maria, California

Dominique Moreno, Domi_1030, started out as a distant friend of mine but I never went out with her because my husband said he didn’t want me hanging around with the whore crowd. My husband and I got into a fight when I found out he was cheating, with another broad, so he went to his moms. I found out later (from him) Dominique Moreno kept texting him about divorcing me (got his number from his sister) and finally one night in The end of June when he was out drunk she talked him into letting her him up and took him to holiday inn in Pismo. There she did obviously what no Christian woman would ever do, especially with a married man. Two nights later again, this time in Santa Maria’s holiday inn. Then red rose inn which is a 2 star hotel. A motel room one night a month. Every time I would confront her and my husband they would say.. she’s just a friend. Eventually he told me what was going on, she was trying to convince him into finalizing a divorce with me and talking about marriage with her. I wasn’t worried about her once, I know her reputation and I had plenty of men in town Confirn that she’s been with everyone and that’s all she is. A few even said that her own brothers would beg them to take her out. She is that girl. Eventually my husband moved back in and the hate did not stop there, she would text both me and my husband from her number or a text now number saying I had sex with your husband without a condom and other disgusting things. Be careful ladies on the Central Coast she doesn’t care if you’re her friend, or married. She wants that life. Like I was told by a good friend, she doesn’t want him, she wants your life. She doesn’t realize you make your own money and buy your own dreams.

California Paige Nicole Scott

Paige Nicole Scott — San Diego, California

Paige slept with my husband and continued to have a 6 month affair knowing he was married the entire time. She met me and pretended to be a kind and sweet person. When I first met Paige she was “a lesbian.” After the affair and finding more about her Paige has a pattern of saying she is a lesbian until she starts dating a male – most of the time the male is in a relationship and tells them that she has never felt like this before and that they have a connection no one else could ever have. It is known that she has slept with 3 married men! 3! Who chooses to sleep with married men? Do not let the sweet smile fool you, this individual is truly the worst of the worst.

Cheaters Texas

Stephanie Hierro — Wylie, Texas

This girl started sleeping with my best friend’s husband sometime around 2011/2012 and even attended a family funeral around this man’s family and his wife. She’s a pretty bold whore/side chic. She then went after the first Guy’s cousin because she’s a dick fiend and that’s what they do. She’s been married to a man named Jay Hierro for about 14 years. She told my friend via texts that she hates her husband and is divorcing him. But online social media accounts she posts doting loving posts about him even though she’s telling the men she’s fucking that she hates her husband. What a piece of work! She should be institutionalized. To make matters worse she has two kids who supposedly belong to her husband but with her track record who knows. She stops at nothing to reach out to these married men including making fake profiles on social media to message these men. I know of several who’ve had to block numerous accounts of hers because she’s not only a homewrecker she’s also a stalker! Her husband told my friend she has herpes. Watch out for this one! She’s a nasty one!