Cheaters Washington

Destiny Greene — Auburn, Washington

I can’t get pictures. Doing this from my laptop. Anyways. This girl from Auburn Washington named Destiny Greene who worked at Waffle House. She is a homewrecking tart. She will say she is in a relationship. but flirt, and post half naked pictures of herself to get your guy. She went after my now ex. She kept flirting and posting half naked pictures. She met my ex boyfriend over xbox live. Which must man she is desperate. I told her to back off and even sent screen shots to her now ex boyfriend as well. He blocked me. She blocked me as well. But beware. She went to Escambia Heights highschool and was in Penascola California. She still talks to Every. Guy. She. Ever took. You wanted public attention, now you have it you fat pale, washed up whale of a whore.

Cheaters South Carolina

Heather Owens — Society Hill, South Carolina

When my husband and I were having problems, as most relationships do she saw a way in and took the “friendship” to the next level, not caring that he was still married with a child at home If she was a decent person she would have told him to go home and work things out but I know she is not that kind of person. My husband is not innocent in this He is very grateful that I didn’t kick him out. I hope this reaches other women and men in this town so that they can be aware that she has no morals and will go after any man that will take care of her and help her. Beware!!!!! She’s looking for someone new!!!!

Cheaters Kentucky

Jerry Safley — Calvert City, Kentucky

After being married for 11 years he texted me to break it off. Come to find out he was cheating with the desk whore at work. He became extra abusive got mad that we wouldn’t stick around while he made up his mind and wants nothing to do with his kids. Got her pregnant and they aborted it blaming me. Said we would work things out moved to Ky for a job and was bringing her there. Forced me to file the divorce papers after all the lies. A true narcissist that believes he is god’s gift to the world.

Cheaters Laura Parsley (Allard)

Laura Parsley (Allard) — Greeley, Colorado

So after 5 years of marriage and 2 kids with my husband I find out he’s been talking to this hoe bag for quiet some time. Not past proof but I’m pretty positive it’s been going on for years. He’s on a deployment over seas and I began having health problems with our 15 month old daughter. Happened to stumble upon numerous things of his wrong doing not only is she the problem but also him. So I log into his phone bill and see tons of bull sh*t back and forth, I decide to text her and him both, they both deny any wrong doing. I further investigate and find 2 days before my husband threatened me with divorce and said he screwed up that I don’t deserve him that he was up till 4 am (his time) texting this bitch back and forth and even exchanged pics (sexting no sh*t) both deny. In screen shots she sent to me of text between her and my husband she even asks about me while he’s over there saying they were ment to be and that he loves her always. How much you wanna bet this has (as I said above) been going on for years and she’s just irrotated that he has yet to leave me. She even text him Asking why I was texting her (bitch you know why, my question was flat out bold) his response was that, “because I thought he was cheating on me which I’m definitely not. I love her and want to make our marriage work.” Of course she didn’t respond to that and now is throwing a pity party for herself all over her fb page. Yes o have my ways of finding out shit, I’m not stupid, as of right now he has to prove to me he really wants to keep me and when he returns home he has a lot more work to do and if I’m not happy I’m gone and the dumb bitch can have his lying cheating ass!!

Cheaters Yesenia Ramos

Yesenia Ramos — Decatur, Georgia

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years. We have a house and two dogs together and even elsewhere together everything! I’m all over his social media his family loves me they talk to me more then him. Friends love me. We make a great team. There’s a problem though. A pethic homewrecker! She has been in and out for 3 years. She has slept with all his old roommates to add to it. She’s sloppy. I’ve messaged her many time Asking her to stay away and leave us alone. She has not ! She has gone as far to talk to my boyfriend as emailing him ! (I know so sad ) she sick ! Like I said me and him Have everything together. Our phone bill is together so I can see The bill. So she will call FaceTime audio so her phone number won’t show up. Move on already ! I’ve asked her to just leave him alone. I take care of him! I cook I clean I fold all our laundy he does not lift a finger. She does not bail him out when he’s in trouble ! I do I support him when in need. Sad to say I love this mad if she was gone out our lives we would be great. She’s sick and needs help.

Amber Hubbard Kansas

Amber Hubbard — Olathe, Kansas

This parasite can’t have just one. She likes to have multiple married men at once, while in a relationship herself. She is truly a down grade, with no regards to the families she hurts. She goes around attempting to fill her empty soul with whom ever will give her attention. She especially likes the ones who have access to perscription medication and weed. The girls got some serious issues . stop trying to step into other women’s lives and just get one of your own.

Cheaters Wisconsin

Kena Suzanne Zimmerman — Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kena Zimmerman is obsessed with a married man. She has tried and tried again to destroy his relationship with his wife, to no avail. She is desperate enough to ask this man to love her the same way that he loves his wife. She has no remorse for her actions. She envisions her life playing house woth this man and his children–buying his children clothes, giving AWFUL parenting advice, and trying to push their mother aside. She has sent him disgusting messages referencing: her “vagina,” fisting, butt-sex, and many other nasty things. To this day, she is still trying to meddle in his life and in his marriage. She has contacted the wife and left drunken messages about how she loves her husband, she has done nothing wrong, and she is good to him. (She being Kena). Kena tells people that the wife is obsessed with her; however, Kena’s actions and behavior prove otherwise. Do not trust this woman!!! She needs help!!! Her actions hurt many people, and she is too delusional to see that her lifestyle is destructive to not only others, but also herself. If Kena does not get whst she wants, she calls her sister to threaten anyone stsnding in her way. It is sad that Kena does not seem to have anyone that can steer her in the right direction. In the end, Kena has no second thoughts or remorse for trying to destroy other people’s lives. She does not see her actions as being wrong. Please beware of her.

Cheaters New York

Cheri Neal — Bronx, New York

This girl just won’t leave my husband alone I am so tired of her he knows that he is married and continues to communicate with him I’ve spoken to her and she just continues to lie she doesn’t care she knows she is wrong but she continues to communicate with my man. I’m tired of these females that think they can do what they want whenever they want and think they don’t have to answer anyone. This chick is ruining my marriage and my life.

Cheaters Rachel Anne Garris

Rachel Anne Garris — Manistee, Michigan

I’ve been with my husband for 7 years. We have three children. We married 6 months ago. My husband decides to have sex with the girl our best man was seeing. She sleeps with her man, sleeps with my man, another man and her sister then continued with the same man, her sister and another girl. My husband told me a few days after. So I confronted her and she just had NO shame. So we’re done and he’s kicked out. I’m filing for divorce and moving on. My kids and I deserve better.

Cheaters Shelley Drennan

Shelley Drennan — Whitby, Ontario

This girl jumped at a brief separation between myself and my husband. Within weeks she was begging him to move in with her and her DAUGHTER, (who had never even met my husband). She cooked, cleaned, did his laundry, tried to pay his debts and shopped for new clothes for him. Within WEEKS! She framed our sons picture with some cheesy caption about love. (Never met our son either) He never even took her on one real date! She didn’t care. She was soon writing love letters… We reconciled. (what did you think would happen) Instead of just having an ounce of dignity she continued to call. text and plead with him. She just wanted to “talk”. To top it all of, she then goes and cries about it to HIS sister, another person that she has never actually met. Causes all kinds of problems in their relationship and now after all that is still calling. Not only will she jump at anything and do ANYTHING to try to get a man, she just will not go away, no matter how clear it is that she is not wanted.