Cheaters Virginia

Marie Schiller Donlan — Virginia Beach, Virginia

USED TO BE MARIE DONLAN. Changed her name! This is a licensed marriage and family therapist who had an affair with her patient, telling him that she was much better for him than his wife. She used confidential information she got from private sessions to manipulate the man into a sexual relationship. If you are looking for a therapist, run far away from this one. She is trying to pass herself off as a Mental Health Specialist now. She also claims to be a divorce coach… In more ways than one. Her licenses were suspended in November 2016. She thought she could change her name and outrun her mistakes.

Joel Vollertsen

Joel Vollertsen – Durham, North Carolina

Joel Vollertsen is a serial cheater, abuser and also phony. He has actually ripped off on his spouse without much less compared to 8 females in the previous One Decade. He is presently staying in Durham, NC however attempting to obtain a couple of ladies to pay his back to Nebraska, where his WIFE relocated as well as took their child.

He has actually been a serial cheater given that secondary school at Palmyra High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. He relocated from Nebraska to Utah when he had actually obtained captured ripping off on his long time partner. He persuaded one more lady he had actually ripped off with in Nebraska, that had actually transferred to Utah to take him on as well as they wed.

Within a year, he was ripping off once more with a woman he satisfied at an university course. They dated as well as he informed her that he was “left high as well as completely dry” by his Ex Lover WIFE in Utah as well as he was excavating himself from the opening she placed him in. They dated, satisfying just at her home as well as out, he ingratiated himself with her friends and family– after that someday called her and also claimed that he was returning to Nebraska as he would certainly lack cash.

Ends up, he never ever “separated” his WIFE, that was in fact taking a trip for her task as well as paying all their expenses– and also she had actually simply taken a work in Nebraska to be close to household and also was PREGNANT. Joel called numerous various other ladies right now, pleading them to “not surrender on him” which he was just attempting to determine a method to obtain eliminate his other half.

He moved to North Carolina in 2011 and also started events with 2 regional ladies, while maintaining various other females in Utah, Wyoming and also Nebraska on the line … stating that he was in fact separated from his spouse and also had custodianship of his little girl yet “permitted” her to economically sustain him for their child.

He was captured with one event companion in 2012 and also promptly started 2 even more events with 2 various other ladies he fulfilled while taking courses at Durham Technical Community College. His lie focused on exactly how he was truly separated and also simply coping with his EX-SPOUSE WIFE for his child’s benefit which he was a private detective, while in truth, he was jobless and also his WIFE paid his expenses.

He moved from his work as an EMT to paramedic at Bethesda terminal in Durham, where he tempted among the ladies he had actually been having an event with– to his job as an established. A run-in followed where Joel vocally bugged and also intimidated the lady in her vehicle, held her pet dog down by his neck and also yelled profanities at her– all while on Durham County EMS time and also in his attire (see image).

If you understand this specific or have had the misery of being included with him … RUN. Even better, call his WIFE– as they are still wed—look him up on the net and also there are lots of sources that you could make use of to obtain in contact with her. Allow her recognize exactly what he’s doing and also just what he’s been stating. Provide her the ammunition she has to do away with this man at last. If good luck would certainly have it … with any luck he’ll wind up behind bars for the attack as well as battery on the female in a public car park a number of weeks back.

Cheaters Yvonne Bowers

Yvonne Bowers — Pottsville, Pennsylvania

This snaggle tooth bitch cheats on her dum ass husband 24/7. He doesn’t have a clue with wat she does because he is to busy workin all the time. Miss snaggle tooth has a ton of boyfriends on the side that she tells she’s gonna leave them for but she never does because she can’t afford to live on her own! I know, it happened to me! I was startin to love this girl to, jokes on me. Stay away unless you want diseases! If her other boyfriends or husband see this, get tested because your balls will fall off.