Alabama Cheaters

Bonnie Christina Jacobs — Dehpane, Alabama

Let me start by saying this girl was the love of my life I did so much for her and forgave her for so much, she use to cut her self and instead of calling the Parmedics I chose to patch her up my self, not once but twice 2nd time is when she smashed her hands thought a glass window…she’ll tell you I beat her but I never once did I may have held her down or tried to keep her from hurting me or her self but I never beat her or sent her to work bruised and battered. I fixed her teeth when I fail head over heels for her she had meth mouth and I’m pretty sure she never stopped using meth but besides that I got her three vhechels a scooter that she left out to be stolen, a car she didn’t get insurance on and got T -boned and another car that I didn’t get the out of state title changed fast enough to her liking so she had her grandparents get her one. She gave me a STD and I believe she was useing birth control behind my back so we could have a child…either that or fighting off more STDs she never stood up for me when. It came to her friends or family the whole time we where together she was wrighting love notes to her now new bf Nick Coppage.

I’m sure ever time she visited AL she was fucking him behind my back…there was so meany red flags but she knows how to lie soooo well and maybe it’s just because I loved her so damn much…moving on I had a great job great pay so we got a house near her elderly grandparents she said need her help Sooo badly we had to stay close to them. So we did we had two dogs and two cats I bring this up becuase my dad died 2 months before her trip to Alabama to meet up with Nick I found out that she had fucked him on her rag and she pled with me that she wanted me and not him that’s why she came back he had nothing to offer her he was a 2 time felon she ever smashed her phone got a new number and all. so shortly later my dog Titus dies. Are dog Sam wich I have put so much time and worked very hard to turn him in to the dog he is now was stil around with are two cats (cats she brought in to the relationship not I) a day after x-mad and a week after my mom starts her fight with breast cancer Bonnie leave me with a dear jhon letter and blocks my phone number later down the line she finally starts to return my calls she’s taken Sam and left me with the cats the water and electric is about to be turned of becuse the whole six month she hadn’t paid a time on any of it yet promised over and over she would help.

So we start talking and I tell her I forgive you for it all I only want my friend back and if you need anything just ask (huge mistake) seems Nick wasn’t working and Bonnie was bullion most of the slack she hade me out about 75-100 ever week in her account. For about a month or so…then with out warning she blocks me agian and delete me from Facebook the day before Easter! And for a lil bit there o got here to start talking to me agian then boom agian outI do the blue she changes her number delete my lil brother wich turly looked up to her on Facebook and even delete her email…she use to tell me no matter what your such a huge part of my life I will never lose you you’ll always be my friend….all i want to know is why the lies?

Cheaters North Carolina

Jamie Bobenmoyer — Fayetteville, North Carolina

This chick right here is an all queen of home wrecking. For years she has made it her mission to destroy peoples marriages. Her mission is simple she uses men MARRIED MEN to sleep with them to support her habit. She started out buying percocet & cocaine from my x husband (who is now in prison) then it turned into s sexual relationship when she could pay him for what she got. Yes drugs & sex go hand & hand but I warned her he was using her for her money & everybody knows a junkie is an EASY screw. Weak minded & suffering with low self esteem she doesn’t even have custody of her child. Her house she lives in is listed in her parents name because she will let drug dealers sell out of her house. I hope she’s happy with herself because she has ruined plenty of marriages.

California Doree Helm

Doree Helm — Fresno, California

This 60 year old whore is one of the biggest home wreakers you will run across. She does not care if they are married or even their age, she had been known to sleep with bag boys from savemart and has had so many affairs during her own marriage her ex husband couldn’t keep count.

Her latest was my husband of 20 years, she even tried to get into bed on our wedding anniversary. She contacted my husband while we were on vacation and told him what every man wants to her and then had him go to her house where with in 5 minutes she was naked, and offering him a blow job.

Yes he is to blame also but she knew he was married when she contacted him and that alone should have meant hands off to any person with morals which she has none. She works for AAA in Fresno and so beware ladies if you send your man into that office she is not to be trusted.

Bridget Busler New York

Bridget Busler — Adams, New York

In 2015 I found out my husband was sleeping his tenant. I was obviously disgusted by this tjought because as her ex told me “she’s a member of the 200 club, 300 by now” and I totally believe it!!! She had no job and paid rent with her nasty dirty crotch…so tonight…I find out, after the last year, after the last 3 weeks crying and worrying about his so called chest pains, HE’S TALKING TO HER AGAIN!!!!

More than likely sleeping with her too…WHORE WHORE WHORE!!!! BOTH OF THEM!!!! I HATE THEM BOTH…STRIKE 3 MOTHER F*CKER YOUR OUT!!!! She’s not even remotely cute…oh did I mention the diseases!!!!

Cheaters Lacy Magee

Lacy Magee — Fort Benning, Georgia

This girl stole my husband back in 2012 while we were married, she lived in Alaska with him I was in PA. He cheated on me, lied to me, abandoned me and my son for her and still she keeps him away from my son. She hates me, but she stole my husband!

I was a loyal wife, he wants nothing to do with me or my son now they’re married… living happily ever after that’s suppose to be my life so watch out for this husband stealing slut!

Caprice Downing Minnesota

Caprice Downing — Minneapolis, Minnesota

At some point during my relationship with my ex, his ex, Caprice, came back into the picture. She knew we were in a relationship. I made that clear to her and yet she still fucked with my nigga. That’s some trifling ass sh*t if you know a guy has a girlfriend and you still try to mess with him. That sh*t is how you get cho ass beat. On god. She claims him as her boyfriend but that man don’t even claim her.

He says he’s single when you ask him about her. And if he really is with her, he’s cheating on her and I know this for a fact. What do you expect? A man that will cheat on his girl with you will cheat on you too. The way you got them is the same way you’ll lose them.

Cheaters Vivianne Hembrock

Vivianne Hembrock — Hunt Valley, Maryland

Vivi works with my husband of 18 yrs. She has met me and my two small children. She is married also. They began an affair in January 2016. They would have lunch together during the work week and began meeting at my husbands school to make out in the parking lot. They are in their late 30’s making out in parking lot before school. He sprang for a really nice room at the crappiest hotel in town the Ramada. They had sex 2/3/16. I found out 2/10/16 and called an bitched her out. Lucky for me her husband was standing next to her when I called and heard the whole thing.

Cheaters Wisconsin

Rachell McLain — Menasha, Wisconsin

This “women” tries to manipulate and control anyone she can, including the man she married Jacob McLain. She’s a pathological liar, tries to get with other men, can’t keep a job, financially unstable as well as mentally unstable. She’s been getting away with things for far too long and makes every excuse in the book once she gets caught to make herself look like the victim in every situation.

California Exposing Marisol Martin Gomez

Exposing Marisol Martin Gomez — Norwalk, California

It all started when my kids father ask me for a week to clear his mind. Reminder we were together for 10 years. We have two kids a 9 and a 7 year old. Little did I know he was seeing and haning out with Marisol Martin. They both met at work, he told her he was having issues with me. We werent communicating or connecting. He put his family on the side to go out with her and have sex with her. He took her around my kids without my knowledge. He brought her to the house we share and have sex with her in the same bed we share. My stuff was still at the house and she didnt even question him about my things. If she did this with my ex she would do it with anyone in that company.

Cheaters Texas

Melody Kiser Dixon — Crockett, Texas

Melody was seeing my husband when I was in the hospital with open heart surgery. When I found out I asked them to stop. They said they would, but they didn’t. Now they are still texting and emailing each other. Beware of this girl. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.