Cheaters West Virginia

Samantha Mizik — Parkersburg, West Virginia

Hello, hello all! Meet Samantha Mizik.. McBride… my favorite Ironfist Mizik. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram. I will not try to fool anyone by blaming only her. They are both to blame. I do not know the full details of this relationship. Details about a relationship that require secrecy and betrayed really are irrelevant. There have been text messages, shared information on Facebook, and let’s not forget the selfies she sent. She’s quite the photographer, as one will see on Facebook. What dumb female posts pictures of the inside of her home? One that has shared her mattress with most of West Virginia and Ohio. I digress. I am currently 5 months pregnant. See, this trash bag slut will never experience the joy of carrying a child. Her female parts were removed… herpes or HPV… “cancer” ate out her insides. A bonus for the guys she bangs… can’t get her pregnant. One must still be concerned w STDs. No worries, this gutter whore is prepared. She keeps a drawer full of condoms next to her bed. Posting this personal information about the infidelity within my marriage accomplishs nothing. However, she proudly posted a picture of the 2 of them together on Facebook. Since she likes sharing with me so much, I thought it was only fair that I get my turn. Right? So, for all you out there who like pierced nipples, mattresses with mileage, and a fat belly to hang on to. This is your girl!!! Sorry folks, this naughty nurse has morals. She doesn’t take it in the ass!

Cheaters Virginia

Francesca Long — Luray, Virginia

My Husband and I had chosen to go to therapy to work on some deficits in our marriage. I was under the impression that this would be great for us to grow as people as well as a couple. He was the man of my dreams, but this girl turned him into the man of my nightmares. I say, girl, even though she is 30ish and a Mother, but no self-respecting woman would sink her grimy talons into a married man. My Husband works with this woman, that is how they met. He was a self-respecting, family guy, who chose to commit to vows based on who I am as a person, a committed Mother, a dedicated salesperson with career goals, a motivational speaker, and an overall good person. He didn’t want a fast, easy “piece”, he wanted devotion, and I gave that to him 110%. Francesca Long has taken this man and turned him into someone I don’t know anymore, and someone I don’t want to know anymore. She was the “new girl” at work, she quickly gained a reputation for sleeping with men that worked there. I did not worry because I trusted my Husband, and NEVER thought this could happen to me. I was confident, and now I’m BROKEN. I am LOST. This started because he bought her a swimsuit, they “hooked up” that day. She stroked his ego, they developed an attraction, they had sex, and then they thought they were in “love”, it’s not, but they will learn the hard way. I was left at home for a week, he LEFT ME on our anniversary for this skank! They slept together on OUR anniversary!

She knew he was married, and still chose to pursue him! He didn’t deny it when I confronted him, he admitted it. I sought her out after a week of being left, they were together in OUR car, she was drunk to the point of puking, with HER 3-year-old son IN THE CAR, and MY HUSBAND. I said to her, “you know he’s married, right?” She said, “yeah, nice to meet you”. NICE TO MEET ME? NICE? Skank, you are lucky you didn’t get your ass beat then and there. I asked her to stay away, she refused. I asked her to respect my marriage and wait until we were divorced, she refused. BITCH, I prayed for you, prayed for you to gain respect for MY marriage and YOURSELF. But you girlfriend, you are a lost cause! A month+ has passed, and men have shown up at my house, saying they’ve slept with her, she was their hookup before she was my HUsband’s. I have seen videos of her with these men. What kind of individual allows their sex sessions with multiple men to be videoed? A SKANK! Nice job on the makeover Francesca, he looks like shit now, he went from clean cut to a mugshot since being with you. Ladies, keep your Husbands away from this piece of SHIT! Luray & Page County VA Francesca Long is EVIL and will bang your man with no conscious! ONE THING THAT HURTS THE MOST IS I NEVER GOT An “IM SORRY’ So I’m going to now let you go and pray you find your soul from someone who is just as narcissistic as you; LET ME TELL YOU AND EVERY woman who breaks the unspoken sisterhood Of respecting the sanctity of marriage……This is where you need to take a pen and paper and write this down …

I am a woman who believes with every fiber of my soul that the definition of unconditional love is – you messed up, own it, you can be forgiven, my love has no conditions, unlike you choosing to stay and hide and not speak to me YOUR WIFE. I was just another promise you couldn’t keep.

Cheaters Ohio

Jenny Buttoner — Lima, Ohio

Now Jenny from the lot (parking lot) is the victim. According to her FB she posts quotes that state, “don’t be the woman that helps a man breakup his family”. So she is the devil in disguise. She is also now playing the role of the victim. Also from her FB. It’s amazing how people want to send messages and call me about how much of a terrible person I am it takes 2 to make a baby. My child is 10 months old. I planned on raising her by myself when I found out I was pregnant. Instead of being so concerned with what I am doing maybe you should take care of yours and stop attempting to contact me! How did she think things would play out and in her post why didn’t she also state he was married. Guess that is selective memory.

Chandra Williams South Carolina

Chandra Williams — Columbia, South Carolina

I discovered this homewrecker had been working on my husband for over a year through her work, Ole Timey Meat Market Rosewood, where she’s a Butcher. He finally took the bait when we had kids and he was no longer the center of attention. Instead of being a man and addressing his problems he decided to address this whore’s open legs. He broke it off with her several times because he wanted to try to save his marriage and family. But McSlut just won’t give up. She’ll pull up to his work for lunch break blow jobs, to drive him to her house for a raunchy quickie, and to try to talk him into leaving his family. It seems she has no problem being a secret and only being around her married man from 12-1. She has no regard for marriage, her children, my children or anything except her desire to get laid. These 2 degenerates deserve each other for an eternity in hell.

Cheaters Ohio

Kay Tonya — Marysville, Ohio

I met this girl named Nicki at Vanity. We instantly had a connection. We exchanged numbers hooked up later. I thought I was beginning a Casual Relationship meaning casual sex. This relationship went on for months. I gave her money sometimes because of her sick daughter. We went out drinking and even a few trips together. I was married and going thru I guess a mid life crisis but when I decided to end this relationship. Nicki reached out to my wife and children. She ruined any chance I ever had at getting my life back to what it was before I met her. Which honestly all that is my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten involved and I should have protected my family at all costs! I know I was in the wrong and I will not deny that. I’m posting this because the entire time I was fucking this bitch. She stole money out of my wallet. She posted pics and spoke of my on her facebook page as if we had a real relationship. Which she is and was delusional I was fucking her I had no intention of leaving my family or my wife or EVER building a relationship with her. The final blow she contacted my wife and kids. She tried to blackmail before she did any of this shit and I guess I should have taken her more seriously. But ya know if I pay one time I knew this hoe that had nothing to lose would keep coming back. So I let it all go and months later it all came out. She even contacted my boss. I was disciplined at my place of employment and eventually I had to leave my job of 10 years. I lost it all because of the fuck. Everyone should be AWARE. What is best is just to stay out of the strip clubs. I guess I got what I deserved. Save your family and just stay away.

Alabama Cheaters

Caitlyn Ariel “Catie” Carpenter — Brewton, Alabama

So I’m posting this for my life long best friend! My best friend and her husband got married about 7 months ago. Tuesday night, her and her husband were having a heart to heart conversation when he turned and looked at her and told her that he cheated on her with Catie right after they got married and right before she found out she was pregnant with their second child. Now my best friend despises this girl with every fiber of her being. She thought at one time this girl was her friend but she wasn’t and was just after her ole man. When she called and told me this her exact words were “I don’t know what to do or how to feel right now.” I would love for them to work things out and move on with their marriage. So I feel like if I expose the Brewton whore on here other women around here will see this and look at this as a warning to keep their men away from this whore. She slept with a married man and knew he was married. Granted my friends husband done something very wrong and to most is unforgivable but people make mistakes. I’m just so tired of this girl trying to make my best friends life hell because she’s jealous of her being with her husband. She wants her husband and keeps trying to do everything she can to get him and he’s been doing his damnedest to keep this whore away from him and his family ever since he cheated. So with all of that being said, Catie Carpenter if you see this I hope the karma bias hits you ten fold for everything you’ve ever done to hurt not only my best friend but any other person you’ve ever hurt.

Cheaters Tennessee

Marty Stooksbury — Clinton, Tennessee

Marty was the pastor at Antioch Baptist Church who had an inappropriate and sexual relationship with Keisha Bellew. Both were married at the time and both had children. This affair split the church. Marty left his wife and Kiesha divorced her husband. Neither ever repented or apologized and they act like they are “soul mates” I don’t think God would approve of that. Once a cheater always a repeater. This new cult church he has started is Market Street Ministries and they are “casual” mostly with their loose morals.

Alayna Spear Massachusetts

Alayna Spear — Greenfield, Massachusetts

Alayna has been seeing a married man that is 12 years older than her. Her best friend has tried to convince her to stop but she won’t. She doesn’t want anyone to know they are in a relationship because she knows he is still married, so anytime you ask her about it she says they are just friends.

Cheaters Michigan

Emily West — Holly, Michigan

This is Emily West. AKA: Emily Terry, Emily Lance. Do you know her? If you do, she has probably had sex with your man. If she’s ever been in your home, you should Lysol all your toilets before using them. If you have ever had sex with her, you should be tested for STDs. Emily West will try to become your best friend. BEWARE! She will brag about numerous affairs she has had with her friend’s husbands. She has screwed a plumber who has a wife at home, a painter who has a wife at home, a local cop who lives with his girlfriend and has a little boy at home, and a cowboy who she had befriended his wife. She even has long time friends from Las Vegas and when visiting with them she boasted about how the wife fell asleep and then she screwed the husband. These poor women have no clue this has happened behind their backs. But I KNOW! Because she endeared herself to my best friend and then seduced her husband of 30 years! Who knows how many marriages she has destroyed? Thankfully, this has made my friends marriage stronger than ever. Emily West, you picked the wrong person to mess with. Emily West is a very filthy dirty person. Her house smells terrible, as does she. She plays helpless and gets these men to ‘help’ her fix things in her disgusting home. Then she plies them with liquor to lose their better judgement and seduces them. She knows exactly what she is doing. Her own children do not even like her! Who leaves their doors open for their children to walk right in and catch them screwing her friends husbands? What kind of Mother does that? That’s how bad a person she is deep down inside. I am thankful for this site so that this woman can finally be exposed! I hope it warns other innocent women, and men, exactly what they are dealing with when they meet Emily West. Don’t trust her. Don’t friend her. Don’t get close to her. She WILL seduce your man!

Cheaters Texas

Kem (Kimberly) Cowsert — Dallas, Texas

This woman worked with my husband of 9 years. She began having an affair with him while her youngest child was less than 2 years old. (She has 4 older children as well) She was 20 years older than me, 10 years older than him but was willing do do literally anything, any time. They would hook up after everyone else left work. hey would hook up at our apartment while I was a night classes. Within weeks she was saying things like “I’m so afraid to lose you, I’ve never felt like this before” and he was calling her by both nicknames he used for me. I guess that helped him not get confused as to which one of us he was fucking at the time. I only found out after her husband, Russell Cowsert, discovered their texts and messaged me on FB to let me know. I left my cheating scum husband in the past, but last I heard she had convinced her husband to stay together “for the kids”. And this is all after I heard that she had fucking her boos at another job (ruining a 7 year long term relationship.) Don’t trust this skank around your man….she’s so desperate for attention that she will fuck anyone in any situation.